The Real Sovereign

The Real Sovereign 
It has been reported to me that the Manna World Holding Trust is not the Trust that has control of the back ledger and there is a new financial system that has been put in place in some part by the “real” holder of the wealth, the Kingdom of Manna. To clarify, and offer the best evidence I have at the moment, the Kingdom of Manna was given it’s Sovereign Status by Kim-Possible. They had a working relationship and she engaged the individuals to build the system so that she could safely move money to the people, and bypass the Rothschilds banking system.
Unfortunately, this system was secretly being built on the Bush’s Ranch in Paraguay and Kim was forced to draw back the funds she deposited in that system. They have since made progress towards an agenda that doesn’t appear to be in line with revitalizing humanity.
Below are the actual documents used to declare the Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Manna. The signatures have been removed to ensure that they are not forged in anyway. Please take note that it was Kim who acknowledged their authority, and in like manner the Kingdom of Manna acknowledged her authority to do so.
I’ll offer the challenge to all of you again. If Kim is not the one, then give the same access, head to head, with any of the Elders, former Trustees, or anyone else claiming to be the boss. When given equal access to the same facilities there is no doubt that she has control of the system. The face of the system, controlled for years by liars making broken promises, and fear is still controlling most of the surface activity. That only remains that way as long as we continue to give them power. Everything behind the scenes where the actual substance of the assets of the planet have been placed and registered since 2007 is still under the control of the Manna World Holding Trust. One only has to open a Swift 2 terminal and validate the information that I will gladly provide to find out who the Trustee is on that trust, and what the assets are that are held there in.
If I told you a mythical story about astrological signs, mystical angelic beings, and famed ancient wizards, you’d believe every word I said. But when I give you solid tangible proof, a real name to hold accountable, and a method to access the information, everyone thinks I’m the one who’s lost sight of his mission. Make no mistake, I won’t stop pressing until we’re free, until we’re safe, and until we have the opportunity to thrive. That is all I’m trying to accomplish.  I speak to people all over the world at all levels trying to do just that.
They offer promises, excuses and threats. Everyone eats it up and remains in the exact same state. They have no intention of letting you have their money. They are still dropping chem trails, poisoning our water and food, and blocking money for humanitarian funding. They’ve created a digital money system exactly according to plan and they want to use it to introduce their one world Government and to control all of us.
Kim is not always nice, she swears, and laughs just like a real person. Because she is real. She isn’t hiding behind mystical titles because she’s too important for us to know her name, like “Grandfather”, “The Elders”, “The Experts” or “The Committee of 300”. She is is the first leader at that level who has offered real proof, offered to stand in the sun and face anyone to produce results, and explain the real depths of the history of the “Deep State”. I have worked with her directly on many of these projects, seen with my own eyes how the banks block us, and exactly how they are controlled by the same fraudulent group claiming to help us. Kim is an advocate for humanity and the more of us that wake up to realize who’s really on our side, the better chance we have at victory.

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  1. Hi Tank, we are with you….. we are not all asleep.
    Energy seems to have shifted a bit black over past couple of weeks! Internet freedom taking a dive!
    Time seems suspended! There’s a change coming…….
    Calm before the storm non?
    Onwards and upwards ;]

  2. I agree with you that her proof and stamina towards assisting humanity is powerful and strong. What do we need to do to eliminate the BS and assist her in helping the world. Today it is a challenge to know the truth behind all the fantasy. I hope the best for you and Kim.

  3. Tank, I also know that the others predominately are not evil and do believe in what they are doing as well. Here is my hope. WE all can get together energetically and move forward in love for Gaia and her inhabitants.

  4. Kim .. Tank & Team…
    Y’all Are AweSome People ; )…

    Thanks for All Y’all Are Doing for Humanity.

    If / When .. Y’all Desire Any Help ..
    Just Holler .. We’re Here For Y’all…
    Just As Y’all Are Here For Us ; )…

    Many Blessings to Y’all…
    Each & Every Day
    Mel Still

  5. We’re warning with Her when the enemy comes against Her as a flood then the Spirit LIFTS UP A STANDARD FOR HER AND NO WEAPONS CAN HARM HER

  6. Maybe Kim is trying to help the world…SO WHAT..!! She isn’t the only one…there have been countless people …TRUE PATRIOTS” in the LIONS DEN (our corrupt courts and judges), me included, who have paved the way for Kim ….what thanks do we all get….it always about one PERSON , like Superwoman who can do it all….!! How is it that Kim can be so smart and yet niece enough to believe she can change anything about our monitary system….why give money to governments….are you completely out of your frigging mind….even I’m not that stupid…!! The only way you will ever change things is to give all the money to the people immediately , and not one second more to any so called govt……this system hasn’t changed one bit over the last 4000 years….it ends, and another one takes its place…..same shit over and over again….STOP IT KIM…!!

    They don’t need a quantum computer….all they need is us to believe our system works even if they have to use monopoly money…you think I’m kidding….!!! Here’s the real TRUTH… aren t in charge of anything….God is..!! Don’t ever forget that….!! Its playing out his way, not yours….!! That’s why you are failing no matter how good your heart is, and no matter what you want for humanity… may have free choice, but don’t compare that to “FREE WILL”….Because there is none…..its always been in “HIS “hands and I can clearly see that now…..why can’t you..???????

  7. I have a little poem, for all of us today.
    Life is what we make it, I heard someone say.
    Wanta this and Wanta that, sure could make someone fat.
    But, is that what you Wanta be , or do you really Wanta see?
    A new world dawn, as Sovereigns be, living long in prosperity.
    No slaves here, everyone just free, of fear and guilt, for eternity.
    I prefer Kim’s Majestic view, for this is how she sees me and you.
    Sorry to hear, some people say, they prefer the slavery way.
    Do not worry, my heart does say, I AM with you, for sure today.
    Lift up a stone and you will find me there and what you find is oh so fair.
    For when you see that stone as me, look closer and a rock will be.
    For things do change for better not worse,
    As joy lives, in faith does birth, the vision of Kim, upon this earth.

  8. When you have money, or better yet, in charge of releasing “FUNDS” to anyone, who do you think are going to be the first ones to step up and ask for the funds….LIERS and THEIVES and CONS….!! And they are very persuasive at promising to do the right thing with the money which you must realize by now, that will never happen….I know because I was once rich and everyone promised, cried, and begged for money and not one was good on their word….!! What’s really sad is that none of that money made anyone happy and never changed their situation except on a very temporary basis…..then they went right back into trouble and asking for more money…!!
    The people asking for the most money, usually are the ones least responsible with it….thats the lesson for the day…..!!

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