SPEAK INTEL1:10 PM EST 1/30/2018


  • Military reported that an attempt to release liquidity was made this morning at around 6AM EST
  • Trump was reported to have signed off on the RV while in Davos
  • Allegedly the CORE Group was once again released today with a value date of tomorrow
  • Limited reports of exchanges were have said to have taken place yesterday
  • Wells Fargo was showing rates for all currencies yesterday and we have similar reports again today
  • The crowd looks to the State of the Union Address tonight as the latest focal point for when the RV release will begin


  • There was just a minor hack attempted on the Trust accounts out of Hong Kong but nothing major at all
  • There was no attempt in the US to release liquidity today
  • The Trustee is grounded in her commitment to give the money to the people and to the Governments rather than the Order which has enslaved humanity
  • The challenge is still to find one institution to do a Real Time Gross Settlement bank assisted transfer to prove the funds can be drawn from the Trust and the codes being generated are in fact the real key to releasing humanity from bondage


  • From what I understand, they’re having meetings to discuss the first meeting about when they might be able to do this in the future.
  • Meanwhile, 8643 people are dying every day from hunger while those in charge refuse to enter a code to accomplish a 15 minute transaction that proves to the world once and for all who is telling the truth.
  • But take your time, keep their secrets, and obey their orders so the masters don’t get mad. Taking action could save the world, or have absolutely no impact what so ever, so it’s obvious why this simple task hasn’t been carried out. Oh wait, that doesn’t actually make sense at all.
  • I gave the UST the codes myself. Jared Rand has a copy of them as well. The account has been validated and the funds are available. Isn’t there someone in our Government who has the authority to enter these codes?
  • I guess the real question is, why don’t you want us to get paid? And how long before people start to fracture from the sheer frustration and disgust of knowing unlimited wealth is available just inches away, but those with access to these resources do nothing with it?
  • The former Cabal that think they’re elite are counting on the mob remaining programmed with our Slave Mentality. They’ve never had to be accountable to anyone. There’s nothing they fear more than all of us standing together with one voice demanding our freedom and acting as one body. But instead, they laugh at us while we argue about codes and post new rates showing at Wells Fargo.
  • The Code challenge is still on. Kim said that anyone who claims to have the transaction codes, Elders included, can step up to the terminal and see which one is able to actually produce cash. For all the haters out their who are convinced that it’s impossible for one person to have the codes, I will fully support your stance as soon as someone else rises to the occasion to prove her wrong. Until then, we’ve been looking for someone man enough to stand up for humanity and restore our freedom. Don’t get mad when it happens just because it’s a woman.


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