Response: Anna Von Reitz: Brief Comment to “With all due Respect”, Kim et alia

Dear Ms. Von Reitz,

Please find someone else to obsess over. This is my last comment to you and your agency friends who are feeding this load of false intel to you…. >
“I am glad you have taken the bait, the whole MIT/Virgo Triad crap this lady is posting for you came directly from me as a counter-op for you to all run around the country looking for me and my server. I kept asking if she knew what it was because I guarantee you she doesn’t. How do I know? Because there is no such thing..I made it up and you ate it up. Ms. Von Reitz is only regurgitating for someone else. We know. I appreciate all of the snatch and grab attempts, but I too can play counter-intel. You made me laugh when I lead all of you ding dongs directly to your VERY OWN server, now that was funny. Didn’t you realize you were in your own facility? Did it not look familiar before you sent in the special ops team? You had the whole world laughing at that one, that video went EVERYWHERE. I ask all of you, not just Ms. Von Reitz, as she is just a widget in your scheme..What would you have done with “kilogram in Atlanta” anyway? This wild goose chase that you are all on that looks like something out of a video game or an Indiana Jones movie, “put the crystal in the black tree” crap was all designed to keep all of you busy. Ever wonder why of the hundreds of “missions” you have been on, not one of them has achieved the desired result??? Yet you keep doing it like a bunch of idiots. You do not understand you have been “PLAYED”. This is a “test”, you failed the test, you are the “chosen one, a relative of some biblical character, etc.”. That was all by design. See, I have seen the playbook, I know the game. I played against the best of the best and won, after all, “the one” is dead isn’t he?? The lists are long and sorted. Anagrams, ciphers.” Please stop listening to the “GODS” they are making fools of you, or don’t. Either way the world will continue to spin, and you will be left shaking your head wondering what happened. A good student always surpasses the teacher. There is a big difference between being SCHOOLED and SCHOOLING.” >
And to you Ms. Von Reitz, please stick to helping people understand the legal systems, as this whole fake intel providing thing is not really your cup of tea. The message above is for your agency contacts who are feeding you. I know you are not aware you are being played, but you are. 1000%. Now I understand Ms. Von Reitz you will not in any way understand what I wrote above, but the parties who are following the fake intel will certainly catch on. Just because information comes from a trusted party doesn’t mean the party can be trusted. Further, you never know who “the real author” is of the orders you are following. Onyx Switzerland, Black Onyx, Black Star Onyx (not so rare not so immortal), Black Dragon, Blue Dragon anyone got an egg timer? >

Kim “Possible”

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  1. Ok, that was good. Made me smile through my back pain after enduring yet another 90 lashes today.
    Mean while Trumps food taster gets poisoned?
    Glad I’m ready……..
    To prosper, or to die trying to.


  2. Anyone else getting attacked constantly when they visit particular websites by the dreaded “battery killing, heat building thermal engine” in androids (goolag) operating system?
    I cant keep up anymore, if I dont start with 40% charge, I can forget watching a 15 min video on lucid dreamer ! Thats on my new phone, I hope we win soon or I may never know the outcome.
    Peace & prayers.

  3. Exactly ! Who cares about Intel wars ! Very well played/written/said of course on Kim part ..,but….
    …I believe the forms. to submit projects should have been uploaded already on the website. Since they are not there and Tank said some delays…well THIS is what we care.about, instead: to know what or who is delaying the availability and disbursement of the funds OUR MONEY (as I believe you all agreed).
    Thank You for your role, the role Source appointed you to play, and that you -Kim – kindly and generously accepted !!
    And blessings to All .

  4. A recent post.

    Paul Stramer – Lincoln County Watch
    Monday, July 23, 2018
    The Devil Went Down to……. Alaska?

    By Anna Von Reitz

    So we finally won our case. Donald Trump sicced teams of lawyers and archivists and historians onto all the information we’ve provided and guess what? We stand exonerated. All that we have brought forward has been proven, nailed down, and tied up with a bow, complete with all the research and case law and historical documentation.

    Count that much done and over.

    President Trump now knows — definitively — what is wrong, what the game is, what the game has been all along, who is responsible, and from what he has done so far, he is swiftly taking care of business. But he can’t do it alone.

    You see, he is working from the “federal side” of the fence. He needs our help coming from the side of the states and the people to meet him halfway. I already thumped on everyone to get their political status corrected and join their State Assembly, so I won’t beat that drum again. At least not today.

    What I will tell you is that there has been an extraordinary “up-tick” in millionaires and billionaires contacting me and promising support for my work and the work of The Living Law Firm…..if…..
    Now I have been contacted before by millionaires before in the course of doing this work. Somehow none of them have the insight to figure out that their good is tied to the overall good of this country and that their freedom from such things as IRS harassment is tied to a larger picture in which everyone is freed from the same scourge.

    Instead, they always want a quid pro quo. You do this for me, and I will do this for you…. always the sidebar, always the back rubbing scenario, always the everyone-has-a- price attitude. Even those that inherited their money have the same selfish, small-minded, narrow view.

    Most of them come because they have IRS or “regulatory agency” problems they want me to fix. I help them. They promise to make a donation. They forget. They include some of the richest people in America and they all do the same things, the same way. It’s monotonous, boring, and yes, irritating.
    So irritating that I see them coming and spit.

    They always show up with the expectation that I am going to be all excited and groveling and fawning and begging them for money. They always brag about their latest acquisition, their expensive hobbies, their new car, their latest hang-gliding trip to Morocco.

    It’s so obnoxious that I have to apply my Christian upbringing and try really hard to see them as people who are in trouble, who need help.

    Most of the time I succeed.

    But lately, since the word is out on the street that I am on target and have the facts and by golly —- she was right! —– now all of a sudden there is a conga line of millionaires lining up to make a deal.
    But, I tell them, there’s no deal here. All you get from helping me, is what everyone else gets. Good government. Free markets. Safe banks. A sane judicial system. Protection of your lives and your private property. You know — what you are supposed to have now, but don’t.

    They all look disappointed. Crest-fallen. What? There’s no special ice cream? No back of the cabinet joy juice? Nope.

    They don’t have sense enough to realize that without the basics that everyone needs being in place, they suffer too. So they walk away and most of the time don’t even say, “Thank you.” It’s rare that they even buy lunch. Most of the time I get stuck with the bill —-after they asked me out to pick my brain about their problem.

    See what I mean? Selfish. Short-sighted. Small. If that’s what having a lot of money does to people — and apparently it does in a majority of cases — let’s stay poor.

    Probably because of this plague of all these do-nothing-see-nothing-care-about-nothing-but-my-pedicure millionaires, I had a dream last night.

    Lucifer came to me and promised me all the money and power in the world, if only I would bow down and worship him.

    I said, “What good is money to me? The moment I spend it, it’s gone. Bring me clean natural ocean water for this planet. Then, we’ll talk.”

    But of course, that’s impossible, because all the oceans are polluted. He looked just like those millionaires. So disappointed.

    So the dream goes on, and I go on about my business in the dream — which is cleaning house and washing windows — and Lucifer shows up again — and he says, “You need money to do the work you’ve taken on. I can give you the whole world. All you have to do is bow down and worship me.”
    I smile at him. He looks like a young Marine. He’s so earnest.

    “I’m not really interested in money. It comes in, it goes out. Bring me really nice, fresh, clean air to breathe—air with lots of oxygen for everyone. Then we’ll talk.”

    But that’s not possible, either. He flushes red-faced and looks really angry, but he turns around on his heel and walks away.

    Finally, as I am resting from my day’s work and looking out my nice clean windows, he shows up again.

    “What does it take, you obstinate old woman!” he rages.

    “I already gave you a couple ideas,” I return mildly and shrug.

    This doesn’t improve his mood.

    “Perhaps you could clean up all the polluted soil and return all the soil that has eroded to its rightful place? Then, we could talk.”

    This is the final straw. He’s really beyond angry now. He’s stomping around my living room, huffing and snorting.

    “Everyone worships ME!” he shouts. “Everyone!”

    I say nothing. I don’t have to. Evidently, not everyone worships him….or he wouldn’t be kicking up so much dust, right?

    “Money,” I say to him, “is a tool — like a shovel, or a rake, or a post hole digger. And I have work to do, that’s true. I am a bit frustrated right now, because I want to get on with my job, but hey, I’m just a worker. It’s the True Lord’s vineyard. He’ll get around to supplying me with everything I need.”

    And that was the final straw. He whipped around and did his old swirling routine, making a little tornado in the middle of my kitchen and disappearing in a puff of smoke. The dream ended with me sighing and picking up all the paper he blew off my desk.

    Out of all these millionaires and even billionaires I have talked to, I bet none of them have contributed as much as some of the seniors who make a $10 per month donation out of their Social Security checks.

    Well, at least we can truly and absolutely say that everything that we have done has not been funded by any special interests. It has all been done with cookie jar money by Team America and Team World— just average people with limited resources who weigh in and plug along step-by-step toward a better future for everyone

    1. Notice that none of the case citations spoken of by this selfrighteous and self-appointed “judge” are given. If they were, we would all discover her entire conclusion that her visions of grandeur are “done and over” (meaning, she won “the case”) was just another extension of her delusion.

      Reading all of her not-so-legal articles, a discerning eye notices they are are mere assertions, calling upon archaic case law which has been superseded, and finished up with sweeping and arrogant pronouncements of victory/accuracy/truth. It’s all very formulaic and poorly reasoned, when it’s even coherent at all.

      So yes, that part is “done and over”, but the conclusion is that anna is a fake judge who struggles to write coherently.

    2. I like this analogy. I too found this out but if years ago. But I also found out that trying to live the truth your truth anybody’s truth is also hard. People don’t want to hear the truth when you tell him they keep going on and on and on but but but! Been a bit disillusioned since then trying to find my way and not trust him very much at this point until I ran across miss impossible and her group. I so want to believe and trust and keep hoping for something to change something better to come along. Now I am in a waiting bubble waiting to see what will happen from here. I hope and pray that this world can become a better place especially for children.

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