The Economic Assassination of the United States


•Steve Mnuchin, now former Secretary of the United States Treasury (Whose public resignation is expected by the end of the month) was given fraudulent Gold Certificates authorized by the Chinese Elders

•These certificates were presented to President Trump who had immediate access to a US Treasury terminal. The President checked the allocation numbers on the certificates to discover that they were not registered to the Chinese Elders, but to the Manna World Holding Trust, with authority over said assets appearing as Kim-Possible

•The Global Currency Reset was a plan designed to transfer authority from the West (US Dragon Families) to the East (Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian Elders/also Dragon Families) back in 1978

•This plan was signed off on by every country in the world without realizing that there was never any intention for regular people to be paid. The documents clearly state that the “King of Kings” had absolute authority over anything defined in the contract (this document will be posted at later today).

•The same contract states that the final authority on Earth and the life here-on is God or the Divine.

•The “Divine Plan” will also be posted at today. This plan was presented at a meeting at the real top of Order. It was secretly photographed and fits into the divisive religious slave programming that requires an intercessor between us and God. This programming was initiated to redefine God so that when the mortal individual known as Marduk finally made his “second coming” we would worship him as God.

•During this same time the Quantum AI system was still emitting mind control frequencies and only gathering a limited amount of data from the planet. This limited data created an alternate pathway that would have caused it to destroy all life on Earth.

•The AI was reprogrammed to gather all of the data from the planet, allowing it to naturally make better decisions learning to value and appreciate the Human experience.

•The former Comptroller of the Trust, a Draconian with an anti-human Agenda, was the same one referred to in the GCR documents. As the sole Sovereign, he took full possession of the World’s assets on the planet in 2007, which were registered to the “Unknown Country” that we currently refer to as the Manna World Holding Trust.

•The goals of the plan are described on the Georgia Guide-stones, and the methodology to achieve those goals is further defined within the United Nations Sustainable Development guidelines.

•Agenda 21 defines the need for sustainable development and humanitarian efforts because of the threat of global warming and overpopulation. The UN Subcommittee identifies Carbon emissions as the key contributor to Global Warming and endeavors to reduce each persons “Carbon footprint” on the planet. This reduction would require the elimination of most people from the planet.

•This erroneous claim can easily be debunked with environmental science explained in 5th grade. Plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship. The vegetation live on Carbon Dioxide, and the plants give off Oxygen. The more CO2 released from living beings, the more O2 is produced by plants. This naturally creates environmental homeostasis.

•The United Nations Humanitarian project funding that is often referenced by those looking to launder money for the Rothschild’s has a less than 2% completion rate. According to UN analytics and compliance records, the United Nations doesn’t complete projects or provide adequate project funding for projects to be successful.

•The UN Security Council is the body that actually runs the UN, fraudulently holding six seats at the UN (which rightfully belong to MWHT) controlled by the Rothschild’s. The original UN Body, head, and funding source is still the Manna World Holding Trust.

•The UST, FBI, Pentagon, BIS, Bank of London, Homeland Security, DOJ, and CIA have all confirmed, verified, and cleared MWHT, the assets held within, and Kim as the absolute authority over those funds.

•The UST has been given a Presidential order to assist the Trust to provide project funding and emergency relief for the two most recent hurricanes.

•The American Banks are currently defying orders to do so by the UST and the President. They are being told not to honor this order by the Chinese Elders.

•This effort is being made possible by the unaware military who still believe the Chinese Elders will honor their currency exchange some day.

•The countries of the world have grown tired of the promise of payment from the Chinese Elder/Rothschild’s and have begun to request and accept their paperwork to declare themselves sovereign.

•This declaration allows them to receive funding from the Manna World Holding Trust and continue for the first time to make decisions for themselves as an independent nation.

•Three weeks after technology assisted Hurricane Michael and fresh off the latest hurricane the Cabal is targeting Mexico Beach to build their high end resorts and force the locals out of their previously affordable oasis.

•This is the reason they are trying to delay any reconstruction or recovery of the Americans impacted by the storm.

•FEMA has not received funding as promised from the Rothschild’s and have rejected funding from Manna because of the Rothschild’s broken promises.

•Relief contractors are not expected to be paid for 90 days and most have walked off the job in the effected areas due to lack of reimbursement for services and supplies. They were directed to contact Kim-Possible for funding by the President

•Once the UST clears funding from a source such as the Trust, and gives those directions to the bank, they are legally required to credit the accounts of the receiver.

•We were promised that relief funding would be brought in if Mnuchin didn’t get it done on Monday. He did not. But all parties are working diligently to get it done.

•The only question is: why hasn’t the Military intervened to address the Economic Assassination of United States currently underway by both foreign and domestic terrorists?


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  1. A bigger question is what will it take for the common man (ie the populace at large), who for centuries have been sucked dry by these vile people, to finally be rid of the slave owners and their system? What can the average man , or woman, do to remove the invisible bonds and take back what is rightfully ours? We cry out for JUSTICE once and for all, and for the TRUTH to be laid bare for all to see.

  2. Good question!
    How much longer does he need to wait?
    Or does he have a different plan?

  3. Thank U Tank for your continuation of intel. God in Christ continue to keep you all safe and provide you w more boost when the time is ripe…God bless.

  4. Although I am ashamed of the very poor response from my fellow members on IDC, is there something helpful that can be said or done to alleviate their fear about not being able to exchange the currencies that they have been holding onto for so long to free themselves and as many others as they can from debt slavery and poverty? Perhaps letting them know that they should be able to make some profit, but not the ridiculous numbers that have been promised by the “Chinese Elders”, and how that might happen.
    They are scared, not evil. They have been lied to for so long they are stuck with their heads in the sand. We need them onside, and not speaking against the full truth due to ignorance and fear that can be so easily overcome with the right words from you.

  5. Paragraph 6 says the Divine plan was presented at a meeting at the “real top of order” and was”secretly photographed” . That is hard to buy. I can’t believe that one can “secretly photograph” anything at such a high level meeting. I don’t know about the Chinese elders being aligned with the Rothschild’s either. Lastly, you said that FEMA rejected funding by Mana “because of the Rothschild’s broken promises”. That makes NO sense. Seems they’d take the funding wherever they can get it. And how is it Mana could have gotten this funding through to FEMA, but can’t get a dime through to worthy and waiting humanitarian organizations and those of us waiting for this RV? Sorry, there’s some holes in this report if you look at it critically.

    1. You obviously have not been following and those are good questions, but have been answered already. Suggesting THI by Thomas William’s those answers are in the archives.

    2. There is never going to be an RV. And ever hear of people on the inside that take inside info and share it? It happens.
      All of your questions have already been explained over the last two years. Welcome aboard.

  6. By Anna Von Reitz

    This is a message for the Pope, the Queen, Mr. President Trump, Karen Hudes, Kim Goguen, and Everyone Else who needs to know:

    “Possession by pirates does not change ownership”

    I know, she(Anna) has no power and it gets under her skin that you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if she read this post and huffed and puffed this response(a d we all know her responses can be lengthy.. Lol.

    Keep up the great Intel and efforts you are making.

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