Who is the Alliance?
from Kim “Possible” Goguen

The Alliance spoken about taking out the “cabal” are two opponents in the higher stakes game of chess.

The “Alliance” is the House of the Black Sun modeled after Hitler’s Alliance (which was their creation) Thule Society, Nazi Party, etc. were their creation. They are attempting a hostile take over for free of the banking system using their arms and legs within the Military and the Agencies world wide. These same people also run the Order of the Assassins which is mostly called the Islamic Calphite (Where Obama Hails From).

Both Rothschild and the Black Sun consider each other an “enemy”, however on this level they are “chosen opponents” of days old from Marduk. Neither one will achieve their objective, as they were never meant to. Marduk objective was to get them to fight against each other to keep planetary Marshall law and the ownership of “souls” to the “destroyer”, a much more lethal force than the Draco ever were.

The only way to win the game is not to play. So is the “Alliance” fighting the Cabal? NO. They are fighting against Rothschild to install the Black Sun Empire. They too have a banking arm called the “black bankers” who have inserted themselves everywhere and work against Rothchild. Both are evil, the depopulation plan is run by the Black Sun, although Rothchild also has one. 2 covens battling for world domination.   


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