SPEAK INTEL – Tank  11:31 AM EST 12/13/2017

•Okay so we know everything was released including instructions to release 800#s and all Liquidity in the wee hours of the morning.
•So why don’t we have our appointments?
•Well there’s a bunch of nonsense going around about one thing and then another, so we want to clarify so you know what really happened.
*As part of the good guys plan
they’ve allowed the Cabal to
utilize a loop hole in the Quantum
system to secretly steal money
from the system.
*The Cabal knowing this loop
hole was there still thought they
had a chance to cheat us and
remain in power after this thing
went down.
*In reality the Alliance had
always planned to close the loop
at the last minute, which is
exactly what they did this
morning, which has caused
what appears like a delay.
*In reality they positioned
the Alliance in a “must perform”
scenario because this move
only works if they initiate right
now, so that the Cabal doesn’t
have time to recover before it’s
raining asset backed Currency.
•Long story short, Good Guys win. Notice is on top of us at any second.


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