12/30/2017 — 12:13 pm EST

•Once again we had reports that last night at 7:30 pm EST the Pentagon ordered the release of the 800# and to begin exchanges at an undisclosed time.

•At 11:30 pm we were told that the process was beginning, but clearly it wasn’t the process of exchange and release that we expected. Rather it seems to be the last stage of PSYOPS before the power of the Government is turned back to the people. Enjoy it while you can.

•Keep in mind that there are actual Government sources telling us this information so we are doing all we can to let them rebuild trust between us. But so far, it’s been the opposite.

•Although we’re told that Wells Fargo is not in control of the release or anything else at this point, we just received notice that they somehow held back including us in the exchange process again last night.

•From another direction, I was also told this morning that the tax accountants for the US Government have been working over time to figure out what the tax liability benefits are for the exchange under the new tax law, which initiates on January 1, 2018.

•This seems to imply that they plan to stall us until the first, which is ironic being that they lie about so many things I’m certain we wouldn’t mind them allowing us to exchange today, give us a Black Card and our 10 Gs in cash, and dating everything for 2018 on the ledger.

•Regardless, we’ve been told by many experts that it’s a tax-free event, so I’m not sure what the issue really is. More than anything it seems to be a slightly more clever excuse than “we’re trying to track down the numbers” from the same people who could get your fingerprints from a satellite without you even knowing.

•Bond platform groups have been given official notice of a January 8 starting date for their liquidity.

•Bear in mind that bonds are paid out in gold or gold-backed currency, so that date can only be real if the currency redemptions have already started by that time.

•All currencies should be live at the revalued rates in the bank by January 2, 2018 but flipped on the Forex sometime Sunday night — at least for the Iraqi Dinar.


•We are in possession of documented proof at this point that they always intended to have everything dated on the ledger for 2018, as well as documented proof that actual Government entities guaranteed performance before Christmas 2017. These anomalies are deemed reckless, willful, and wanton misconduct initiated against the American people by the US Government.

•In addition we have evidence that certain individuals, including the Clintons and the Bushes, were allowed to exchange Iraqi Dinar as part of an elite class with The Northern Trust while under the employ of the US Government and while the average citizen has still been denied access to the same opportunity.

•These funds exchanged by the Clinton and Bush cartels were then utilized for multiple nefarious activities from human trafficking to arms deals including various other undisclosed crimes against humanity.

•The latest Executive Order signed by President Trump makes it clear that this approach and these activities are a clear violation of human rights and makes all parties attached to said transactions liable for crimes against humanity.

•These pieces of evidence create a solid base for the class action suit that we are being forced to file against the UST, US Government, and a list of complicit banking and financial institutions for their continued nonperformance.

•We just want in to exchange before you have any more opportunity to fabricate a reason to cut us out or kick the can down the road a little further thus always keeping it out of our reach. I’ll be working with our lawyers all day, and you most certainly will appreciate my abilities to demonstrate professionalism and an understanding of the law as I continue to expose sensitive and proven wrongdoings of various authorities involved in this process.

•Our intentions are very clear. We have already begun the filing process. We would prefer to stop immediately.

•We will not stop because of mere promises of performance or “potential” activity. We have taken careful note of Government sources, in writing to us, assigning blame elsewhere and anywhere about who or what is the issue for the delay or continued deception, either of which are unacceptable.

•All names, regardless of relationship or status, will be included in the suit.

•Our notification and exchange must commence today, in the daylight hours. We are expecting and awaiting immediate notification of our invitation.

•The moment I complete my appointment I will notify our team to cease and desist all activity pertaining to the suit.


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