Conspiracy Theory doesn’t always belong to the anti-swamp “truther” camp. Conspiracy Theory sometimes means what it implies, that the explanation flies in the face of fact and is a highly improbable account of events. The term Conspiracy Theory has gotten a bad rap, because it has been weaponized to describe explanations that are in effect, factual and logical, making them seem to be loony and paranoid. Meanwhile today’s true Conspiracy Theorists—those in mainstream circles—are currently enjoying the appearance of normalcy.

In general, the term Conspiracy Theory is invoked to explain an event or situation involving some sort of treachery conducted by sinister and powerful actors, treachery that is often politically motivated. Using the word  “conspiracy” is appropriate when other explanations exist that are more probable and factual. That’s why we are adopting the term here.

These days we are hearing the Conspiracy Theory that President Trump is deliberately not being impeached, either by his own actions or by those supporting him, despite him being completely cleared by seven full-fledged, lengthy and exhaustive investigations. 

This alleged Conspiracy flies in the face of documented criminal activity engaged in by the DOJ, FBI, and various other key players, and not by President Trump. In opposition to the facts, mainstream Conspiracy Theorists insist that the President is, despite all evidence to the contrary, guilty of wrongdoing and is responsible for a reign of violence perpetrated by his alleged white supremacist, anti-immigration, pro-American “agenda.” 

The Mainstream Conspiracy positions President Trump has one attacking the media and not the other way around. He is waging an alleged personal war to intimidate well-meaning journalists and prevent these supposed truthtellers from revealing the details of his twisted plot to enact authoritarian control over America. 

Mainstream Conspiracy Theorists further believe President Trump uses his political power to attack anyone who opposes his fascist agenda. (This is best seen in the way he uses tariffs to negotiate deals that better serve American interests, follows through on his campaign promises, wages war against drug lords and human traffickers, and instead of pandering to mainstream norms consistently calls out his critics and reveals the true intent of their actions and words. Right?)

Mainstream Conspiracy Theorists have disrupted the ability of American intelligence agencies to protect our interests by demanding impeachment actions and other, more radical means of removal from office, despite these actions being unlawful and unsupported by the official results of the aforementioned tax-payer funded investigations. Mainstream impeachment demands are further promoted by Conspiracy Savants within the Democratic Party who refuse to accept the results of their own, exhaustive, donor-supported independent investigation, and instead revert to unsupported rabble-rousing in hopes the Mainstream Theorists won’t notice or care about, the lack of facts or evidence.

The danger of true Conspiracy Theories is that when enough impressionable people adopt them, the desire for mass violent action can be easily aroused against those who refuse to join them. A true Conspiracy Theorist—and not researchers who base hypothesis on fact—know down deep in their collective consciousness that their claims are unsustainable. When this is left unchecked– or as in the case of radical groups who are encouraged and tutored–they can be incited to become increasingly rageful and crazed in their desire to have others join their conspiratorial belief system.

This has lead groups like ANTIFA, which is largely made up of White Americans, to attack other White Americans as well as Black, Brown and Asian Americans, despite us all living under the same flag, in the same nation, with supposedly the same agenda for sovereignty, peace, and reasonable laws that are universally applied. Clearly ANTIFA does not support similar goals to most Americans. Their goal is to impose dictatorial law by force, which is the true definition of fascism.

Assuming ANTIFA members are born white, then according to their Conspiracy Theory, they are the actual reason for the problem and not the President or disbelievers. Two odd partners in this Conspiracy are the Radical Jihadist Islamists and the Global Warming Environmentalists. Each of these groups spouts a similar Conspiracy Theory blaming the President for their situation. This is because, despite constant political pressure and attacks of every kind, President Trump continues to advocate for safe borders, peace, and thanks to the 32,000 environmental scientists who debunked the Global Warming deception, it considers the concept over.

The myth of Global Warming is a fact. The Global Warming Environmentalists have denounced and publicly ridiculed the President for his stance in accordance with facts, at the same time pushing to deny his right of free speech as well as of the rights of those who agree with him, labeling anything in opposition to their position toxic, and ironically using the platform provided by laws that exist only within American borders to exert their freedom to do so. The FBI has identified Conspiracy Theorists as a potential terrorist threat because they don’t consider facts when deciding what is real or not real. This lack of consideration leads to belief systems that encourage unlawful actions due to the artificial urgency of the things that Conspiracists believe to be true. 

This phenomenon was proven and documented by the 50 plus Military Jihadist Training camps identified by the FBI in 2015. These secluded camps indoctrinate members with their Conspiracy Theory that “infidels,” or disbelievers, are unworthy of life, and justify violent actions against those who don’t share their beliefs.

Meanwhile, anti-Global Warming groups press to remove America’s constitutional freedoms by creating legal statutes that oppose personal sovereignty and control what people are allowed to do to the point of dictating the food they eat, the cars they drive, and more.

These radical Conspiracy Theorists have become activists and pose a threat to American values revolving around the principles of life, liberty, and happiness. They commonly blame America itself for having the arrogance to think it was established on sound fundamental principles.

These Conspiracy Activists utilize vast wealth, media, and the lack of desire to understand facts to shame, guilt, and embarrass those who don’t embrace they’re limited—and limiting–belief systems. The most dangerous aspect of these Conspiracy “Activists” is their circular thinking. When presented with solid evidence, they believe it to be part of the conspiracy to impose the secret agenda of the villains identified by their Conspiracy Theories. 

If there is any doubt, the truth is in their actions. The violent and radical behavior of the  Conspiracy Activists is clearly dangerous. Even those in the mainstream who claim ignorance or lack of support for this element within their ranks, which with every day is growing increasingly violent, are supporting them through campaign finance, donations to non-profit shell companies, and in their arrogant avoidance of facts in maintaining that President Trump is a fascist who must be taken out by any means possible.

Ignorance backed by money and control has always been society’s greatest danger. Just ask the Germans. Or the Armenians. Or the Gypsies–if you can find any.

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