SPEAK INTEL 4/11/2019

6:15 PM EST


FIRST, we’ll address what’s NOT happening ever.

•The RV has been promised to happen again this week, with huge expectations for it to go through yesterday.

•This did not happen and this will not happen:

•As previously and repeatedly stated, The GCR/RV is part of the Deep State/UN depopulation agenda, utilizing this tool to crash the economy, causing mass panic, and allowing them to implement Global Martial Law.


What IS happening:

•The Manna World Holding Trust saves the economy from crashing last week by providing a Capital Loan to all of the major banks.

•This is because they didn’t have any liquidity and thus paychecks, basic transfers, and all banking activities were on the verge of collapsing.

•After announcing that Manna had come to terms with the Secret Service pertaining to the currency, the Director of the Secret Service, and the Secretary of Homeland Security we’re asked to step down.

•Steve Mnuchin has been removed although he continues to be part of the charade playing out in public.

•Two of his top aides were removed officially already.

•After bringing funds into the banks to prevent them from crashing, and bringing project funds to the banks, making it all the way to the teller level, the banks still kicked the funds back to compliance.

•This is because they were promised once again that the RV/GCR was about to happen.

•No doubt the plan was to create a fake RV using the Capital Loan that Kim had just provided.

•So in response to the banks/Dragon Families/Rothschilds/Deep State/Secret Service and whoever else, not holding up their end of the deal Kim has pulled back the funds from the Capital Loan.

•This means that banks have no liquidity, and the economy is again on the verge of collapse.

•Kim is in control of the financial system. It is time to realize that this is not intel, it is fact.

•Now is time to jump ship and start working towards the greater good of the planet and the people. You’re not going to be ZIM RICH, but you can be happy and comfortable.

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  1. What exactally would you have us do Tank? Most of us cannot afford your requirement and im sure many cannot measure up to your scrutiny. While kim plays with banks and governments, giving them chance after chance, humanity is dying. A slow painful death. Where is our chance? To help one another become what we need to be.

  2. Tank, or Kim, or Dan, Can you give a step by step, realistic, plan for humans to start to help humans to not perish. “Stand up” is not definitive enough to get people motivated or inform them as to what direction to go. How do we pull others up from underneath them? We are all in this together right? The only way we can not need money any longer is to saturate the world with it during the healing process. Humans need healing right along with earth. We all want the same thing, to not be murdered every day, to be secure, safety for ourselves and families, food and water that wont poision us. It is really not that much to ask for. Why would kim give chsnces after chances to banks (root of all evil) and governments (by product of all evil) and not create a”peoples” bank to exclude the banks and governments, and fund the people. All the people. Give the healing to the people, and the power to change the world will reveal itself.

  3. German Interpretation:

    SPEAK INTEL 4/11/2019

    Als erstes werden wir etwas ansprechen, was niemals eintreten wird.

    Das Eintreten der Umwertung (Währungsreform) wurde abermals für diese Woche versprochen, mit enormen Erwartungen für deren Durchführung am gestrigen Tage.

    Dies trat nicht ein und wird nicht eintreten:

    Wie zuvor und wiederholt dargelegt, die globale Währungsreform/Umwertung (GRC/RV) ist Bestandteil der Entvölkerungsagenda des Schattenstaates/Vereinten Nationen, mit der Absicht dieses Werkzeug für einen Zusammenbruch der Wirtschaft, Auslösung von Massenpanik und der Erlaubnis der Implementierung eines weltweiten Kriegsrechts auszunutzen.

    Was stattfindet:

    Der Manna World Holding Trust rettete letzte Woche die Wirtschaft vorm Zusammenbruch, indem er für die laufende Geschäfteabwicklung ein Darlehn (Capital Loan) an alle Großbanken zur Verfügung stellte.

    Dies geschah deshalb, weil die Banken über keine Liquidität verfügten und folglich Gehaltsschecks, reguläre Überweisungen und alle Bankaktivitäten am Rande des Zusammenbruchs waren.

    Nach der Ankündigung, dass Manna sich mit dem Geheimdienst betreffend Währung arrangiert hat, wurden der Direktor des Geheimdienstes und die Heimatschutzministerin zum Rücktritt aufgefordert.

    Steven Mnuchin wurde entfernt, auch wenn er weiterhin Teil der Scharade bleibt, die sich in der Öffentlichkeit abspielt.

    Zwei seiner oberen Berater wurden bereits offiziell entfernt.

    Nachdem Geldmittel zur Projektfinanzierung und Kapital für die Banken zugeführt wurde, um deren Crash zu verhindern, was bis zum Schalterniveau gelang, wurden die Geldmittel nach wie vor zwecks Einwilligung zurückgewiesen.

    Das geschah deshalb, weil ihnen erneut versprochen wurde, dass die globale Währungsreform (RV/GCR) unmittelbar bevorsteht.

    Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass der Plan darin bestand, mittels des gerade von Kim zur Verfügung gestellten Darlehns (Capital Loan), eine falsche Währungsreform (RV) zu verursachen.

    Als Antwort an die Banken/Dragon Families/Rothschilds/Deep State/Secret Service und wer sonst auch immer, die ihren Teil der Abmachung nicht einhalten, hat Kim die Gelmittel vom Darlehen (Capital Loan) zurückgezogen.

    Dies bedeutet, dass die Banken kein flüssiges Geld mehr zur verfügen haben und dass die Wirtschaft wieder am Rande des Zusammenbruchs steht.

    Kim hat die Kontrolle über das Finanzsystem. Es ist Zeit zu erkennen, dass dies nicht ein Geheimdienstbericht (Intel), sondern eine Tatsache ist.

    Jetzt ist die Zeit, die Seiten zu wechseln und mit der Arbeit für ein übergeordnetes Wohl des Planeten und der Menschen zu beginnen. Ihr seid nicht im Begriff ZIM reich zu werden, aber ihr könnt zufrieden und komfortabel sein.

    Ins Deutsche übersetzt von Franz Mayer – Marbach/Donau am 12. April 2019.

    Alle Rechte vorbehalten! Vollständige und unveränderte Vervielfältigung erlaubt!

    Peace & Love

  4. How long will the banks last without funding, Kim ?
    Why continue to throw bait to them just to reel it back when they are just fish that will bite on anything?
    Why not have the QFS create a world bank and eliminate the cabal system altogether.
    Too many humans suffer, and die, when you have the ability to end this today.

  5. Tank,

    Just thanking you and especially Kim cannot express my unending gratitude for what you are doing. I thank God for you.

    The issue on my mind today is that I understand that the proposed RV/GCR plan out there is the main thing that is keeping so many people from following your lead. Although Kim made it very clear early in 2018 that she will never fund the Rothschild/ Chinese Elders RV/GCR plan, many people have resisted accepting that this statement completely destroys the ZIM bonds plan and the “fake RV” as they know of no other plan that promises to directly help them and their families.

    Also, people do know that undervalued currencies should be corrected for the good of the nations who own them, and this knowledge allows them to justify the RV/GCR plan as they know of no other plan that will correct those undervalued currencies.

    Is there something positive that Kim would like to share at this time that would give hope to people who are currently mesmerised by the Chinese Elders’ RV/GCR trap?

  6. All controllers are the same telling the masses what we can and cannot do.. I have been homeless since 2006 when the gov murdered my biz partner. Yes I have been saving the world a very long time. In 2009 gov came after me destroyed my private alternative practice..I have spent my life doing my lifes work..to be jailed..threatened..and told what I am allowed to do or not..I just want to farm..doing full scale biodynamic farmer and do large scale land restoration and education. What I do now but I never make money doing it since most people cannot pay for it. Bottom line for me no rv I am done..exhausted..and tired of dealing with the nightmare..seriously..been working on projects for over 30 years.. I just am sick of people controlling everything over and for the masses..the homeless in my area is shocking..and people are getting ready to starve due to food shortages..and all we get is more of the same..some people in control or money and resources and the 99 percent not. At some.point people need to wake up..and see that this Kim stuff is no different than everything else..

  7. Why would she give it to the banks, as once again they don’t give it to the people. We need direct money to the people not the banks. Start by giving everyone with a social security number a set amount, distributed equally to every American. Each country can follow suit. Give it to the people so we don’t have to save everyone. They can save themselves and grace roots will work on cleaning up Gaia. As most of us want to do humanitarian projects.

  8. What utter rubbish! There is no way possible for 1 person.. kim.. could be in charge of so much money.. if this is remotely true what a controlling bitch to not release these funds to help so many? I find this whole thing a cruel joke.

  9. It appears to me that we have here 2 opposing aspects of the same issue: the one side has the means but no infrastructure for disbursement and the other side has the infrastructure but no means !
    What a dilemma !!!!!!!!!

  10. Heimo,

    To build on your observation, one side has the means and our freedom and welfare at heart, while the other side has the infrastructure but wants to keep us enslaved and kill off 90% of us so that they will never lose control of us again.

    We can now add to this where the real power lies. Dick Cheney’s house turned to dust was an encouraging display of real power. It seems that the real power rests with the good guys, thank God, MWHT, but they are reluctant to use it.

    My assumption is that if they are not using it, they must be pretty sure that they have already won and are now in the clean-up mode.

    Therefore I am looking for imminent encouraging information from the MWHT on how our lives are now being improved, and that the “Chinese Elders” & Co. have been permanently dealt with.

    How about it, Tank?

  11. More bullshit on top of cow manure. Kim Goguen is in control of … what? Oh, yeah, EVERYTHING. Except she can’t actually DO ANYTHING! But “Tank” can talk a big game and tell grand stories that make no sense at all. Kimberly claims to hold full legal title to everything of value on, in and above the earth, but only as sole surviving trustee of MWHT, but according to her own storyline conveyed in this forum by “Tank”, she was only ONE survivor at that fated meeting. According to her, there were TWO OTHERS that survived, so how did she get to be the Big Boss? Oh, and don’t forget my good friend, who has been involved at the highest level for years, says Kim is only one of three trustees of the MWHT, that she hired a bunch of hotshot hackers at MIT to try to steal the funds within the QFS. Tall tales don’t prove anything. Tell me how is Kim any different than that pompous ass in the Vatican, who also claims to own every fucking thing on, in and above the earth? And i repeat the question from above: WHY would she ever do anything to help those lying thieves in the central banks?! Every time one of you tells us how those naughty bankers refused to let Kim bring “money”, whatever that is, in or you to take it out, only serves to PROVE Kim can’t do a goddam thing and they can whatever they like! Frankly, i’m tired of your bullshit. You’re worse than Anna von Rippemoff!

  12. Hi Tank, after reading this I feel so deflated and broken The rv may not be real but it was a lifeline of hope. We have suffered so much at the hands of the cabal and the thought that it was finally going to be over, was beyond relief. You make it sound as if we are only thinking of the rv in terms of getting rich. Of course, we deserve to be rich, but it is soooo much more. It is knowing that we can help humanity to become all we were meant to be and deserve to me. The suffering needs to end….it must end!

  13. I agree with Steven Charles family Hance once again. Don’t you people realize this is just a BS scam playing on your fears. There is no verifiable proof of any of the claims made on this site or anything Tank has claimed elsewhere. If this Kim is so powerful, why does she stay hidden? Kim, you are a coward and I deny your claims.

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