Received 12:13 PM EST 12/24/2017


11:43 AM EST 12/24/2017

•They’ve brought us right up to the door of Christmas without allowing us to exchange and thus taking away any chance people had to really redeem themselves to their families on the most sacred holiday of the American people.

•Currently bankers are telling us that they’re making the CORE accounts liquid and will give the CORE members some access today

•The release of notifications is supposed to be synchronized with that liquidity.

•13 Galactics left one individual in charge to release all of Humanity from bondage. One would hope that individual is aware of the awesome responsibility and opportunity they have to regain the trust of the people through one simple act of performance.

•It appears that St. Germain mandated the release of the people fulfilling his mission started with the Declaration of Independence.

•I can still hear the arrogance of the elite trying to tell US that it’s not about the money, all the while hoarding money away to maintain power for themselves.

•All sources have had us focused on an any second release for the past two months repeating the same story that there’s nothing left to do.

•But there is one thing left to do. Include us. That’s your mission. Liberate humanity. You have failed up to this moment.

•Allegedly there is something called the Dollar Refunding Project signed by Woodrow Wilson that prevented the legal backing of the currency with assets for 100 years. Even that contract ceased to be in force as of midnight last night.

•So humanity is free from the contracts of the Cabal and able to assume power of the Government as of this moment. I pray for a peaceful transition of power as I’m accosted daily by former military, current Militia and all types of legal professionals that are ready to go to war at a moments notice just waiting for me to say the word.

•The ALLIANCE or who ever it is pulling he strings appears to be afraid of WE will do once we have money. The irony is that they’ve allowed beings that see us as food and or slaves stay in control for so long kidnapping, raping, abusing, murdering, stealing, lying, drinking baby’s blood, poisoning us, enslaving us, and acting as the general scourge on humanity and they’re afraid of what we’ll do. I can assure you it won’t ever be equal to the crimes that have been committed against us. However, I would be on guard against hugs, weapons of mass edification, and a flood of rich idealists who have the nerve to think they can change the world.

•Is be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not enough to show up right before midnight. It’s already Christmas and you lied to us again. Even President Trump said the numbers were supposed to be released on Friday.

•800# s are now reportedly being released on Tuesday with other promises that the Internet community will be able to make appointments some time today.

•I don’t care about your process. No one cares about it. Because you made a choice to try and break us through your lies and non-performance. But we are unbreakable. You already blew it. So do what you have to do to get it done. But we will remember how you handled us. We’ll remember how you treated us. We’ll remember how you could have made it alright but you decided to wait and delay over and over again. And if people start to forget I will remind them.

•What you should fear most right now is the dangerous energy building up inside of people as they awake and realize they slaves. This energy is explosive and people are about to burst.

•It’s simple to do what you say you’ll do. I know you are in a position to do it. It’s time to show up before people decide to start showing up to you.



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