Sovereign People of Earth Acting Knowledgeably

The Sovereign People of Earth Acting Knowledgeably Project is an awareness movement to ignite people’s curiosity about the world they live in.  There’s much more to this planet than we’ve been led to believe.  In fact, we’re currently in the midst of a cosmic shift in the consciousness of the entire Universe.   At the center of that awakening is YOU.  

YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for to change the world.  Those changes can manifest in a million different ways, but what’s most important is that you are taking action that demonstrates your desire to expand your energetic signature.  In this new paradigm YOU are the powers that have the ability to create the place in your dreams you have always imagined was possible.
The SPEAK PROJECT started as a movement during the last phase of the liberation of humanity.  In that space in time a small group of revolutionaries woke up from the trance of mind control, bondage of fear, and expectation of failure and ignited a spark in the world.  That spark started with their coming together in the most important moment in Human history to take a stand against an impossible adversary.
 After thousands of years of lies, oppression, and abuses, SPEAK united the hearts and minds of the people to set aside the petty differences they once thought were so important.  Each member of the voice realized they would fight for the other to have their freedom, and they were counting on the other to do the same.  This energy created a vibration that was so strong it was able to destroy the grid that held the whole of humanity in darkness.
The light they shone during that movement was at the heart of the SPEAK PROJECT.  The instructions that united the efforts of each member, the heroic stories, and the common vision are chronicled here on this site.  We honor the members of the SPEAK PROJECT as they are still writing their history now.  They will always be known as the ones who were willing to speak up for all of humanity when others stood down.