Subject: “Re DOSM Order #66 and #70” by (Anonymous) – 7.20.18

There is no such trust. She can claim anything she wants, but it will never hold. Further to this affect I changed the name of Manna Trust, so good luck to her finding the new name(s) or any account numbers. Even if she did there is no access. As to the others she mentioned, you can find that information on the internet. EVERYTHING has changed.

This scenario is like you (any of you) staking claim to the Bill Gates Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation or any other large foundation you can easily find on the internet. It’s great, but in the end there is no “real” claim and you could post on any blog you want “I Mr. X am of the fictitious order of the fuc-ar-wee tribe and I own Apple Computers as of this day.” In the end you will get a visit from some nice men who will deliver a white coat with the arms in the back and not much else for your trouble.

Seems to me this is another person wishing to be an internet sensation, another “M1” another “Sino” another “Anthony Martin” another “Elder” with zero behind it and no access. If she does, then God Bless her and please distribute to all the people as soon as possible..but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

All the Best,
Kim “Possible”

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