SPEAK INTEL 5:31 EST 12/11/2017

•Allegedly the 120 “ZIM Counters” should finish up this evening
•When they finish we can go
•We have multiple confirmations that Iraq is live and international (almost)
• Funds have been put in place for payouts on the ZIM
•We had heard “it started” but we have no idea what that means because it hasn’t started for us
•ZIM platforms are supposed to be liquid this evening
• Other sources telling us anytime after midnight
•Jerusalem actually translates to Yahweh is peace, and it’s symbolic of “the bride” so it seems fitting that it would be coupled with peace, which would be a necessary component to implement GESARA and even more appropriate to acknowledge a kinder more nurturing time if the Divine Feminine
•The guys with the numbers were told today was the day this would all be finished, but true to form they’re late.

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