Viktor Shokin, former General Prosecutor of the Republic of Ukraine was dismissed from his position on April 2, 2016. He was forced to leave office by Ukraine’s President Poroshenko, due to intense pressure from US Vice-President Joe Biden and the US Obama administration, because he refused to close the investigation against Burisma.

President Poroshenko had no other choice but to ask Mr. Shokin to resign due to Biden refusing to release $1 billion promised to Ukraine. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was on the board of directors for Burisma. Joe Biden, directly manipulated the political leadership of Ukraine on false pretexts, in order to prevent Dimitry Firtash from returning to Ukraine, as they were very concerned about him re-establishing public life there, and launching his Plan for the Modernization of Ukraine.


Note: Burisma Holdings is an energy exploration and production company registered in Limassol, Cyprus and based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It has operated in the Ukrainian oil and gas market since 2002. Burisma is the largest private natural gas producer in Ukraine. It is owned by Mykola Zlochevsky through Brociti Investments Limited. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was appointed on the board of directors in 2014, and reportedly paid more than $3 million during a 14-month period. Before Viktor Shokin resigned, he was planning on investigating all of the members of the Burisma board, including Hunter Biden. It is interesting to note that Hunter had no background in Ukraine, and no background in energy policy.

Who is Dmitry Firtash? He is one of Ukraine’s leading philanthropists providing systemic support to education, science, theaters, museums, historical, cultural and humanitarian projects. Mr. Firtash’s enterprises have been promoting the social and economic development of municipalities where they are based.


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