5:16 PM EST 12/29/2017

•The ZIM IS LIVE as of 4PM EST

•Which is useless because the banks won’t exchange it but somewhere there’s an exchange center able to conduct exchanges as we speak

•I was just told that the Pentagon is "tracking down" 800#s right now

•So we have a real opportunity to help them right now. If anyone is working at an exchange center please email me with the number at KRE8CHANGE@protonmail.com so I can pass your number on to the Pentagon

•Ridiculous? Yes that is ridiculous. And to be quite honest I’m not even mad anymore. I’m just so disappointed.

•I wrote a letter to the Generals I think have the say as to whether or not we’re allowed to exchange tonight. Most people have stopped believing and continue to wait for "tomorrow" or "next week". I copped a plea for all of the Sovereign People of Earth. I asked them to consider that the greatest threat right now is the foundation they are setting for the new world we will create together.

•It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve instructed our lawyers to prepare the paperwork to file suit immediately against the various entities who have allowed this inhumane treatment to continue.

•I asked them to stand up for us. I asked them to stand with us. But when all the dust settled it has been just a few thousand soldiers of consciousness who were willing to stand up against the Cabal and declare their freedom. With nothing we have reclaimed our freedom. For that I am honored to fight by your side and will continue to fight until we can stand boldly in the face of our oppressors and look them in the eye knowing that our riches are much deeper than our pockets. We are infinitely powerful and wealthy beyond measure, and when others denied their power and were not able to fight we have stood together to overcome the enemy and even fought for those who mocked and doubted us.

It is my honor to serve with you. You are the stuff of legends and fairytales. Let’s finish this with our integrity in tact and our focus on the mark of the high calling.

Sincerely Tank

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