What does it take to get people outraged in Arkansas?

The corruption extends in every direction, depriving Arkansas residents of their basic constitutional rights and resorting to outright crime when it comes to their children. 

The Clinton Legacy continues as investigator Michaele Walker reports on the set-up of Rebecca O’Donnell for the murder of her best friend, Sen. Linda Collins-Smith and the Arkansas Judicial Swamp that ignores the facts that would secure O’Donnell’s release.

Collins-Smith was making progress expanding on the efforts of murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer in exposing the CPS/ DHS child theft and trafficking ring and its association with the Clintons. The state did not even raise a flag in her honor after her murder.

Walker relays details of the case including how Collins-Smith’s husband, “Pedophile Judge” Phil Smith was the beneficiary of purposely unidentified, prematurely sealed court documents, and was released and cleared even before his wife’s BODY WAS DISCOVERED. Instead, her best friend Rebecca (Becky) O’Donnell is being persecuted. Despite evidence supporting her innocence and widespread knowledge that she is being set up, O’Donnell faces the death penalty.

Judge Phil Smith, who was caught with child porn on his computer relating to the “purchase” of minor(s) through the DHS, is indicative of Arkansas’s systematic perversity. The injustices dispensed by the courts continually fail to uphold constitutional or basic human rights. Those in the system are not only aiding the trafficking, they’re participating in it, while those who speak out are silenced through fear, bribery and murder.

Arkansas’ cesspool includes Jeffrey Epstein and the illicit transfers of funds, Epstein Ranch, 64 miles of underground tunnels, the Podesta brothers, Uranium and the Clinton Foundation. 

The Federal Government has backdoor entry to all state computer systems, so why is this travesty allowed to continue?  

Michaele Walker has walked away from everything in order to engage in this fight. Those who create division are part of the problem. STAY UNITED & DEMAND CHANGE.

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