11:11 AM EST

*The Manna World Holding Trust has successfully bypassed the banking blocks set to prevent people from receiving project funding. The exact next steps will be revealed shortly.

•When transfers successfully reached the teller level directly alarms went off for the Secret Service who were created to protect the USD back in 1865, making them the oldest intelligence agency in the U.S.

•Apparently this entitled them to a fee each time money was brought into circulation that was previously paid to them by the Federal Reserve.

•Being that roughly 80% of all the USD in circulation is counterfeit super notes, is safe to conclude there’s some room for improvement within the Secret Service.

•A hard deadline was given to the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders of March 15th, 2019 to do the GCR/RV. As usual, they were unable to perform.

•In essence, the leaders of the world negotiated the genocide and enslavement of 90% of the population so that a few could enjoy what ever was left when we were all killed off.

•As we’ve been reporting for over a year the GCR/RV will never happen the way it’s been reported, and if it does then I’d run and hide because the good guys lost and the real reset would have begun.

•And of course, the hard deadline was extended until Thursday March 20th because Steve Mnuchin promised he’d deliver the funds from the Rothschilds by then. But again-NOTHING

• Projects will begin to fund as instructions are given by Kim-Possible over the next few weeks. That’s true and real. And that comes without genocide or enslavement.


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