Aimee Hankins-Albrecht was going to meet with Kathy Hall in Washington DC on August 21, 2019. The last time Aimee spoke with Kathy was on August 21 @ 11:08 AM MT., Kathy never showed up in DC, and Aimee did not hear from her until today, August 25, 2019 (via text). Aimee and her husband paid for Kathy’s ticket to DC.

Previously, Kathy and Aimee had been able to get Aimee’s case to the Supreme Court after CPS unlawfully took Aimee’s kids from her.

An investigative reporter said that Kathy was alive, but could not give details or proof. He also said that she was in Washington DC, although, there were different groups of people who pinged Kathy’s phone and found its location to be at the Denver Military Air Force Base by the crematorium.

One of the 11 pieces of evidence that was accepted by the Supreme Court has Linda Collins-Smith’s husband’s name on it. Judge Phil Smith. Only 11 pieces for the Federal case out of thousands, and one of them has Judge Smith’s name on it.

People’s constitutional rights are being violated. There should be an outcry by the public!

A recording is shared, which is a conversation between Aimee and Linda’s former Atty.

Aimee shares with the Attorney:

  • The people involved in Aimee’s case doctored evidence to make Aimee’s kids look like they were not related to her.
  • Aimee confronted Linda Collins-Smith; Linda had no idea about her husband trafficking and having sex with kids until Aimee shared this info with her.
  • People who go missing while in jail with no mention about it by anyone.

The Attorney advises Aimee to talk to no one and hunker down, right now. The Attorney also tells Aimee that she doesn’t believe Linda Collins-Smith’s friend, Rebecca O’Donnell, killed her. There are many people in AR that do not believe O’Donnell had anything to do with it.

As for Kathy, there are no solid answers as to whether or not she is safe.

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