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The post below is from one of our lawyers. Now, I know people think I’m a loose cannon but when you get a lawyer discussing things like this below with this much passion and supporting it with this much evidence then you ought to recognize how sensuous the situation is. In fact, you should all be moving with the same urgency that we are. Because you’re not, that’s why we’re still coming.

It’s been 32 days since November 27, 2017 when TANK posted The Deadliest Weapon Ever Created.

It has not changed. Every person on this abundant planet is entitled to a roof over their head even if it’s a roof over a sturdy shack, a decent meal or two per day so their bodies can function like a human and a cheap but comfortable mattress and pillow (comfortable meaning not a hard concrete floor or dirty ground) which they can cherish for their lifetime. Heck everyone deserves a full belly, a nice comfortable, dry and warm cozy sleep. Is that too much to ask? Not with an abundant world as we live upon. Amazingly, there is a cabal “Mattress Firm” store on every corner of every city in the United States of America, and countless other mattress dealers right next door; why? because they have indoctrinated us to believe that we need a new mattress every few years, of course better and more expensive than the last one we throw out in the dumpster, and all because the matresses are cheap to make and the mark up on mattresses is 40-50%; then there is the “Perfect Pillow” that sells in volume, created by some nice old dude (yeah right) who somehow is a rich enough to advertised on all the Jewish owned TV and radio stations, even during the Superbowl, because no one can just be happy with cheap pillow…you gotta have that “Perfect Pillow”; the profi margin is so high, and the volume of sale is so astronomical, it would make each of us gag; and that is just the “sleep” industry; think about pizza, fast food, cars, electronics, hair salons, car repair shops, and on and on, all “franchises owned by Guess who; and Northern Trust Bank istillremains at the top of that money tree.)

That means over 50,000 veterans have remained homeless for over another month…with 1.000’s of new veterans joining the ranks of the homeless each day…as 1,000’s of veterans die each day.

That means that over 700 million people remain starving each day; because of those starving, 24,657 die each day, and over 25,000 more hungry people, mostly children join the ranks of the hungry. So since November 27, 2017, 789,041 people have died of starvation, and 800,000 more people have joined the ranks of the starving.

Of those starving, 60% are women and girls, so 420,000,000 women or girls remain starving each day, and 14,794 women and girls die each day and since November 27, 2017, 473,414 women and girls have died.

Of those starving, 3,200,000, are children, which means since November 27, 2017, 280,548 children have died from starvation.

With articles coming out praising the drop in the number of foreclosures cases — filings, default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions —- per year since the 2010 highs of 2,800,000 homes; there remains 933,045 homes in the ranks of the foreclosed. Statistically, that means there are approximately 85,919 new foreclosure cases filed each month, which is 2,863 new filings per day, to replenish the 2,863 people losing their homes each day.

Meanwhile, the potential number of non-currency holders who will join the largest class action suit in history increases each day, as we have prepared the case, and will litigate that matter to the fullest extent, which means all the way to a jury which means more damages, because the window of finding class members will be kept open longer, and we will remain extremely diligent and vigilent in seeking maximum damages, and we will not settle for anything less than that full compensation for the Class, which will be damages in the quintillions of dollars. However, all it takes to begin the merciful effort to stop all of this hunger and death and devastation is for someone to come to my house and give me the numbers. I am not on vacation. And we can also show you an alternative approach to that major class action concern, that will legally limit your damages and provide the relief to all of humanity.



Military Security detail needs to be sent to:

• Brent McIntosh Chief Counsel of UST and his staff advising WF

• Tim Sloan CEO of WF to find out who in WF is holding things up

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