The amount of information put out by the many sides of the vaccine issue can seem staggering but there’s an easy rule to follow when evaluating any situation:


Is the info coming to you through a media company with pharmaceutical interest?

Chances are that the answer to this is “yes.” Over 70% of media revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies and networks take direct orders from Big Pharma as to what to say, how to say it, and what to leave out.

Is the information being disseminated by a government agency?

These agencies are riddled with pharmaceutical interests. Government agencies are bought, sold and controlled by those who have an agenda that does not favor the public. Four independent studies conducted by the federal government concluded that the CDC is rife with corruption and conflict of interest.


What agenda are those spreading undisclosed facts supporting? Money? Glory? Peer pressure?

Those making the effort—and believe me, it takes a supreme commitment to speak the truth when everyone is calling you crazy– are not making money. They have no big pharma interests. They are often cut out of social groups, have lost jobs and family, and in all likelihood have witnessed the destruction of their credibility. Their state of well-being takes a hit as those trying to disseminate truth are labeled frauds, charlatans, and worst of all, silenced the old-fashioned way.

Forget about the uniform censoring by Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media. There are numerous examples of well-known natural health advocates who have been shut out and shut down by all the above. But this post is not about that, nor the fact that Google is soon only going to be providing allopathic, mainstream, medical (read $$$$$) responses to health issues. This post is about reminding people to get past the mind-numbing cycle of false information, and to become truthfully, fully and adequately informed about the issues that drastically effect theirs and their children’s state of well-being.  

Frankly, being a truth proponent is a thankless endeavor. There is no money in it and no glory, with little appreciation or acknowledgement beyond a small circle of awakened people. Those pressing forward do so against all odds, committed to a sense of righting what’s wrong in order to stop the wrong from continuing.


We are a Constitutional Republic. We have constitutional, unalienable rights. We have the right to happiness and to happy, healthy families. We have a right to be TRUTHFULLY INFORMED and once these truths are adequately, properly disclosed, we have the right to give –or to not give –our consent.

So let’s move onto the facts and issues that are being obscured, minimalized, lied about, diverted from, and generally ridiculed by the mainstream COLOSSAL BIG PHARMA/AMA /ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL CARTEL which runs –and that includes NPR, PBS and Fox—mainstream media, and also mainstream internet.

BTW, If you think your doctor has not been “indoctrinated” into this cartel and isn’t being held there by blackmail, bribery, a rigid belief system, AMA-based schooling, or threat of ostracization from the medical subculture, then think again. Those who break from the narrative that vaccines are safe, effective, essential, and properly tested, and that there is no unifying agenda behind them, stand to lose everything they have worked for, their financial resources, and much worse.

Witness the 100+ murdered doctors list. Don’t believe us and are reading Snopes instead? We have known some of these doctors personally. They and family members are very dead, and they did not commit suicide. Big Pharma shuts up those whom it does not like. End of story.

However, our story does not, and will not, end here. Speak Project is about to release the most comprehensive, sourced, list of TRUTHFUL facts about vaccines that has ever been released. We are not anti-anything except anti-lies, anti-deceit and anti-harm. We do this from a sense of justice, a grave concern for our youth, and with the knowledge that those fighting this fight must speak out as loudly as we can.

Does Informed Consent Truly Exist? By Dr. Mercola

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