12/30/2017 — 1:11 pm EST

•The banks stand to make a profit from the arbitrage based on the taxes being reduced from 35% down to 21% under the new tax reform.

•So the continued delay tactic by the banks who keep “dropping the ball” is conveniently designed to help them make more money.

•So continuing to allow 8643 people to starve to death each day and continuing to enslave the entire human race is of less importance to the banks than making more money off of our exchange process.

•When I find out specifically who is the holdup, bank names and specific individuals, I will include them in the class action suit so we’ll be sure to take those profits and give them back to the people.

•You can pay us now, by allowing us to exchange today. Or you can pay us later and realize how useless and harmful this delay has been.

•For the record, our attack will be relentless if this is not done immediately. It’s not tomorrow. It’s today.


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