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December 31, 2017

I was told that The Powers That Be used remote viewing to see that by not letting us exchange we would soon start a revolution. So here we are. They’ve given me intel, protection, and encouragement to do just that.

I’m considering how I’m being used, and if it fits the greater good, or if I’m being used for some other purpose I don’t fully understand yet.

I’ve drawn the best people out and given them a platform to express their truth and knowledge. That truth has the ability to rock the foundation of a corrupt system. That knowledge is the weapon that breaks us free from the chains of thousands of years of slavery.

I’m sure there’s a greater purpose that this experience serves. I’m certain there’s a soul contract I signed that allows this to continue. I take full responsibility for my own suffering and I accept the burden of the promises I’ve made as a sovereign being.

I am one of many. We each have these amazing stories that are unique yet universal manifestations of our respective human experiences. I see the people. I see the subtle incredibility of our personal victories and limitless adaptability. I see the magnificent kaleidoscope and value of each lifetime fitting together perfectly and quietly like the bricks of Solomon’s Temple.

Because the jailer is human, and has their own complex tale to explain how they found themselves pitted against the freedom of humanity, I forgive and accept their actions as humanely inhumane. Their actions are grounded in a logical ignorance that enables our survival yet denies the fullest expressions of wonder, pain, and process for each human life.

We are all accountable for the collateral damage of the selfish pursuit of our liberation, and for the promises we’ve made to ourselves in the creation of the imaginary characters that each of us play. I’ll play this part. I’ll stand up for that freedom. I’ll speak for my brothers and sisters who are sleeping and support the voice of those who are awake. The more I see, the less I have, and the less attached I am to having it.

At this point, however, you have wittingly or unwittingly created a very dangerous weapon in me as your inaction appears designed to break my will and turn me into a controlled asset for your purpose. I see it.

You have put aside your humanity to serve whatever the cause is that you feel is more important than releasing us. You do not show respect for the power of the united people. You are not enough afraid of how you are perpetuating the old system of power, control, and distrust because of your constant lies and wanton negligence.

You should be afraid. You should be embarrassed. Instead of advocating for us by giving us direction and demonstrating a higher level of intelligence and communications, you are forcing us to launch a useless litigation process that you’ve already lost rather than standing up with us to unite humanity for the first time in recorded history.

“There is one thing that I have learned over the years and that is that THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE TO BE MORE AFRAID OF YOU THEN YOU ARE OF THEM.” ~Nick V. Fleming

I know who I am. I know what I stand for. I am a visionary leader of the new age, a creator of worlds and possibilities. My pursuit of excellence is relentless and I am fueled by an unabashed love for life and the lifeforms that make it so beautiful. I am driven by a divine purpose to lead, unite, and own our freedom.

My soul touches all those who hear my voice, inspiring some to lead, bringing some to tears, yet provoking others to anger. I am the unifier, the revolutionary, the heart, the creator, and the difference alive in every single person. I am not even conscious of a reason to be afraid. What’s more, I am your advocate right now.

This is your last chance to bring us together. This is your innate humanity calling you home. Set us free or face the consequences you create.


Revaluation? Or revolution?


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