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    1. I have written to Tank and whoever might listen at your end (at least three times)! Asking how we might help and also to let it be known that several professionals in our fields of TV Radio and internet stand ready to go with our plans if we can get the funding. No answer is what we have had. Here we are trying again. Can we get a answer? Please.

  1. If it is time to get busy, how do I sign up? There are people all around me that have needs, as do we.
    Love and Light Daily!

  2. It is about time. I am in Colorado. I have an aquaponics farm being built this year on 35 acres. I plan to create a portable system that can be delivered by truck to any location and provide sustainable food. For those areas in drought a waterseer type of air condensing unit for pulling fresh water out of the air can be installed for water. Each system can deliver 10 gallons of distilled water daily. Several can be installed for this purpose. Joe Rader thesonofchi@gmail.com. 512 569 3824. Or anyone else that is interested. This will be my last attempt to work with Kim. After this if no one contacts me I will do it by myself, apparently the people of this group and everyone else needs someone to tell them what to do and how to do it. Seven billion Ronin.

    1. I use all the funds I can spare to help support two orphanages in Uganda. Any idea how soon humanitarian funds will be available? I would love to be able to do more and I work with an amazing team who will assist. Is the hold up the current banking system causing delays. Thanks for all you are doing.

  3. We are ready here in Denver to help locally and regionally as best we can. We have a wonderful plan of action which I’d be glad to submit to you and Tank.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Ron Russell
    Rocky Mountain Research

  4. Yo te bendigo con el amornde Dios. El cual es mi deseo compartirlo contigo,pues es mi deseo llegar a conocerlo.

  5. I am the contact person for several large humanitarian projects. Whom can we contact for funding or to whom can we submit the details ?

  6. Maybe it’s time to end the charade and tell the world that evil powers have controlled human destiny for 15,000 years. That will cause the final elimination of cabal players here on earth. The previous post by Helmo Bohmer (9-30-18@11:59pm) asked the right question. WHO do we submit our requests to for making the changes (Kim) possible.

  7. I have 5-7 project plans which we will work 2gether wit Kre8change to accomplish on multiple levels…. Captain Tank has my info…. Awaiting ur financial assistance to begin… #SALUTE Captain Tank & Kim-Possible… Lord Sintis… I’m out !!!

  8. Sorry. I just sent a messsge but need to specify that we can help if you still need help bringing the account itself on ledger.

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