This is the tragic story of Kara and her children, James and Sasha.

Kara Witkowski is what would be considered “normal” by most standards, with no arrests, crazy behavior or drug use in her past. She happened to fall in love with the wrong guy, and soon afterward, found herself in a nightmare scenario where her children were stolen, raped, tortured, and on Halloween 2019, her two-year-old son, James was dead.

Before this happened the evidence convinced the court to repeatedly separate Kara’s two children from their father and paternal grandfather, the admitted abusers. Then, the tables are turned and Kara is made into the bad guy. The children are put into the possession of sociopaths who know no boundaries, morality, or guilt.

The horrors the children are subjected to are proven out by mounting evidence and yet it is Kara who is removed from her children, while they are left in the care of the pedophile-monsters.

This is a story of Arkansas politics, collusion among cronies, and a sex trafficking route that extends from Little Rock to Chicago, IL. Although it is too late for two-year-old James, a mother’s plea rings out: save three-year-old Sasha, her remaining child.

Other players in this story are child’s rights advocate Michaele Walker, and alleged white hats, Abel Danger a/k/a Field McConnell, and “targeted witness Timothy Holmseth, who convinced Walker of the existence of a Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Supplying Field with the intel which should have saved the children, it instead led to their re-admittance into the system and their mother’s complete separation from them. McConnell’s supposed hotline ties directly to the Podestas and Clinton.

The Clintons have destroyed these and many more families with the assistance of the satanic network bubbling through the court, law enforcement, and government agency system. For children located near the trafficking routes any association with these agencies lead to the same place: kidnapping, lost parental rights, torture and death.

The only way to stop this travesty is to get good and angry, to expose it, then end it, once and for all.


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