I have been sitting on the side lines watching all the thumping and dissecting of posts that are giving you the straight skivvy. I think before you stop sitting on your hands and hit the key board with oh no that at so. I have a secret source from the mother ship or deep state intel. STOP AND UTILIZE THE FOLLOWING GAGE TO ASCERTAIN YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE.

FIRST OFF AS FAR AS THE DINAR WORLD IS CONCERNED. It began in 2003 and if your now 30 or something I am willing to bet you were more concerned about a prom date then what the RV value was for the Iraqi dinar.

Let’s start here. If this is you and you’re here now then your have a Grade School level of understanding. Before you go all Tizzy, lets unpack the rational. In 2003,04,05,06,07,08,09,10 and 11. I am willing to bet you did not have Okie oil man. (why is he called that), Terry K aka TK, Blaino, Sweet Queen, Adam Montana and Foot forward on speed dial and Today you can call them and they know you.

Next up is Jr, High and High school. You came in with PTR, radio and then moved to TNT Tony and the Rayren show. They were talking about Dinar and Iraq, 2012-13. A bunch of us moved on to the GCR as Kim Possible provided that news. Yes we know her name back then. Madam Wu was the intel community code name for her. Plus, groups like General 64, the Ubiquitous Admiral group and who can forget the Baker group. If you were calling yourself a member of anyone of these 3 groups by now you have been in college a long time and most likely attained an advanced degree in who is who and what is what. Your most likely like me don’t get on the blogs anymore. Sold off some currency to pay bills . questioned your sanity more then once but your hanging in for the big day.

NOW FOR THOSE THAT HAVE EARS TO HEAR. KIM POSSIBLE IS THE REAL DEAL. IS THE BANKING CARTEL STOPPING HER FROM FREELY MOVING MONEY IN THE SYSTEM YES. That is why she left the scene in 2014 went and got a promotion and did the Quantum computer thing. Is this new info NO. I can tell you I have knowledge of a billion-dollar money transfer for a project deal we were involved and the money came in and was sent back same morning. So just because she is giving the news today does not mean she just showed up last month. Now is the time to sit on your hands or ask cogent non-challenging questions. Yearn to learn.

Right now some of you are revving up your rebuttal motor I have 2 things to ask. First, who do you work for and then please bring you’re A game if you have one. Another option is to just do the hopium Monday and the Opium Friday on the Tomorrow land ride.

Let me take a moment to take my hat off to the man who puts his life on the line for you and you don’t want to get it. The one and only TANK. Back in December many here were going don’t sue, I said if he waits to sue and we are here the first of Februarys you’re going to wish he filed 2 months ago. Wake up stop skiing down Manure Mountain. It not happening till the money can be moved off the black screens and end up at the intended destination.


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