Are You Following the Wrong Guru?

by Lane Keller

What’s with the ‘Truthers’ who are only giving part of the story?

Are some Truthers deliberately providing wrong info?

Are they offering some facts while obfuscating others?

Are they subverting facts on purpose?

If so, are they compromised?

Is this part of some larger PLAN?

If you realize the ‘guru’ question is a trap, congratulations, your instincts are correct! You shouldn’t be following ANY guru other than your own well-cultivated intuition. We’ve gone through this before: your best prevention against lies, distortions and ‘mistruths’ is to develop your personal, finely-tuned BS Meter. (See the video below for more on this.)

It’s important to keep something else in mind: 

The ‘guru’ you follow may be part of a calculated PsyOp (Psychological Operation), sidelining or otherwise misdirecting you towards some ineffective or dangerous outcome. This is done by:

  • cultivating dissent within the movement
  • redirecting to a less threatening outcome
  • creating diversionary distractions
  • misrepresenting the movement’s real purpose
  • a variety of other methods that will compromise the movement’s direction, cohesion and momentum.  

Why Target and Control a Movement? 

A groundswell that has the potential to turn into a mass movement poses an enormous threat to the status quo, especially if it were to become a full-on revolution. This is why so many, if not all, popular uprisings are infiltrated before they grow too large. Even seemingly successful national revolutions of the past were diverted down less threatening paths.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a scientist-doctor with multiple degrees from MIT, running for the senate against Elizabeth Warren, gives examples. Among other sidelined or successful revolutions, he cites the ‘Duma’ being used to divert the growing revolution in pre-Stalinist Russia, and the more successful use of Mahatma Ghandi as a “not-so-obvious elite” who managed to divert the move for India’s independence to the British-controlled Indian National Congress, thus subjugating the nation to an additional 70 years of corrupt rule. Ghandi is a fitting example of why you should never blindly trust anyone, least of all a ‘guru’.

How Does This Apply to the Truth Movement?

To date, various groups and individuals have been exposed as controlled opposition. We may not agree as to who those individuals are, but we can agree that they exist. More on these individuals, and who they are, comes further down in this post.

Suffice to say, some individuals may be delivering what appears to be vital information but, in actuality, their goal is to fracture, weaken, redirect or otherwise subvert the movement. Redirection to a different outcome can dead-end an uprising for generations.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot glean a wealth of information from compromised sources, however. As always, check everything!

But what is Controlled Opposition?

The Back Story

The Controlled Opposition PsyOp was instituted by our anti-freedom buddies in the FBI via a program named COINTELPRO. 

A nearly identical program was instituted by the CIA called CHAOS. (See attached article: Domestic Surveillance: The History of Operation CHAOS, by former CIA undercover operative, Verne Lyon).

The official COINTELPRO description comes from FBI Records in The Vault:

“The FBI began COINTELPRO (short for ‘Counterintelligence Program’), in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United States. In the 1960s, it was expanded to include a number of other domestic groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Black Panther Party. All COINTELPRO operations were ended in 1971.”

Notice that the program disrupted a number of “other domestic groups,” not mentioned. We’ll address that in a moment.

As with so many government PsyOps, instead of disappearing when a program is ostensibly disbanded they are instead integrated into the system, morphing into something deceptively common yet insidiously rooted in the moirés of society, so much so, that few detect its existence.

An independent poster at Quora provides an excellent definition:

“Controlled Opposition: a strategy in which an individual, organization, or movement is covertly controlled or influenced by a 3rd party and the controlled entity’s true purpose is something other than its publicly stated purpose. The controlled entity serves a role of mass deception, surveillance or political/social manipulation. The controlled party is portrayed as being in opposition to the interests of the controlling party.”

In other words, a person, often a leader, is set up who looks to be a good guy working on behalf of the people, but is in reality working on behalf of the controlling system. This individual may deceive his followers in some way, outing them as against the system and opening them to illegal surveillance, for instance, or by manipulating them for gain. These hidden agendas may be committed unknowingly by movement leaders, or with his/her complicity.

Quora goes on to say:

“The purposes of controlled opposition include:

• Co-opting or pre-empting a resistance movement to neutralize the threat that a grassroots movement would pose to an established power structure

• Pre-empt or neutralize true but negative information by having it be championed in a skewed or stigmatized fashion by a person or group

• Hijack the goals and actions of an organization or movement for purposes other than those that were the original intentions of the grassroots movement”


“The strategy of controlled opposition works best under circumstances in which the masses are gullible, credulous, lack critical thinking and are unable to connect the dots and see how the actions/inaction or manipulation of information from the controlled entity benefit the controlling entity.”

Some Unavoidable Truths

The Truth Movement has grown exponentially over the past few years. Left unchecked or given a widescale media pulpit from its start, it would have presented a rapid and formidable threat to those in power. That is, unless the movement was infiltrated from its inception with misinformation, misdirection, distractions and divisions, as it has been. 

Some ‘gurus’ have grown faster than others. Others have been stymied. Generally, it takes hard work and a ton of perseverance to break through social media’s censorship barriers unless you are being funded, most likely secretly.

If someone or some group is reporting truly top-level breakthrough, insightful, or empowering news, they are blocked in multiple ways unless they are being positioned and directed behind the scenes.

Some More Truths

Those who call themselves “woke” are in actuality a brainwashed truth subset buying into seemingly high-minded ideals that have been placed there to distract, subvert and misdirect. What’s down is up – deliberately. “Woke-ness” is a sign of gullible enslavement.

The ideals being dangled are like candy before two-year olds. That which seem positive in nature are, in fact, lies of socialism masking the very dark intent to use the good intentions of people against them.

If anyone doubts how truth has been sidelined over the years, then consider how many ideas that were once considered bizarre or ‘conspiracy theory’ in nature, have, at length, proved true. Can you imagine if they had been believed at the outset? The movement for truth and transparency within our government would have snowballed. 

Some originally ‘bizarre’ ideas:

  • The CIA tested LSD on the public
  • The Dalai Lama is a CIA asset
  • The government is illicitly spying on us
  • Smoking causes cancer
  • 9/11 is an inside job
  • Monsanto is bad
  • Food influences health and disease

And many, many more. 

All of these were outlandish thoughts once. Due to brainwashing by mass media and compromised profit-making agencies such as the FDA and AMA, it took well over fifty years for people to grasp the idea that you are what you eat, for example. How many wasted billions were spent on the medical ‘unhealth’ industry in the meantime?

So, back to the suppression of “a number of other domestic groups,” as reported by the FBI: every movement, such as the 60’s antiwar movement, has been in fact subverted to something the reigning power structure has used for their own aims, and diverted or destroyed.   

The 60’s peace movement was turned into a drug-addled culture devoid of any real threat by threatening, killing and overdosing the leaders and destabilizing the community through the free distribution of drugs. The movement lost any remaining potential with the diabolical Manson-Tate murders (see linked article: The Tate Murders were a False Flag by Miles Mathis)which brought the peace movement to a crushing halt and ushered in the Cold War/nuclear age.

Following leaders of any kind, and letting them dictate your actions or better judgement is DANGEROUS. Charles Manson is another obvious example, with many of today’s gurus far less obvious. How many of them have to be revealed as false before shaking the notion that someone’s sharp wit or high profile YouTube videos triumph over your own best inner judgement?

Those who are giving out good information or seem to be leading a rousing debate, may in fact be directing the conversation down a non-productive alley. Ask the Russians. Communism began as a high-minded ideal that was subverted to enslave, demoralize and destabilize a nation, with its after-effects reverberating for generations. 

Recognize Controlled Opposition When it Happens  

The signs are not always obvious. While not all good leaders are completely good they are not necessarily all bad either. What does someone who just wants to learn the truth need to know?

Here are some indicators. While not indictable offenses in and of themselves, any of the following should raise a red flag that says “Proceed with caution:”  

  • Bloodline family
  • Parent in CIA
  • Avoids talk about certain subjects
  • Leads in one direction with little room for deviation
  • Discourages independent action and thinking
  • Puts down debate
  • Uses cabal techniques such as mirroring or projecting
  • Is seen giving masonic handshakes or hand signals
  • Hangs out with or supports Illuminati/satanists or known deep-state agents
  • Has excess capital
  • Shot to the top with seemingly little effort
  • Slick
  • Is a Bilderberg meeting attendee
  • Is a member of the Trilateral Commission
  • Is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations
  • He/she is about the ego, or self 
  • The info seems redundant or trite
  • The presenters attitude simply doesn’t sit right with you. In fact, you can barely listen

Recent Casualties

It’s best to discuss some key figures in the current truth movement who have been corrupted, put out to pasture, taken out completely, or sidelined, whether due to illness, threats, lack of funds, or by being publicly discredited.  

Please note that these are well-educated conjectures. As always use your own best sense of discernment and do your own research before adopting an opinion.

Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan /Project Camelot: the team was broken apart, rumored to have occurred following threats by the dark side. The rift lead to public innuendo, ‘he-said/she-said’ arguments, retraction of donations, split followers, and loss of audience. 

Alex Jones: A formidable and outspoken critic of the deep state whose revelations have helped awaken millions, Jones’ notable reluctance to talk negatively about Israel has led to allegations that he is a closet Mossad agent. 

David Icke: Ridiculed early on over his accusations of reptilian takeovers and satanism in the royal family, Icke lost his career, family and reputation due to these and other claims. Yet his seemingly outlandish notions have proved correct one by one, relegating him to position as Father of the Truth Movement. Now, rumors of CIA associations dog him, weakening the strength of his information yet again. 

David Wilcox: at first a vocal and intelligent voice with some very scientific information on ascension and quantum physics, experienced threats on his life and a suspicious car accident that may have caused him to back off, change his message, and join the cabal-associated Gaia TV, causing his audience to shift and his message to become watered down.

Corey Goode: a compromised SSP (Secret Space Program) asset from the start, has been used to divide, divert and compromise the integrity of the truth movement on various levels, one of these levels being participating in highly distracting and divisive public arguments with other fake “truth” figures.

Abel Danger: a respected 9/11 truther who comes from a bloodline family and whose sister was a noted agent of the cabal, has been exposed by Speak Project as participating in sex trafficking operations, and has since been arrested for unrelated charges. Despite proof of illicit actions his subjects remain loyal.

#MeToo: littered with ‘shills’ employed to create a movement that would shift attention from the rising ‘Pizzagate’ and ‘Pedogate’ scandals. Instead of adding gravity to the plight of women who have been sexually abused, #metoo has been handicapped from its inception due to obvious cabal associations, hypocrisy and the dubious nature of the principals involved.

Bill Cooper:  ex- CIA agent who predicted 9/11, spoke on air for four years about widespread deceptions and operations perpetrated on the public ,including vaccines as bio-weapons, and wrote the revelatory Behold a Pale Horse (available in PDF), that described the coming school shootings as false flags that would precede the removal of 2nd Amendment rights. Cooper was gunned down on his front doorstep.

The severity of the situation cannot be over-emphasized. Enlightening others can be a dangerous business, causing some to comply fully with what the cabal wants, while others lead followers down the wrong path as long as they can still do some good. Still others stand resolutely fearless and incorruptible in the face of danger. 

Which one is which?

Those who are doing some good while leading the group down the wrong path are the focus of the next post:

PSYOPS SPOTLIGHT Pt 2: HOW TO SIDELINE A MOVEMENT Dissension and Misdirection in the Vaccine Choice Movement

Here’s a video I did on How to Hone Your BS Meter:

Domestic Surveillance: 
The History of Operation CHAOS
by Verne Lyon

The Tate Murders were a False Flag
and the Greatest Unknown Success Story of Project CHAOS
by Miles Mathis

© 2020, Lane Keller. All rights reserved.

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