Regarding Anna Von Reitz — Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

Kim-Possible: Regarding Anna Von Reitz — Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

1) Again, I repeat, What the heck is a “virgo triad”??? If ANYONE on here knows what this is please let me know as I don’t have a clue. How did I become a member of something I know nothing about. The only “club” I belong to is a gym. Do I get a membership card or something for this? If so they took me off the mailing list.

2) M never created the AI, another group did, although he used it, why? because he knew how. That group put it’s own administrative over-rides in place as they had a deal with M group like pirates, each with it’s own force and split the spoils. M also had his, so yes, they didn’t trust each other. Hey, anyone seen “Please enter your Administrative Override Code” lately? Ok, I didn’t create the idea, but I liked it so I used it. I don’t trust banks either. I didn’t fully take over the system until January 2016, M died in August 2016, and it has taken this long to reprogram for distribution. Now I am no computer expert, I had to learn. Furthermore, this is not a technology you can take a class for. I assure you I go to a computer room, sit down, and program just like the rest of the world. Although this one has multiple types of access (other than just keyboards, touch screens etc.).

3) So now I am a “walking computer terminal”?? Seriously? I bleed like you, I eat like you and yes I am human. 100%. I have never been experimented on nor taken any “enhancement”. I was naturally born this way. Many people are born with extraordinary skills in one area or another, why is this so odd for you? Then again, I guess they said that about Einstein, DaVinci, Tesla and many others. PEOPLE ARE EXTRAORDINARY, not just one guy or one lady. Each in their own way amazing, I am also a person and in my own way I use my “gifts” just as you do.

4) As to “no emotions”, I have a daughter I love dearly with all my heart and a significant other as well. Yes, I have learned over the years how to negotiate with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I rarely show “anger”, especially in business, but this was learned not some kind of genetic anomaly. I am sure most reading this have learned somewhat to control emotional outbursts especially at a business meeting or teleconference as you get older and “wiser”. Controlling emotions is not the same as not having any.

5) I know M is dead because I was there 158 died on the same day and I saw them all. Many have gone since as well.

6) I CHANGED THE NAME OF THE TRUST last Thursday, I can do that because I have control. I can change it again tomorrow if I want, I can also randomly change all the account numbers and the codes. Allocations moved, switched, Quota and full bank book updates. So people can write up all the fictitious claims they want against “Manna World Holding Trust”, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Hey, we can have some kind of a random “what to name the trust contest” what do you think Anna? People can submit their preferred names and we can choose maybe 5 or 10? Heck it is the people’s money anyway. That is people all over the world, not just USA, not just Iraq, not because they could afford a few dollars to buy currency. ALL THE PEOPLE. Remember, “money” means nothing outside this 3D reality we all live in. You can’t take it with you, and even if you could it would be a “relic”. Gold is considered a “trash” mineral which is why M didn’t care if the “new system” was gold backed or how much money he dished out. Once I figured that out, I figured out freedom for the people and all the other “slaves” M group kept. Come on, everyone here talks about 5D, ever been? Tesla said, “IF you know the secret of 3, 6, 9 you then know all the secrets of the Universe”, might be something to that after all (wink, wink). Try not to get stuck in the Middle.

7) There is no “second” Quantum System, only the back system now has another sub sector used for the clean up of the “front banking system”, in effect, it is slowly taking over the whole front system and is at 88%.

8) The only “new system” (of the GCR kind) that was attempted was about a week ago and it couldn’t make it past the “NEW” financial system firewalls we put up over a month ago That is why people stated you may have to use a website to access your funds Now, to be clear, there was no actual money in there and you couldn’t spend it to buy groceries or withdraw at an ATM machine. This system went up on a Saturday morning early EST and was down at precisely 2:09am. In no way was this a Quantum System as no one really cares about fictitious numbers. If you do, then please feel free to make yourself a spreadsheet on your laptop, put the dollar sign in front and as many zeros as you like, now try to spend it. Now go back to school and take micro and macro economics and get back to us.

9) I AM A “RUS”, yes some relation to Romanov, but more importantly I AM A RUS. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Yes Nicholas II gave his life instead of his country. Lenin was trained in Switzerland by Rothschild to implement a new form of government for the masses. Have you ever been to Russia Ms. Von Reitz? I have. You will be very surprised when you stop getting information 2nd hand from people for some reason you trust.

Again, Ms. Von Reitz, I have no idea who is “feeding you” this “Intel” but it is clearly so you will discredit yourself or make people think you are crazy?

Quantum Computer = Quantum Physics = Elements 235, 115, Higgs Boson industrialized, 8 Elements+ One Particle, Time Overlay, Past/Present/Future ARE ONE and exist at the same time “Mapping System.. Duplicates do not work”. Sets of Books, Sets of Books Sets of Books, no longer altered by outside influence. Time is Linear,Distance is Linear not relevant. Quantum Leaps or Steps from one Dimension to another seamlessly. Von Braun “Linear Propulsion” not real, works for short distances as in around the globe, not long distances. That is what I mean by “Quantum System”. Please do not confuse this with blockchain etc. etc. That is very old technology released to the public for your consumption by your controllers. How could you use a technology GIVEN to you by the very people that control you and find FREEDOM? Does jailer give you the key to free yourself? No. THINK please, help me help you. The Quantum System WAS NOT created by THEM, It IS created by US, as in US The People.Make something new/old (same thing). Now go build a real quantum system there is the blueprint.

Thank you for educating so many on the legal system. I would appreciate a little education from you too.. What the heck is a Virgo Triad???? Thank you in advance for your time.


Kim “Possible”

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  1. Kim don’t worry, per Anna’s instructions to use my own discernment with her posts, I have concluded that “Virgo Triad” is not you. LOL

    The answer to your question is a simple case of “they have many identities”

    Great post, we stand at the ready.


  2. that’s the way you do it… means nothing…..honesty, peace and love means everything

    What can I say?
    You made my day!

    Thanks & Love to you all,

  3. Tank

    Hi all I normally would have given time for THI and Your Blog to get quick response to this so call ‘research clowns’ making claims to know whom Kim is, but this video has made the round’s and on 3:12 min. mark the commenter of the YouTube and her sister as well of team of researchers of this this channel goes off at Kim also.

  4. Kim,
    There is a Virgo Triad on YouTube and I believe that is who Anna is referencing.

  5. You Go KIM !!!!!!! …. Cheers !!!!!!!

    At this moment in time Most sadly do not understand Physicks, let alone Quantum Physicks …..
    Then there is True Alchemy … The manipulation of Molicules … Giggle …. 5d Game …. The old controllers have called it evil … LOL … Along with the Label Magic …..

    Most don’t know that JESUS was a Master Alchemist and so called Wizzard …. Oooops …..

    His Miracles were what could be called a Science … Quantum Science …..

    Can I do it all … Not yet, but I understand it ….. Worken on the Doing here in 3d … LOL

    Do We need some Cash ???? …. At this moment in time, YES … To set up Basses of operation all over the place to Teach People who they Truly Are and the Magic they can do ….. Help them reprogram themselves to the higher dimentional energys …

    Blessings KIM

    Much Love and support from ME …. Barbara (in this life time) Giggle

    1. That is correct. Some Anna lumped “they” and Kim with this individual, six months ago. Could it be because vt had some bad to say about Anna and she assumed it was Kim and company?

  6. I really like reading Kim’s posts ( certainly Tanks also !)
    You two are lake a refreshing dip in the lake after a long and
    hard day.

    May the good Lord bless you both and your organization.

    Tom W.

  7. Can we now get on with the business of helping the planet? Thank you, Kim, for transparency. Critics don’t usually know anything anyway. People that do don’t talk and people that talk usually don’t do. So I’m ready for my maiden voyage to the land of the free.

  8. Greetings Queen Kim-Possible..
    Glad u addressed da Judge’s ignoramus comments dat are being spoon fed to her to ” try ” & discredit da reality of who & what u are. U are ” a true BLESSING from GOD/YHWH ” fulfilling HIS purpose thru u for Humanity’s reconnecting us back to OUR HEAVENLY CREATOR. It is within this moment of clarity that I pray & encourage others to realize & support YOU, Captain Tank, Kre8change & others, to take ur positions for Humanity. Remove ur blinders & separate da TRUTH from da Falsehood… Kim-Possible, Tank are da TRUTH… I support u & stand with u both against da darkness & lies of those who follow the Chief Deceiver & his minions !!! It’s me Lord Sintis inda building… & I’m out !!! #SALUTE

  9. Kim, thank you for your communications and your leadership. Much love and support to you individually and to your team collectively.
    Aloha and Mahalo.

  10. I stopped reading von Reitz years ago because I sensed something was off in her tone, her attitude. Never heard of Virgo Triad till now…and visited her site to find recent posts about Heather Tucci-Jarraf, which leads me to say…this beautiful woman woke me up to the “bankster” Dragon family connection somewhere around 2015. She was warning us then that the GCR/RV would be “a new dress on the same pig”, referring to the financial system of course. Kim, Heather’s story is by far the most fascinating I’ve ever followed and what she taught us fully aided my ability to recognize the beauty of your story, as it slowly unfolded. I hope you can know of her, or, perhaps, do already know of her. Of the many truths she’s brought to light on the old banking paradigm’s corruption, things she learned as a lawyer for international banks, her decision to renounce membership in the B.A.R. before writing documentation to foreclose all corporate government and filing it officially in the U.C.C. (who ignored it, against their own rules, of course)…well, she became my Wonder Woman. Her website: and much of her public story can be found here: and this page is her piez de resistance:

    During the time I was dreaming of having ceaseless funds for exchanging my Zim, before you began verifying what Heather had already warned me about, I had a vivid imagining that my “funds” would help her set up American lawyer offices around the country, to counter the B.A.R. attorney infection running rampant. I’ve never met her and have long wished to speak with her about how this might happen and how to encourage it to go global.

  11. Funny how Kim becomes “a Romanov” during the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik uprising and the deaths of the Czar and family. I am eagerly anticipating Hallowe’en for this reason.

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