12:13 PM EST

•Wells Fargo online is down system wide today

•According to sources in Reno they are attempting to cross over their system to be completely digital. This is so they can completely control the currency, and because after thousands of failed attempts they realize they cannot access the real assets held in the Manna World Holding Trust.

•The Rothschilds have promised to fund the insolvent banks for the RV once again on Friday

•This of course will not happen

•Meanwhile the Manna World Holding Trust has brought 375 Billion Dollars on ledger split between Wells Fargo and Citibank

•Back in April (or around then) when Kim dissolved Wells Fargo and Citibank by selling them back to the Governments for a dollar as a failed asset, she received approval here in the United States for 276 Billion Dollars in project funding in Citibank.

•These banks should technically be under National control rather than controlling the Nations.

•These funds have been verified by the Treasury, BIS, multiple agencies, and the banks themselves.

•Citibank was supposed to assign a private banker to the Trustee last Monday. As usual they’re arguing and dragging their feet, no doubt holding onto their last hope of control.

•On Tuesday the Democrats stated that they were asking President Trump for humanitarian project funding. This is ironic being that they’re the ones that have blocked every dime of humanitarian funds from reaching the people thus far. This block includes much needed disaster relief funding for wild fires in California and Hurricane Michael recovery in Florida.

•Just a reminder that Mnuchin was exposed for syphoning money from organizations like Planned Parenthood into a slush fund to support the Rothschild controlled Deep State Democrats. He was relieved of his duties as the Secretary of the Treasury but no public support of this has been seen to date.

•It wouldn’t surprise me if this is their argument now, making their case to take ownership and control of the funds Kim just brought on ledger.

•But the reality is they’ve had control of the funds our entire lives and less than 2% has ever made it to the people or the projects. The only difference now is the controller of the funds isn’t bought into their depopulation agenda.


9 Replies to “SPEAK UPDATE 2/7/2019”

    1. But only online…There banks outside are all closed as well as the “ATM’S…!! Funny how only the “online banking” using a computer, not a phone (which people are still having trouble with ) to complete a “transaction”…!! Why, I would ask yourselves…!!
      Why the hell FUND Wells Fargo” when they are the worst of the bunch when it comes to FRAUD…!! What is wrong with Kim…!! Does she really think all these people will ever have a change of heart….NEVER..!! THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE….NEVER..!! Kim, don’t give any more money to any bank whatsoever , unless we control it….come on now…!!

  1. Thanks for the update the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through our Father tank hurry and open your sovereignty Bank credit unions and investment wealth institutions

  2. don’t put new wine in old skins you created new wine and new skins but put it in the hands of old wine and old skins handlers the governments shall be upon his shoulders and of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end he that ruleth not his own spirit is like a city with out walls all that’s in the WORLD is the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh Christ said and the common people heard the word

  3. Re Mnuchin……. wouldn’t money in Planned Parenthood be all part of their criminal network of funds anyway????? It’s all very well saying he was ‘relieved of his duties’ when we see him still giving press conferences & sitting at the SOTU. Give us something credible to believe please because I could Trump was Santa Claus but unable to wear the costume with the same amount of credibility. Why would ONE person have control over OUR value. From my research we have been tricked before by Galactic Councils & Peace Treaties so only when I can represent myself & have a voice will I trust the outcome. If Kim can do what she claims she can then she would still need an army to enforce it or a very awake mass of people & this we don’t have yet. Change is coming & we are well overdue. I support efforts to get us out of this slave system but I am mindful not to step into another. Full transparency is required.

    1. Kiwibird, points well made, especially: Why would ONE person (corporate fiction) have control over OUR Living Being Value?
      Why was Prince Phillip awarded Canadian & American Life Force Value Annuities of hundreds of trillions of dollars, April 2018 and retired thereafter?
      Have heard that because Mnuchin is hired by Senior Executive Service he cannot be removed, yet the question about the 30+ days of gov’t shutdown allows for removal of dead weight employees, though Mnuchin wasn’t “let go”.
      Question everything. If these corporations are all incorporated why can’t we dissolve the multitude of malicious “incorporations” that are allowed and created by the Pope/Vatican/ Westminster/QE/London, Rome, New York & DC city states via the United States corporation instrumentality?
      The Plan (of Q) will answer..?
      Maintain watching the unfolding. Do what you can in your immediate realm to be of service to others in lessening suffering, offering support of any kind needed and “Do No Harm”. No matter what country your are living in…we are all in this together.
      Peace. ra

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