Thank you for confirming who Kim is and that she has access and authority over the World’s assets.

Thank you for helping us get the message out by giving your intelligent opposition so that the World could see how brilliant Kim is when she repeatedly shredded your arguments, revealing the flaws in your logic, and lack of authority to do anything.

Thank you for writing an article based on the disinformation Kim provided to the Deep State at Langley 2 so it was made clear to everyone who you were working with.

I haven’t even read your latest article. But I wanted to thank you in advance for being a dissenting voice from the truth we speak. What you have done to try and hurt Kim and all those who know who she is, has done more to help us than you’ll ever know.



In 25 words or less: the culprits responsible for this situation — all of whom are thieves guilty of capital crimes — chose one of their own to be the Holder, instead of returning control of the assets to the actual owners. Is that simple enough for everyone to understand? Kim Goguen is one of them by blood, by training, by indoctrination, by belief, by all that is endemic to the evil that pervades the Banking Cult. She may try to do things differently. She may have good intentions. But that does not change the fact that she is in control of (or claims to be in control of) stolen goods and assets that don’t belong to her, and she is standing there bare-faced and refusing to give the assets back to the actual owners. So, what am I as a Justice supposed to do? Support her in unlawful possession? Just because she seems to be a Nice Person? Looking deeper into the situation, it is clear that the actual Holder of all these assets is and should be The United States of America, which means that they fall under my Fiduciary Office and not hers. She should be working for me and doing what I tell her to do, not stomping around making False Claims based on possession related to piracy, fraud, and unlawful conversion. What I would tell her to do is very simple — start releasing assets in a step-by-step fashion to the people they actually belong to. Return all the Titles to American Land to the most recent American Owners, meaning living people, not corporations. Do the same on a worldwide basis. Return all the “individual” ESTATES to the Americans they are named after, all the Brits they are named after, all the Germans they are named after…. . It isn’t rocket science. The benefit of the massive wealth stolen and amassed by these criminals can be returned to the people individually and as funding for many beneficial technologies and new infrastructure. And as for the military, I’d tell them to stop goosing around like idiots. Tell the Europeans we are calling in their debts and taking over their corporations and their banks if they don’t shut down the B.E.A.S.T. system and the UN nonsense and stop all the False Claims against Americans. You military generals may be “US Citizens” all you like, but you need us to back you up and give you a contract, otherwise you are all just a bunch of mercenaries and thugs with no standing as soldiers and if you are going to betray the people who actually employ you and do the bidding of Middlemen acting in Breach of Trust —- then why do we need you? Hello? Why do we need to keep paying you and buying you new toys? What good are your oaths to protect and defend “the” Constitution when you are too clueless to know which Constitution that is? Too clueless to know that you work for the American People, not the Queen, not the Pope and not the ever-loving “UN CORP”, either?
NATO is the Enemy. It was formed by the same group of criminals that formed the European Common Market and that are trying to create the B.E.A.S.T system. The US Navy is compromised and in conflict of interest. Even the Marine Corps that actually allows that our troops are American — is compromised in its command structure because they take their orders from the Navy and the Navy takes their orders from the Queen. We have no Coast Guard thanks to the same cozy arrangement. The Coast Guard is supposed to be protecting us –Americans– from Inland Piracy. That is what we pay them to do as their principal responsibility. But guess what? All this graft and fraud has come ashore on their watch. They are stood down, useless, helpless to stop the human trafficking and gun running and drug running, left without funding just like the Federal Marshals who are supposed to be protecting us and our international land jurisdiction. We have to rely on volunteers to provide enforcement. They– the Navy, the Marines, and the Coast Guard (inappropriately) are all under the command of the Brits, and the Queen is guilty and up to her knickers in graft and fraud against her own people and the “former” commonwealth nations and us, too, taking the payola and not giving a fig more than her batty great-grandmother did about the consequences of her betrayals. The pelicans at the BBC snarking about Trump and trying to get something started with Iran — or anywhere else they can get a nice little war going — are nothing but a bunch of greedy self-interested war mongers and propagandists for men who make their money on war. So let’s throw them in front of the cannons and the tanks, this time, shall we? Haul out all the BBC Commentators and the Board Members of all of Britain’s top corporations and their US Brethren and the members of Congress, and let them fill the trenches. They always want war, they are always pulling false flags and blaming others for their misdeeds. It’s time that the Brits either shut up and pay up, or we stand back and let the buggers take it square in the shorts and nobody — not us, not the Aussies, not the Canadians, not the New Zealanders, not the Scots, and certainly not the Irish — nobody comes to rescue them. Anyway that “Special Relationship” with the British is why Trump has had to fall back on the US Army and Joint Forces Command of the American Armed Forces. See that word? American? They aren’t talking about South Americans, in case you were wondering. Trump can’t trust the US Navy. Its a sad day when the Commander-in-Chief of American Armed Forces can’t depend on a third of the military we pay for, but that is the circumstance. The Navy wags have tired to kill him three times that I know of, and also tried to get WWIII started with the Russian submarine incident. I can only thank God that Putin had sense enough to see through it and Trump had sense enough to be skeptical and not rush into anything. All you Brass in the Navy? You’d better straighten your gigs and ratlines. The Queen is supposed to be acting in Good Faith under our Delegated Authority, but instead, she’s in Breach of Trust. Be aware. She’s not your actual Boss. We are. Without us, all she can do is serve you tea and crumpets and shower you with “knighthoods” like she gave the feckless traitors Colin Powell and G.H.W. Bush and Henry “the Floss” Kissinger.

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