At 2:30 AM this morning I said good night to my one-man video editing team and we finished recording. Kevin is one of the many amazing people my team has cultivated, a previously unappreciated resource: talented, awake, generous, and kind. I consider it my true area of expertise to see the hidden qualities a person wants desperately to express and to provide the support, venue, and permission for him to be exceptional in that area. Some of our most valuable and loyal contributors have bourgeoned into leaders because we believed they could be the full expression of themselves and helped them get there. Our leadership team has become experts at doing this well. We specialize in empowering people to be the best versions of themselves and allowing them to define how they will best flourish.

Kevin and had I pushed back our schedule a few hours so I could attend a Young Republicans meeting taking place that evening. This meeting was presented to me as an opportunity to meet Long Island leadership to discuss solutions to the current state of affairs. I attended the meeting hoping I’d find a spark of light and some kind of awakening to government oversight that has lost sight of its purpose and responsibility. Instead, the crowd of young lawyers, early-stage freemasons, and various government council representatives offered posing and staged soundbites.

A gentleman displaying a black eagle and a mason pin on his lapel brought up the importance of uniting communities. Having spoken with him previously I asked, “What have you done to accomplish that?” He promptly answered that he talks to “every person he encounters” and “plants seeds for unification.” I pushed, “We’ve spoken three times tonight. Just what seeds have you planted to create an opportunity to take unifying action?”

He paused, mouth agape suddenly as if he’d never been questioned like this, accustomed to do no more than appear at mixers and parrot answers to questions that only skimmed the surface of a topic without asking for more. He had no idea of the things that needed to change, how to change them, or that there were problems at all. I couldn’t help but think of how I’d left Kevin waiting, undoubtedly hard-at-work pulling graphics and perfecting components that were needed to launch a world-changing network, while here I was engaged in a meaningless game of Let’s Pretend. These government types were the next class of Manchurian Candidates, programmed to excel in a box of limited options without consequences. It reminded me of a Pac Man game, chasing after ghosts as you consumed as much as you could, hoping to get to the next level with no change, and no real challenge or reward.

I’m the guy you don’t want to bring to parties, because I refuse to engage in arbitrary nonsense or pop culture chatter, ignoring the posturing of those trying to improve their networks while vying for attention from pretenders whose value is based on their wallets. I asked instead about their masonic pins and what they hoped to achieve by their association in an order which keeps the knowledge of its members compartmentalized. I broke down the rituals of hierarchy and what happens once moving beyond the 33 degrees with which they were familiar. I explained the dark origin of masonic symbolism and the reasons those such as themselves were kept grossly uninformed of the order’s true nature.

They gathered around the living room staged to be used as a photo op demonstrating their down-to-earth people connection, or whatever qualities their future campaign managers deemed necessary to spin their image, surprised or disbelieving of these revelations. This was the closest any of them had ever come to an honest public exchange of ideas. They shared that they wanted to start their own business one day, hold a political office, or make “a difference in their community.” Again, soundbites. This moment lasted for 12 minutes.

I listened then told them I represented the Global Repository, the source for humanitarian funding formerly controlled by the United Nations, and which was responsible for managing worldwide assets. I was looking for people with innovative ideas with positive impact, I explained, with funds available for virtually anything benefitting humanity, the planet, or the human experience. My words were intentionally provocative and as the politicians in the room understood I was talking about funding, they sat up in their seats.

I stayed for another hour in case there was some value I’d overlooked. Of the 25 people in attendance, not one had shared an original thought. It was Deep State leadership in action: a group of young professionals from excellent schools following the paths laid out for them, never checking to see where a course of action that departed from the party line might lead. They sought to change nothing. Their purpose was to profit from the pretense of doing good work while repeating a string of words designed to create an unthinking following: God. Imagine. Unity. Family. If asked, none of them would have been able to say what these things actually meant.

Image is of utmost importance when you intended to do nothing. There’s no need to change something that has served generations of your family. Gathering from the two most affluent counties in the country, these young minds had become fat with the expectation that everything would go their way. They were self-deserving and self-serving, reared on the fable that their bloodline, backstory, and family name was exceptional for no other reason than their perception, and ours. They too believed an illusion. For this reason, they failed to pursue greatness. They had retired before even beginning the positions they sought to attain.

I’ve never been impressed with titles or fortune. Like, fame, they seem like arbitrary entitlements, a generational wealth built upon the harvesting of energy, feeding off generations of lost souls, taking advantage of those desperate for relief and for some kind of realization of their suppressed dreams. The elite parade their mediocrity before individuals who have been groomed to give up their birthright as Creators, Guardians, and True Ambassadors for the Most High. The numbness is pervasive, the elite design crumbling while issuing a stench as rotten as the facade it is built on.  These are not elite they believe themselves to be, but bottom dwellers feeding on the carcasses they created.

We, the people have allowed bottom dwellers to feed on our ideas, labor, time, and energy. All this for a few hours of escape from our disappointment and subverted dreams, succumbing to the programming that dictates that life is hard, the sky is limited, and that’s just the way things work. People have come to believe this limitation, and allow it to dictate their fate. Through diversion and illusion, we maintain this mindset instead of embracing the relentless pursuit of excellence.

What happens when the leaders among us emerge with their innovative ideas and gain access to the same resources as the mediocre elite have misused for eons?  What are the possibilities when humanity stops playing the game of Let’s Pretend? What happens when humanity stops ignoring crimes because the offending individuals have money? What happens when humanity stops compromising its most sacred beliefs?

The sky is not the limit; it’s where you learn how to fly. Life is amazing! But you have to be willing to discover why. Everything we thought was the way it is, is wrong.  We decide the way it is and what the possibilities can be. What is possible is up to each one of us, and it is not limited to what you only think is real.

We endeavor to create a new reality with new metrics by which to measure success. We never miss an opportunity to share our ideas, our ideals, or our vision. I’m not surprised when an early riser like Kevin stays up until two in the morning to record a broadcast that reveals the truth, creating yet another opportunity to awaken the sleeping masses. People like Kevin want to be themselves, to be free, to be appreciated, and are not enslaved by the limits of someone else’s expectations. If this is the case for one individual, what is the possibility for humanity?

You decide.

© 2020, Tank. All rights reserved.

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