Tank and Sharry return to analyze the voices of Alternative Media. Robert David Steele, Timothy Holmseth, David Icke, Sean from SGT Report, Dave from X22 Report, Benghazi Reports and Zach Vorhies (Google Whistleblower).

These are strictly the opinions of Sharry Edwards and Speak Project expressed in this video. Sharry Edwards is the Director of Research at the Institute of Bio Acoustic Biology.


Note:  Most regular followers of the nanoVoice software are aware of how this software can be used to identify personality traits including attitude, honesty and attempts at cover up.  It is important to observe that what is not obvious in a nano evaluation is just as important as what is present. If you are not familiar with the nanoVoice software, there is a two hour class and other educational materials available to the public at nanoVoice.org because YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.

The following evaluations are Vocal Profiles developed from the research tenets of Human BioAcoustics.  The software used for this evaluation is available to the public from www.nanoVoice.org at no charge. All issues are expressed in term of Frequency Equivalents™

Zach Vorhies (Google Whistleblower) – is a Truthful Man

Gary McKinnon – Intelligent, but torn between the need to be free in his thinking and doing.

Sean from SGT Report is a stable, helpful person who has a genuine concern for others.

Dave at X22 Report can motivate intellect with his words, but he doesn’t always know how to put these words to good use.

David Icke has a strong sense of fairness, justice and truth. Although, he always talks about problems, but never defines a solution.

Timothy Holmseth is not what he seems.

Robert David Steele is a fair and balanced leader with an eye on the future.

Benghazi Tragedy – Using Vocal Profiling to evaluate issues of truth, integrity and intention:

  • Hillary Clinton (05-09-13) as US Sec’y of State speaks at body exchange for Benghazi victims – about the video she says is responsible.
  • After Hillary declared that the US had nothing to do with video being blamed for Benghazi, Obama speaks about protecting the security of our citizens and nation.
  • Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, speaks with TV Host, Jon Stewart about the talking points she delivered on several Sunday talk shows blaming a little known anti-Christian video on the attack in Benghazi.


Comparison of Rice, Hillary and Obama talking about Benghazi being instigated by a video. The chart shows that the plan started with Hillary. Obama serves his own ego and his idea of justice. Rice is the information broker.

Summary of intent via BioAcoustic Personality software:

  • Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have an intellectual “story telling” attitude toward the Benghazi deaths.  They are actively withholding information.  They have hope that all will turn-out well but that hope is not based on any foundational evidence.   Ego and justice – their way – is emphasized.
  • Rice is doing what she was asked to do for personal gain.  She did not ask nor did she want to know the truth of the situation.  Her motivation is an elevation of her own position.
  • Morgan Jones is foundational in his thinking and planning.  He is concerned for others.  He is ready to act for physical benefit of others.  There is some fantasy ego involved in his telling of the phone conversation but very little in his warnings about the lack of safety for the compound that was attacked.

Dylan Davies aka Morgan Jones discussing Benghazi compound SECURITY CONCERNS prior to the attack.

Report: CBS’ Benghazi Source Has “Disappeared” After Receiving “Threat”


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