Clare’s Reflections April 7, 2020

The first paragraph of this article sets the tone for the depth of the evildoers’ lack of self-respect for human life, devoid of personal dignity and betraying the constitutional rights of all American citizens.  Let alone the rest of the world as the article details the misuse of power-hungry Mongols.

The authors detailed awakening commenced in 1975.  Their research heightened to serious concerns as time advanced due to the blatant disregard for laws all over the world, as well as International governances.

Today we are up against Biological Warfare, covert operations within our government, local municipalities, along with many nations where human rights are violated void of any concern.

The year this was penned 99% were asleep leaving their lives to the 1% of power-hungry globalist.

Chemical and Biological Warfare have been used throughout many wars and of significant value today the awakened say NO MORE, not on my watch, nor in my lifetime.

At the time this was published in 1985 the authors state, “Current genetic developments in what is called, “Recombinant DNA,” threatened to unleash mutant biological warfare strains from which the world may never recover. “  This is most apparent today with the larger than life deformities visible in our global communities in light of the ease in citing’s, with the flick of a finger.  The article continues with this statement, “According to recently released Pentagon documents, the Soviets may well have used chemical and biological warfare weapons in Afghanistan.”

The damage to Americans continues today as we have never before been able to stop the evildoers to the extent we are able thanks to Kim and President Trump’s diligence.

As a native New Yorker the temerity to release toxins via the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels along with many turnpikes hints at the covert operations in place while we trusting, God-fearing souls slept.  Mind you most Americans are Law-abiding citizens and tax payers.  We pledged our Allegiance in school as children.  Yet the vastness in crimes against humanity reported herein is the tip of the iceberg.

Between Colorado and Utah, there was an overwhelming outcry against the release of nerve gas bombs in the state of Colorado.  Such that our government wanted to remove those bombs to a ‘remote location in Utah,’ all with the belief that they had the authority to ‘neutralize’ those toxic gases in the dessert.  Utah basically said, ‘No Can Do.’ Since this article was published the nerve gas is stored near the Stapleton International Airport in Denver.  It is fair to assume, “oozing their toxic contents while legislators of Colorado and Utah battle Pentagon bureaucrats over the life-and-death question of what to do with unwanted nerve gas.”  However, the Coloradians neglected to protect their own citizens of Denver, let alone world travelers to their region.

We are well versed with respect to the degradation attributed to both biological, as well as, chemical warfare.  During the Vietnam War ‘herbicide’ was the term introduced for Agent Orange, the chemical of choice, poisoning countless numbers of GI’s. “Today, those GI’s suffer from the after effects of the weapon, unable to receive adequate compensation from Uncle Sam, who continues to minimize the dangers of Agent Orange.”

Russia also used a nerve gas ‘soman;’ Soman is a clear, colorless, tasteless liquid with a slight odor similar to camphor containing mothballs or rotten fruit. It can become a vapor if heated.  It is lethal in all forms. *Mind you all treaties are to be adhered to by all governments that are largely ignored.  CIA operatives are equally as guilty.  One known agent, John Stockwell, sheds great light on the use of chemical warfare.  This practice is still in existence today as we are in ‘A forced stay at Home’ syndrome due to the Corona virus pandemic, which is biological warfare by the elitists OWO (One World Order).  Bear in mind, We the People are not sitting quietly while they attempt to reduce those living amongst us, removing our liberties along with blatant disregard for our inalienable rights.

The microwave has been addressed as problematic for a host of health risks since it was established and allowed to enter into private residences for daily use.  “In 1962, while sweeping the embassy for bugs, American security personnel detected a microwave beam aimed straight at the embassy. Naturally, the Pentagon and the intelligence community became alarmed at the possibility of neurological and behavioral effects on diplomatic personnel.”

“Microwave authority Dr. Karel Marha of Czechoslovakia declared that microwave bioeffects included pains in the head and eyes, fatigue, and overall weakness, dizziness and vertigo, poor night sleep, irritability, fear, hypochondria, tension, depression, inhibition of intellectual functions and decreased memories.”  When faced with modern diseases we recognize the root cause of many current malaises.  So much so that U.S. Ambassador Walter J. Stossel, Jr. was quoted in the February 7, 1976 issue of The Los Angeles Times that “microwaves can cause leukemia, skin cancer, cataracts, and various forms of emotional illness.” 

Currently, global citizens are in a panic over 5G towers.  “5G uses radio waves or radio frequency energy to transmit and receive voice and data connecting our communities…The 5G networks will operate in the millimeter wave spectrum – between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. The advantage of using the millimeter wave spectrum is that it sends larger amounts of data at very high speed and because the frequency is so high, it experiences little interference from most surrounding signals.”* Communities by and large FEAR these towers emit their harmful radio waves into the poorer or financially oppressed areas, where the towers are situated.  It is our understanding that a blessed force far greater than any earthly being, has mysteriously protected the world from said harmful rays.  Like everything in life, this phrase comes to mind, ‘Time will Tell.’  Yet never try to understand God.

The Russians, by and large, were far more aggressive of nations utilizing various frequencies, which emitted harsh tones that sounded similar to a woodpecker.  “On October 14, 1976, the radio communications throughout the globe were disrupted by powerful radio waves emanating from the Soviet Union. The broadcasts appeared irregular and varied between very high and low frequencies.”  An alarming scientific find was that weather patterns dramatically shifted trade winds.  At the time the shift of natural winds caused a drought in the western United States resulting in diminished agriculture on these farmlands while harming our economy.

At the time, the world was put on notice that these electromagnetic waves may affect our central nervous system, which functions electromagnetically.  We now know that the diseases today, and climate changes are directly related to all the technology that is currently operating and so in vogue.  A far greater correlation between the OWO agenda’s destruction measure to outdo ‘Mother Nature.’ We are aware that the villains amongst us, the true malefactors on earth, have sold their souls for money and power.  Only a contrite heart converted through prayer and supplication can avert their ultimate demise.

Naturally, there are two schools of thought at play here and Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in the field of alternating current and electrical supply systems amongst many others.  He was the first human to use wireless power.  Sad he was sabotaged early on in his career. A dear friend, Spencer Tandy wrote a musical, Tesla, an Elektrical Spectacle, The Tesla Musical.

There always is a Light at the end of the tunnel, and LIGHT is far more powerful than darkness, scientifically speaking and spiritually awakened concur.  We sovereign citizens of America await the timely restoration of our Democratic Republic.  Such that our nation will thrive as it was intended with the formal agreement drafted at our Continental Congress on September 7, 1787, namely The Constitution of the United States.  President George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789, at Federal Hall in New York City steps from Ground Zero. Getting back to basics rings true to our outcry against the tyranny with which we the global citizens have been subjected to for many millenniums.  New York City was chosen by enlightened men for governing our Democratic Republic and the place to TRIUMPH as Sovereign.

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