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The Federal Reserve has long been the visible controlling face of the International Central Banking Cartels. The subtlety ignored and easily dismissed intel that was already leaked is still the greatest weapon not being utilized by the people due to a lack of understanding about what it is, and their lack of ability to prove its validity.

We have vetted these facts via the various intelligence agency reports that we have access to:

•The Federal Reserve has had their Charter revoked. This power has always lied in an authority above the American Government. It required “Blue Sky Clearance.” Regardless of what random money making controlled intel puppets are reporting, that is a fact.

•This legally disables the Federal Reserve to print currency for the United States.

•This also denies them any power as the banking regulation authority to adjust interest rates.

•The Main Stream Media and controlled Government assets have not embraced this reality enough to overtake their illusionary control. Thus the public display is not real, so much as a beast slowly dying in the arena.

•The Federal Reserve has always been owned by a Sovereign entity labeled in the Intelligence Mapping systems, the World Financial Systems, and the real Quantum System, as the “Unknown Country.” Prior to 2012 the Unknown Country had always had an evil dictator that owned the ONLY sovereign title on the planet. But there’s a new head of the “Unknown Country” and SHE is for the people, working directly with the People’s Champion you call President Trump.

•What is the “Unknown Country?”

•How does that help the people?


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