KRE8CHANGE is launching an awareness campaign on Twitter in an effort to release Billions of Dollars of our money being held without our consent. We have been promised that these funds would be released immediately. We need to ensure performance by disclosing sensitive information that they do not want exposed.

In return for your support we will donate 1 Billion Dollars to your group to be divided equally amongst the members who participate in the Twitter campaign. The group leaders will be responsible to gather the names of the contributing members and include their information in an email to KRE8CHANGE@PROTONMAIL.COM.

A cashiers check from the Catori Trust will be cut to each member based on their percentage of the total amount. Payout is contingent upon procurement of the asset based on the fulfillment of the release and liquidity of our funds.


1. FOLLOW @kre8change

2. Always use the following hash tags for your tweets #SANTA #ABOMB

3. Start every tweet with @kre8change

4. A minimum of 500 participants from your group actively tweeting a minimum of 25 times per 48 hour launch period. Retweets including the same hash tags will be counted.

5. Original tweets must include a relevant statement that includes one of the following terms:

•Gold Backed

•Liberate humanity

•Shadow Government


•NASA Secret Space Program

•Lee Wanta

•GCR (Global Currency Reset)


•Central Bank of Zimbabwe

•Off ledger accounts

•Private exchange

•The Admiral

•Collateral accounts

•The Chinese Elders

•The Dragon family

•St. Germain

•USD is no more

•Stop the lies

•Corrupt banking system


•We are unbreakable

This is an awareness campaign to awaken the public to various controversial practices of governments around the world, secrets kept from humanity, and the liberation of the people from the slavery of debt, mind control, and limited opportunity.

We are in the midst of the biggest transition and redistribution of wealth in the history of man kind. KRE8CHANGE is on the forefront of this movement, and by holding our funds hostage they prevent the release of the cure for cancer, the production of free energy devices, the regeneration of human limbs, and the development of hundreds of other life changing technologies.

By supporting this campaign you become part of something bigger than yourself but common to all of us. It’s a simple act for you that will literally help change the world.

Thank you for your support.







•More than anything I want you to know that this is about energy and intention. Hold the energy that we will get this tonight because this is actually happening right now. We’ve been told to keep the pressure on just to ensure that the usual offenders know that we are no longer going to accept their delays, lies and lack of performance. We are crossing over this veil tonight and the one that was left in charge when the Galactics left the planet-its YOU. Make it happen.



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