Note: Below is the transcript of a call between Speak Project and our Insider from Haiti, which was played, in part, in the video.

Haitian Informant:  Right now, yesterday, there was shooting in the capital.   People that were there were saying there were people running, people dying in the street because of gangs shooting.  But guess what, those gangs are financed by the President himself.  The President of the country, he’s the one that’s financing those gangs.  And some of them are the senate, senators give them the money, senators give them… Haiti don’t make weapons, Haiti don’t make bullets.  Those bullets come from the United States.  Shipped over there, and who bring them?  The senate!  Only the senator can bring guns and security companies.  So they use security companies to buy guns and bullets and give them to the gangs.  So if you’re not in the gang you cannot make any money in Haiti.  The gang member make more money than the police and the judge together.  So the only thing these people do is create a gang in every country, in every city, in every neighborhood so they control the people so the people cannot come out and ask for the money the Clinton’s stole.  That’s what’s going on in Haiti!  They make the people in a fear constantly, you fear for your life constantly and people are dying on the street every single minute, every day, every hour, every minute just waiting for us to care.  You can’t go south…You cannot go (?), you get kidnapped, you get shot, you get killed.  The trucking is destroying Haiti.  There’s no choice right now.  There’s no trucker with rice to brave one side to the other side of the country because they’re gonna get kidnapped.  So they will take any other products, but they will not take rice.  When they take a trailer of rice they get kidnapped and destroyed because in Haiti the business man will give you money to buy the rice and unless, until, you deliver the rice you are the driver and you own that rice.   So if they stole the rice from the trailer and kidnap the trailer on the road when you’re going to make the delivery they don’t care about you, you’re responsible for that trailer of rice.  So, we’re talking about $20,000-US right now.  That’s how much money they have to pay and when they don’t have that money.  They’re only the driver, they only own the truck so if they get kidnapped they have to shut down they can no longer do the run.  So, people are suffering today and it’s so funny – the US Government close their eyes like nothing is happening.  It’s all OK…it’s amazing!

Tank:  These are really our criminals, I mean, the truth be told.  These are American, you’re talking about this stemming from the American Embassy from Bill and Hillary Clinton essentially making deals with a plot to make Haiti this place that’s completely chaotic.  Where they’re using it to launder money, to traffic children, to run drugs, and obviously they’re bringing arms in, which you know….

Haitian Informant:  It’s something, so, yup, give me 90 days!  Because the people that are doing that they are not more than 300 people, they’re only 300 families and they’re all connected to each other.  So, if you get one, you get all of them.  So, it’s not a big gang that you fight.  It’s only 300 families and they call themselves bourgeois and because some of them are mulattos, which in Haitian is CVN and French whatsoever.  They will kidnap even yourself, even if you’re their family.  If you’re not part of the gang and you open a business, like selling rice, they’re gonna kidnap you or they’re gonna steal the rice.  Because they control everything.  The only thing they got is the US Embassy that’s backing them that’s run by the Clintons.  Without that Haiti will be, I’m saying in 90 days…give me 90 days and Haiti will be the safest place in the world.  There are things in Haiti right now – the drugs, the human trafficking, the money laundering – is all done, is all controlled by the US Embassy in Haiti.  They control everything!

Tank:  They control everything!

Haitian Informant:  Every single thing!  If someone died because they wanted to cause nobody will die unless they agree… (laughter) My friend you have no idea what’s going on down there!  I’m talking about even if the police get shot the US Government know about it and decides to let it happen.  Because you cannot kill, or rob, or kidnap anyone unless one of those gangs that is connected to the US Government tell you to.  Because if you do you will be in a lot of trouble that you don’t want to be.  So no gang in Haiti will move on anyone in Haiti unless they got the order to do so.

Tank:  Why?  Because they’re controlling the money, right? 

Haitian Informant:  Exactly!

Tank:  The gangs only move because…they’re not going to kill anybody for free?

Haitian Informant:  One of the gang members I was with last week.  He said “there’s no money by killing people.  So you kill the person and you make no money.”  He said “There’s more money when you kidnap the person or you kidnap their car and you tell them to give you to pay you for the car and they give you money for the car to get the car back.”  So you say to kill the person, for what?  It’s not gonna happen!  He said, every kidnapping he’s done because of someone in the higher and from the senate or from the government tells them to kidnap that person.  He even said “when he kidnap a trailer of rice that is going to the South of the country or going to the North because someone calls him and tells him to do that.  Because this person is in competition with them and they want to destroy their business.  So if you’re running a business in Haiti and lose $20,000, that’s a lot of money!  So you lose $20,000-US, that’s a lot of money so if they take 2 or 3 trailers from you in a month you’re out of business.  So he said he never touch anything unless somebody tells him to do so.  They give him the order and he executes the order.  Right now he’s in jail but, trust me, nothing is going to come out of it!  Because, those guys are controlled by the higher power.  They’re not even controlled by the Haitian people, they’re controlled by the US Embassy that controls everything in this country.  So this guy got just twos (?)…because, you know, when they’re shooting each other in Haiti, when the gang is fighting for one day it costs $20,000-US in bullets .  After they shoot the whole day – day and night they’re shooting each other it costs $20,000.  But these kids, they have no job, they never work one day in their life.  They got no passport.  They never even went to Dominican Republic so where they get that money?  Where they get that gun?  They get to by the senators!

Tank:  And they’re just being used anyways.  The powers that be…they don’t care if they kill each other off because that is what they want anyways.

Haitian Informant:  No, no they don’t.  After they get too big, after they do enough for them they kill them.  Like this guy is being shot because his wife was calling the (?)….who’s the higher court and tell them ‘come get my husband because they try to kill him’ so the court come get him because he have the contact.  Even the President himself….of Haiti….he call him directly to tell him ‘do this, do that for me…go do this, go do that for me’.  So they have enough to arrest him but that’s not going to happen because this guy right now he….I don’t know, I don’t know what to tell Trump.  Ah, I think when Trump wanna invade Venezuela whatever they wanna to do to Venezuela I think, they think Haiti will be the best place for them to stage if they’re gonna invade Venezuela.  I think, maybe for that reason, they alert the guy but apparently this guy is putting the good in Haiti in the situation where anytime, I’m just saying, remember that.  Anytime there’s gonna be a war in Haiti and it’s gonna be a blood bath.  And at that point nobody will be safe in Haiti, it’s gonna be a blood bath and that’s why, because people in Haiti they will never give up, they will never break down because they always find a way to fight and like 1804, one day they’re going to rise and the next thing you know there will be blood in the street like 1986.  These people, when they get mad, trust me, even God has no chance in front of them.  They’re gonna burn you, they’re gonna kill you, burn you alive.  You will have no chance.  But I don’t know how long they’re gonna keep the people in Haiti in this situation.  They can’t go out, they can’t go buy food, they cannot sell the produce, trucking is shut down.  How long people can live in this situation…how long?  And, again, the only it’s that way is because they want it to be that way.

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