Power to the People

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  1. wow ! Thanks for the update Tank !!
    that is AMAZING !!!!!
    Stay Safe
    Blessings be upon you and yours
    I am pretty sure I am in your kre8change web site info?
    Ready to do some projects !!!
    I am still confused though? are we turning in currency ?
    Sorry,,I dont mean to be (?) duh,.,.,still unclear how we get to do our projects?? Exciting times ! from Dark to Light Prayerfully SO !

  2. Thank you Tank for the update. Well done.
    Thank you Kim for your strategic perserverence. Looking forward to see progress reflect in reality.
    Would love to see you do info on how sovereignty will be returned to all legitimate Americans and our government, ending citizenry and foreign corporate control. Hoping the foriegn entities/cabal minions (and their controllers) working within our Government can be “dealt with”. Suggestion: Maybe shipped off world to do mining? Or some far off planet with only the needed necessities to survive but absolutely no technology to get off their new domain?? 😉 Or send them to live with the Reptilians where their fear can be fed on? I know baby steps.

  3. So, what happened to the rest of the world?
    Is Americans going to continue their imperialism on the rest of the world?
    All countries that are tied into the us federal reserve have suffered double or triple to what any Americans have.
    Love this stuff tank, but as a none American, I will ask again and again.
    We are tired of being controlled.
    The rest of the world did not rack up Debts like the USA did, yet they paid.
    You know this, you now see the ledgers of the banking systems.
    Jamaica pays 90% of its income to IMF interest payments!
    Everything is sold to keep us a float.
    Every country tied in to the system in Africa and South America is hurting.
    Relief needed ASAP.
    How do I become an agent of change?
    How do I help my birth country now?
    How many people even knows that this is available for them?
    Please watch the boy and harnessing the wind on Netflix.
    It speaks volumes.

    Troy Megill
    Divine Sovereign integral

    1. Troy….Do you comprehend the infiltration of the US Gov’t? All ABC’s agencies: FBI, CIA, DOJ, BLM, SES employees who do not have anything to do with USA and placed subversive agents in all agencies, UN, Fed Res, Dems/Reps, list goes on & ON.
      Do your due diligence research. Your conclusion of blame that “the world did not rack up Debts like the USA did” speaks to your not having a grasp of what is being revealed throughout the change of the old guard.
      New Guard has been awakening to all the fraud & manipulation that has been perpetrated on mankind World Wide for decades! WWG1WGA = All mankind must awaken to what IS and consciously see and hear to make different choices.
      Kim with cosmic clearance works with P. Trump, Military, numerous anon’s and all “controlled Americans that look to “The Constitution for the united States of America”.
      If you had to start somewhere, wouldn’t you want this to be generated out from the Administration (working with Kim) that has compiled 82,324 sealed indictments exposing all these world wide “agents” (in all gov’t corporations) of fraud, slavery, human trafficking, lawless courts, inequitable justice systems, murderous depopulation agendas & infanticide, plus _______________________________________ (you fill in the blank with as many as you can find & know that there will be many more that you haven’t thought of).
      Dark to Light.
      This dark network is so large it seems impossible to be TRUTH, but it IS being systematically & lawfully dismantled.
      Help & love your neighbor as yourself, comfort one another and hold each other in patience and support. Pray/meditate for the known & anonymous mediators working tirelessly 24/7 embracing the vision for the freeing of mankind & awakening consciousness.
      In Loving Gratitude of all other selves.
      Peace. ra

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