12/30/2017 — 3:20 AM EST

It’s always been designed to be a peaceful transition of power. But imagine if you’ve been living in a state of war for 16 years against a relentless and ruthless enemy determined to destroy you. It could be hard to let that energy and perspective go come peacetime.

Consider this scenario from the Vietnam war. While marching through the country, a woman runs out of the bushes holding a baby. Franticly running from something, she hands her baby to an American soldier. Thinking there is nothing more innocent than a newborn baby, the disarmed soldier forgets for a moment that he’s at war. A soldier, who has seen so many battles, here makes faces and smiles at the newborn and remembers just what he’s been fighting for in that one little space of human expression.

Just as the watching platoon relaxes, enjoying the sweetness of the moment, a blast explodes from the baby’s diaper. A grenade placed strategically in the blanket blows the baby and the soldier to smithereens, throwing bits of flesh onto the faces and uniforms of the soldier’s comrades.

An experience like that has a way of affecting the perception and behavior of all the parties who witnessed the event. They don’t discuss it because they lack the time and space during wartime.

Meanwhile, a short while later, another woman runs out of the bushes, running in fear while carrying a baby, just like the woman that had planted the grenade on their fellow soldier just days before. Without hesitation the soldiers react, each one unloading several shots on, in this instance, a defenseless mother and her unloaded child.

It’s not the soldiers’ fault. The enemy had created an environment where there were no limits to the rules of warfare and, therefore, there were no limits to who or what the enemy was or the weapons they could use.

The war we’ve been in has had the same type of enemy and it has created an even more complicated battlefield. This enemy has also used defenseless children as weapons, television for mind control, radio to activate mass murders, and computers to build covert armies. In addition, we live on the battlefield, work with the enemy, handle the weapons unknowingly, and rely on this same enemy for their expertise.

Our enemy comes in all races, all genders, all sizes, and all types. There is no way to know who or what is being used by our enemy to harm us. They could be as close as the mirror without us even knowing it.

This is the hostile wartime environment our Republic and Alliance leaders are navigating through as we speak. The war is being fought entirely covertly while in plain sight. The battlefield is global, universal, and cross-dimensional. The soldiers have required the highest quality of character, top level of skills, and above-average intelligence just to survive and overcome.

The enemy is not limited by any morality, laws, or concern for loss of human life. The tactics used penetrate every aspect of our society and help shape the very nature and function of every person’s reality on the whole planet.

Every mother with a baby, kid with a laptop, or average unsuspecting individual could be used as a weapon, and the same ones could, in turn, be victims of an attack. The leadership has had to figure out how to protect the people while guarding against them at the same time.

It’s important to consider these factors as we sit here expecting performance and waiting for our freedom. The environment we’re in is equally hostile if not more so than Vietnam. In fact, it’s the same battlefield that we all call home. We have all the same dangers with less understanding of what they are, and virtually no resources or tools aside from our own wits with which to protect ourselves.

Operating in this reality has become a way of life for the Alliance, the Republic, and the people they protect. It is natural to continue to make wartime decisions long after a time of peace has begun. The generals will be on guard and the soldiers a little jumpy because of the horrors they have just survived. It is this distrust that enabled their survival for the past 16 years.

What happens when these war-torn veterans find themselves in the peaceful public, and a woman trying to catch a train comes running toward them with a baby in their hands? Anything is possible. Conditioning could kick in and a tragedy could take place. We accept this risk as part of our world because we know each soldier is a person with unique coping skills, experiences, and abilities.

Currently, we’re transitioning into a time of peace and being subjected to the same wartime tactics. We are being lied to about the timing of our freedom, being promised that we’d be released by Christmas when the paperwork at all of the exchange centers was already post-dated for 2018.

We get fed stories with loosely credible references to people we know, banks we know are corrupt, and rhetoric that has come to mean the exact opposite of what was stated.

We have documented many of these deceitful practices. We know, for example, that the US Treasury and the FBI actually provided an 800# and an absolute go date before Christmas, thus creating an environment of further distrust and painful losses for the international community of currency holders when the go-date became yet another no-date.

The stories are becoming less and less credible as we draw near the end of this journey. Yesterday, I was told, “No one expected Wells Fargo to go rogue” and disrupt the process. What? No one? My own four-year-old would have told you to watch those jokers because they’ve been responsible for lousing up the works for two years now.

This is drawing into question the judgment of the leadership as well as their ability to protect and consider the safety of the people. We would prefer to be set free from captivity and given our chances to fend for ourselves in the wild, while finally being given our financial independence.

We are in a time of peace — and we are not the enemy. We are your charges. Your mission is to set us free. We are not bait or collateral damages. We are soldiers of consciousness and have the same post-traumatic stress that you and your team have.

We were awoken on a battlefield of zombies, energy vampires, and human-sacrificing, blood-drinking, alien Satan-worshippers. The core values of our entire existence, including religion, government, science, and history, have all been lies, and yet somehow we’ve uncovered these secrets and educated ourselves.

We’ve overcome impossible evil far worse than any horror stories and yet we have not earned the right to be set free by our allies and so-called protectors.

Truth be told, we are already sovereign entities and require nothing from you to be free. In fact, you are illegally holding back the capital of the assets we hold which will fund the rejuvenation, reeducation, and restoration of this entire world.

We have fought in this war together, playing different roles, but side-by-side to overcome the same anti-human agenda. If you are now acting as our new oppressor, then you can try to continue this enslavement through lies, withholding resources, dumbing us down, and suppressing our natural abilities.

I am putting you on notice that if this continues, even for another hour, it is a crime against humanity. And regardless of the alleged intent to protect the people, to not include us in this transitional phase from war to peace, can easily be shown as conspiracy to harm the development, deny the rights, and attack the very core of human existence.

We understand that you’ve been through war and will have a hard time trusting people in this new peaceful world. However, we will support your transition and understand that there will be risks attached to this assimilation back into normal society.

We are in this together and it is worth the risk to have peace and finally be unlocked to pursue the heights of human potential. We are declaring world peace today, and it is time for us to take the reins as the leaders of the new world.

We thank you for all you’ve done to lead us to this place and we look forward to joining you as leaders to build a new world together.



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