Understanding Trump and “The Plan”

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The following is a short explanation of what many see when they evaluate President Trump’s actions in light of what is happening, and not of how he is being portrayed by his political enemies or in the mainstream media. 

If you study The Plan, referring to the “Q” Plan, you would have a more realistic view of President Trump than what has been widely presented to the public. By doing a little research, you can go back to the beginning to see how Trump became involved with the plan 20 to 30 years ago after he was first approached by those who wanted to re-establish truth and justice. He was one of two people looked at to put this plan into motion. He had the qualities needed: he was aggressive, well known in the financial community, and an astute businessman.

These attributes made Trump the perfect candidate to successfully carry out this plan. After all, he had been groomed throughout his life to step into this role. He also was not part of the corruption found in Washingon politics or in Hollywood. As a public figure, he had enough finesse and right amount of drama to attract attention without crossing the line. The mistakes he made in his life were used against him by the Deep State. However, none were deemed unforgivable by the American people. As history has proven, he was electable.

Trump’s family also was an important factor in the “Trump for President” campaign. Although regarded by some as crass and offensive towards women, his love for his family and their well-being could not be denied. At times he was considered outspoken and arrogant, at other times, humorous and likable. These were the ideal personality traits needed to go against the cabal.   

The “Q” team is made up of patriots with the mission of saving our country. Trump is not a puppet, he’s part of The Plan. The moves he makes are calculated. We may not always understand his actions, or we may think he goes too far, in reality, he doesn’t. He is playing a chess game with the enemy. He is a master chess player. It’s all part of the plan.

This political chess game, albeit a serious one, has been planned for years. “Q” has calculated every move because they knew what moves and counter moves the opposition would make. How? because Q has the Deep State’s playbook. If we do this they’ll counter with that; if they do that we’ll counter with this. You may not always agree with how Trump handles certain situations, but you have to understand that they are part of his strategy.

Trump creates the response he wants from the opposition. When they blame or accuse him, they are actually doing what they accuse him of doing, in other words projecting their actions. This technique is called mirroring, so it makes it easier for us to see what’s going on. It’s also a technique used to help people think for themselves instead of following someone or a party in blind faith. When you use critical thinking, eventually you realize things don’t add up.

You can see this in what is playing out with former Vice President Joe Biden. His party is standing behind him even though he has a history of allegedly being corrupt. If true, his crimes must be exposed. Trump knows this and that is why he does what he does. In addition to running the country, he also is shining a light on corruption by exposing his enemies (bad actors). This is technique is explained in the book The Art of War: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It has taken many years for Q and the Patriots to put this plan in place. The things Trump says are not flippant but are deliberately and intentionally directed towards someone. He was chosen for a reason. He’s not afraid; he can’t be bought; he’s not one of them. He loves this country and the American people. His conviction and commitment to uncover and destroy the immense corruption that has taken over our government and many other sectors of our society make him a very effective leader.

Trump works The Plan with distractions that make the bad actors reveal themselves. They are then removed. We have seen countless CEOs, heads of major corporations, bankers, and others resign or commit suicide as a result of being exposed. We may not always know the names of the people or the crimes they have committed, but the “Q” team has been working behind the scenes to take them down.

Our awakening to this corruption in the world only may be beginning. Some may wonder why isn’t anyone being arrested? The arrests couldn’t start with the most obvious criminals. The Plan has always involved getting to the root of the problem. The American people like proof and would have never stood for the removal of these players without it. The foundation had to be eroded to take out those at the top.

Those we thought were the highest leaders: the Bushes, the Obamas, the Clintons are not. There are many above them. An even greater layer of darkness exists than that which is being exposed in the alternative media. They’ve taught us who was at the top and who ruled over the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the world leaders, and the people, and what has happened to them. 

There was a bigger picture and it was much larger than any of us knew. They kept our focus on smaller issues while they carried out larger crimes in secret. It is true that we, the American people need to focus on our lives and communities, but we also need to be made aware of what is happening in the rest of the world.

There’s a lot going on. Not all of it is good. We’ve intentionally been lied to and divided by corrupt players. It is time to come together. Trump is leading the team to implement The Plan with the end result of giving the earth back to the people. Humanity has to seek the answers needed to break through the programming we have been subjected to all of our lives. No one person can do it alone but we can together and solve the problems through seeking the truth. 

We hope this explanation of how Donald J. Trump, President of the United States is part of The Plan will give you a better understanding of how he is helping us take back our country.

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