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In an effort to effect change, the SPEAK PROJECT team has done our best to expose the errors in the psyops by revealing the entire story behind the intel. We’ve created messages that resonate and tweeted them out to the masses. We’ve written articles to instruct, and also to raise the vibration of the planet, hoping to break out from this dome under which we’ve been living.

For the most part, these activities have served a purpose by getting us mobilized and participating in our own liberation. We’ve sparked the dormant character inside each of us that remembers what it’s like to actively pursue our dreams instead of waiting for our dreams to magically come true.

We were made in the likeness and image of our Creator. We are all creators in that we define the world we live in and ultimately agree to the rules of the world we’ve created. We have accepted all that we see and know to be the reality of our experience and the limits of our existence.

The truth is that the only limits we have are the limits that we place on ourselves. We believe we’ll age so we get older. But, scientifically speaking, every cell in our body is replaced every seven years. So we are literally a brand new creation of our own choosing at the end of each seven year cycle.

Scientists have whole divisions at universities dedicated to understanding why we age. Because we all accept it as reality, the mass consciousness reflects our beliefs and we do indeed “age.” We are not responding to the Creation. The Creation is responding to us.

We are the creator of the new world we create together.

The Sovereign People of Earth Acting Knowledgeably Project is an awareness movement igniting curiosity, action and vision. There’s more to this planet than we’ve been led to believe and as we become aware of this fact the universal cosmic shift in consciousness that is occurring deepens. At the center of this awakening is YOU.  

YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for to change the world.  In this new energy paradigm YOU hold the power to create the dreams you have always imagined possible.

History in the Making or Making History?
The SPEAK PROJECT is a truth movement.

The SPEAK PROJECT is both history in the making and is making history. This site provides an extensive account of a prophesy—a prophesy that a small group would arise from their bondage and fight to free all of humanity. A prophesy that in some sense has already come to pass.

Unlike most websites, projectspeak.net does not ask for donations, allow advertising, or sell products. The founders of the site believe that the integrity of the message and the accuracy of historical records can only be maintained if there is no financial attachment to the site that could influence the writers of this history.

What is so unique about this site is that the home page was written in December of 2017 as if the events that lead to today were already completed. Call it prophesy, or perhaps it was inspired by some sort of time traveler because this site seems to be recording history in real time as it happens, and history it has already seen happen in the future.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
– Sun Tzu

How It Began
The SPEAK PROJECT started as a movement during the last phase of the liberation of humanity. In that space in time a small group of revolutionaries awoke from the trance of mind control, fear bondage, and expectation of failure — and ignited a spark. That spark began with their coming together and grew into the most important moment in Human history as these individuals united to take a stand against a near-impossible adversary.

After thousands of years of lies, oppression, and abuses, SPEAK united the hearts and minds of people. Individuals set aside the petty differences they thought so important and created a vibrational energy so strong it was able to destroy the grid that held humanity in darkness.

The teachings, heroic stories, and common vision served to unite the people who they formed a light that became the heart of the movement. We honor the members of the SPEAK PROJECT as we write their history now.  They will be known as the ones who spoke up for humanity when all others stood down. 

Won’t you join this movement?

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