Transcript for KRE8CHANGE Project Update 3/15/18 – #IAMYOU

Feel free to download and distribute either of these files. Both files are the same transcript of Tank from 3-15-2018, but in different formats.

A great big thank you to Linda for transcribing the call and emailing it to me.



TANK call March 15, 2018 PDF


TANK call March 15, 2018 Word Doc

4 Replies to “Transcript for KRE8CHANGE Project Update 3/15/18 – #IAMYOU”

  1. My heart is broken ! So much hope down the drain ! I am going to the woods ! Taking my RV and just be happythat I have and RV ! That is usually what I live in ! Travel with my jobs ! NO MORE ! I No more working for the man ! O more toiling for nothing ! O more Dreams. !!NO LONGER HAVE HOPE! !!!!!! TO build a plant ? To produce healing machines ( if that isn’t also a LIE!) I have lost most of my family with cancer ! Lost most of my friends with cancer ! A child that was in front of 9/11 when it exploded by our own corrupt government ! She is in need of healing ! No more listening to all the bull ! I will drop out of society and live my life painting , not working ,Gardening not working , playing , not working ! I LOVE life I will start living it !!not working ! Worked since I was 12 years old !

  2. I have a Project (Senior housing in New Jersey) Summery already in place (written in 2012), but the project couldn’t get started because of lack of funding. Will you or Kim be able to help and what are the application procedures, etc.? Please e-mail me ( so I can discuss that with my project partners. Thank you.

  3. thankyou very much tank for your information about the true for you an kim god bless

  4. Will we get the land back from the feds at some point? Also could we use that land for projects

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