Attorney Ralph Fucetola of the Natural Solutions Foundation discusses the increasingly draconian vaccine laws as they pertain to the violation of civil rights, court precedent, and elaborates on the issue of informed consent.

Our courts have (repeatedly) determined that vaxx are unavoidably unsafe. Courts allowed congress to set up the vaxx injury compensation program because congress has taken away our right to sue for redress of grievances.

Propaganda to the contrary notwithstanding, courts have repeatedly upheld this position that vaxx are unavoidably unsafe while Insurance companies have refused to insure (or cover) injuries from vaccines.

In 1976, following the first swine flu vaxx panic in which 400 people died from the vaccine, congress adopted the 1976 Vaxx injury act, which protected the vaxx makers from lawsuits and directing them to make safer vaccines and supply reports on how this was done. The requirements that were never complied with, as discovered later on by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Because of the extraordinary profitability in the vaccine universe –

Entailing no losses through lack of liability guaranteed by the above


All the downstream profit from treating the many injuries

The Pharma companies have unleashed millions and millions of dollars to strategic legislatures and have gotten bills passed, such as those in New York and California as well as other places, forcing vaccines and abolishing longstanding religious exemptions, and furthermore making it impossible for doctors to issue valid medical exemptions, which are no longer allowed.

This is a complete violation of the international law of informed consent and a true crime against humanity.

We have submitted a formal petition to the FDA under the admin procedures act, to suspend all existing vaxx approvals as illegal, which they will not do. We will then have t go to court. We are looking for financial support to hire a DC law firm we’ve worked with in the past.

The NY and CA courts have refused to issue injunctions in light of people’s conscientious objections. The lives of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of children are literally at stake.

A yahoo group of lawyers talking about these issues is formed. Trying to support Kennedy and Patty Finn in their efforts. Ralph has written a brief on informed consent for lawyers based on international case law. The courts are relying on eugenics laws from 1903.

The right to informed consent is the last legal principle we have on our side to fight this, as all other pathways have failed. The judges refuse to do anything.

The attack on informed consent is also happening. During the last month of the Obama administration, with the connivance of the Republicans in congress, they adopted the 21st Century cures act, which delivered millions of dollars to big pharma, and said in one clause “if the FDA approves a clinical trial for a new drug and there are less than 8000 people involved in the trial, they don’t need to get informed consent.

What if this is spraying a virus in subway stations to see what happens? This actually did happen in New York City.

Additionally, mercury and thimerosal have NOT been taken out of vaccines as claimed. It is a lie, and is still there. No testing requirements have been given. The amounts of these toxic chemicals has in fact increased. Aluminum and mercury together has synergistically dangerous effects.

The legal position of the courts is that we know vaccines are unsafe, and public health requires we sacrifice “a small percentage of children.” The reality is that we are damaging a large percentage of children. Autism rates prove that we are damaging half or more children who are vaccinated.

This sacrifice of children is based on a philosophy that does not recognize individual autonomy, individual rights or any form of inalienable rights. This is why General Byrd said Informed consent is the defining issue of the 21st century.

If we can’t win on this issue of informed consent, Agenda 21 is in place and the depopulation agenda will go forward.

Attorney Ralph Fucetola of Natural Solutions Foundation

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