1. Fantastic job, great learning experience.
    Question: why can’t I open a bank and invest my currency bond?

  2. I Have called in the Counsel of 9 to assist
    please feel free to do so ,,for all,,as well

  3. I am personally choosing to NOT go on DC ANY more and read any of the negative un-intelligent posts by various no-it-nothings ­čÖü
    this is NOT against Patrick ( altho I feel he should and must take a stand ) like the rest of us,as some point.,,.the sooner the better
    sent in Love and Support of the Highest Good for All

  4. desde chile vemos el intel hace a├▒os. seguimos los mensajes de alaniso a quien llaman astar sheran.pero pienso como pueden tratar en forma tan despectiva a tank si dicen que son trabajadores de la luz y lo peor que no hacen nada y siguen creyendo en la bola operation disclosure,nosotros estamos pasando a 5ta densidad. y estamos cansados de que nos mientan-se├▒ores del pais de eeuu. aqui en chile ya no usamos arcos ni flechas. por eso exigimos respeto

  5. So I think that we (currency holders) are going about this all wrong and since the fiscal service Treasury department clearly states that the ZIM exchanges one to one with the USD, game on [MF]. Let me know if you get A bank or credit union going in your area because I am asking for help. I will make sure that I talk with the cfo at work, he’s cool but dosent believe me about the Z$. I will continue to work on it. But I think that, no I believe in us and we will start the global exchange bank. 913.553.7031
    Love and light,
    Brother Dan

  6. los numeros 800 cuando salen llevamos esperando 7 a├▒os se habla solo de eeu y los demas paises aqui en chile estamos en paz noy hay amenazas y por que no se han liberado los fondos que estan esperando la operation disclasure que hayan mas conflictos en el mundo

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