2:29 PM EST

• As reported on the THI show on Thursday, February 14, 2019, the Manna World Holding Trust foreclosed on the Federal Reserve calling in a debt of $2.8 Quadrillion.

• The ownership of this debt was turned over to the Department of the Treasury to take action and seize all assets held by the Federal Reserve if they failed to pay within 24 hours.

• They failed to pay. Their charter had already been revoked.

• The Deep State has had such a strangle hold on the Government, that they had prevented all types of legal action from actually having an impact that would free funding for the people or to prevent the complete collapse of the Financial system that has been operating with negative liquidity for almost a year.

• But, today it was just reported to me that the Department of the Treasury is actually going to take action against the Federal Reserve to seize their assets for default on their debt.

• I think we are about to have our country back.



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