1:02 PM EST 12/24/2017

After extensive discussion with various professionals from all aspects of life we are convinced that action must be taken immediately to free humanity from the Bonds of debt slavery.

•We have just been told to expect numbers to release within the next two hours. On every occasion that we have trusted that you will perform, you have left us in limbo wondering if the process was making its way to us as we drifted into the evening hours, unsure whether or not we had perhaps missed the numbers, or misunderstood what was said. We can no longer respond to your stalling techniques. That being said we will give the ALLIANCE or the CABAL until 3:00 PM EST today before we initiate Phase 4 of the SPEAK PROJECT.

We currently have lawyers drafting the letters of request to call various organizations, groups, and fraternities to immediate action to begin the full launch of the “A-BOMB Campaign”. The A is for Awareness as we will work directly with the fringe of society around the world to expose the hidden components of activity, abuse, and reality behind the scenes of this process and other significant issues that are connected.

We are currently working with a think tank of people who are providing information that the Powers that Be would least like shared with the public. We have identified key issues such as real rates, process details, banking information, as well as key names and contact information of people responsible for the delays.

We have consulted lawyers to ensure we do everything in an upright and legal manner and understand the lengths we may need to go to get this done. Until this time I have remained inside of this bubble giving the ALLIANCE every opportunity to perform. If need be we will begin to break outside of that bubble.

We will be incorporating and paying for services to launch hundreds of thousands if not millions of people through various forms of media to shock people into action.

Ultimately we recognize that this is not desirable for you or us. But we have given you every opportunity to be honest with your communication and perform in a timely fashion.

If I haven’t received notice by 3:00 we will post instructions at 3:30 to launch Phase 4.

To be clear, we are free and united. We’ve lost everything and everyone on a mission to free ourselves and liberate humanity. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have been lied to on such a regular basis that all hope of establishing a trusting foundation has been destroyed. We hold you accountable for our continued enslavement. We demand our freedom in alignment with the direction from St. Germain-immediately.



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