10:17 PM EDT

• Former State Senator, Linda Collins Smith, of Arkansas was found shot dead in her home, 6/04/19. (Updated)

• She was working with DHS insider to expose the missing $27M from DHS/Child Protective Services.

• These funds are being placed into trade, and the dividends are being filtered back to the Clinton Foundation or owned shell companies, belonging to the Clinton Foundation.

• The missing $27M was discovered when it was revealed that that DHS in Arkansas had two separate sets of books.

• It’s connected to a Federal Grant that requires a specific number of children be removed from their families to meet the required quota so that they’re able to renew the grant again each year.

• For any alternative or mainstream media outlet, Government authority, or agency who has the courage to actually do something about these crimes taking place, you can contact us for further proof of the statements above at:  kre8changenow@gmail.com

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