Original Depositors

Original Depositors

I’ve carefully chosen my words for years considering the impact, evidence, and credibility of every thought I’ve put down. As my understanding of an invisible energetic world has expanded to include all aspects of impossible realities I’ve realized the responsibility of our thoughts, words, and actions.

The truth is the most valuable asset on the planet. But even the truth is relative to our perspective on any given topic. This creates confusion for most of us as we navigate our journey through the labyrinth of mind control, personal agendas, exaggerated self worth, altered religions, slave politics, fake history, false reporting, and the understated clarity of purpose that drives each one of us differently.

The truth is that we’re multidimensional beings, grounded in the third dimension to experience the creative process. We exist simultaneously in various frequencies that constitute a more complete representation of who we are. Embracing that truth enables us to expand, develop, and transcend the limitations this world seems to impose.

I have no doubt that the limitless timelines that exist concomitantly to the one we’re currently expressing present the option of a world where Anna Von Reitz or the “original depositors” she refers to are able to convince authorities to give over control of the financial system, the legal system, or even the government itself. But this timeline is established on the highest good for the ascension of the human spirit. On this timeline there is no room for the perversion of the spirit of the law, just to continue the reign of mediocrity and enslavement. In this time and place humans have made a choice to destroy the limits set by our previous slave masters.

The pathetic tactics of the former regime to repeat the same lies with impressive references and persuasive documents have lost their power to trigger a fearful response causing us to agree to terms that surrender our control and abandon our natural authority over our free will. We have documents too. We know the law. We know our rights. We know who we are. We know what we are looking at is real. And we see right through you.

The spoils of war and contractual agreements are not theft. The depositors are the Rothschilds and/or the various factions of the dragon families. The previous military monarch over the planet gave them the responsibility to take possession of the world’s assets and register them to the “Unknown Country.” This in turn created an allocation of currency attached to the asset they registered in what they knew to be the Asset Redemption Program. These are the original depositors Anna is referring to and you know them as the deep state, shadow government, the cabal, the illuminati, the Rothschilds, dragon families, and many other titles that go back and forth between terrorist and philanthropist. Thinking they’d always have the codes and control of the master accounts these parties still struggle to conceive of a reality where they aren’t superior to the other inhabitants of the planet.

The above video is advocating the return of the people’s assets to them. The current trustee, honoring the international treaty to build the high speed monorail and fund the development of international infrastructure, refuses to return control of the planet to the same ones who actually stole it from the people. They have had control of the assets for a thousand years. If the result of their efforts is in agreement with the world you want for yourself and your loved ones, then by all means continue to support and embrace the version presented by Judge Anna. As for me I’d prefer not to walk willingly into the zombie apocalypse.

Less than 2% of all alleged humanitarian projects have been funded. The banks are on the verge of collapse, along with the economy. We’ve been in a constant state of war and conflict for all of our lives. Diseases have been created and registered with the Center for Disease Control targeted at depopulating the Earth without anyone ever expecting it was intentional. The constitution has become an optional document used only when convenient to the political agenda. And the U.S. Senate has voted to legalize criminally negligent abandonment of a living child until dead.

I do not believe that Anna Von Reitz is arrogant. I believe she is tactical and aware, consciously deceiving the masses with her expansive knowledge of the Draconian legal system. She, like the rest of the Cabal had the opportunity to honor an agreement with Kim. They spoke directly agreeing not to diminish what seemed to be a common effort by taking their disagreements public. Anna Von Reitz broke that agreement almost immediately, attacking Kim with ignorant and inaccurate accusations that she concluded from false intel provided by her deep state contacts. She continues to cast shade on Kim by pretending to be both gentle, spiritual, and charged by a mission from God.

The quantum system is a mapping system that has been utilized for thousands of years. It’s use and the use of the methods utilized to take ownership of the assets were accepted by the people of the planet through our silent consent and the corrupted agenda of our so called leaders representing our interests.

In this moment there is DNA evidence that Kim Goguen is 99.8% bio-identical to the mitochondrion Eve, the scientific fact that shows every person on the planet can be traced back to one person. It is only her DNA that can access the Manna World Holding Trust. There is no legal controversy about who is the owner of the Trust or the assets. No one else can even access them even if they wanted to. There’s no need for discussion or debate on this topic. The governments know it and so does the Cabal.

Kim is connected to all of us. She is advocating for the people by ensuring safe transfer and utilization of the world’s assets to real people, real projects, and by addressing real problems. She acts with the integrity and power that we wish we could. She has acted honorably and without corruption in the face of impossible odds.

While Anna dazzles her followers with legal talk and her newly found spiritual self righteousness, Kim has disabled the entire deep state, demolishing the Federal Reserve, and draining the resources of the cabal.

Anna wants the funds returned to the original depositors who are the shadow governments, central bankers, and the criminal elite slave masters. These parties have demonstrated their disdain for humanity through years of wars, human trafficking, conspiracy, treason, genocide, control, cannibalism, enslavement, experimentation, and ritual sacrifice.

Banks will eagerly open accounts for drug dealers, human traffickers, arms dealers, white collar criminals, money launderers, shell companies, etc., but will harass an average citizen with bad credit or a bounced check on their record. These same banks are controlled by the ancient dragon families. Historical records would identify them as the original depositors and if their contracts had not expired they could claim the rights to the world’s assets.

They failed to meet their end objective to create a new world order, bringing every nation under the umbrella of one government. They have no power over any of us unless we give it to them through our silent consent and willing victimization. They continue to offer us different versions of public slavery without revealing the goal to depopulate the planet of about 90% of the human residents.

So every time one of these offers is made we have a choice. Our voice is a powerful creative force that emanates a frequency throughout the entire Universe.

Today I’d recommend you use your voice to declare what you want, who you are, and what you stand for. I reject the offer of enslavement being presented by Judge Anna Reitz. I greatly appreciate her constant advocacy for these groups while trying to confuse and misdirect attention from the deplorable and incompetent actions of a dying criminal order. I am grateful that her methods have never changed and she has refused to use any imagination. The rote repetition that has laid such a familiar path in the minds of the people has finally cut to the quick waking the world with a sudden unpleasant jolt of painful truth. It is not the truth represented in her words, but the harsh reality of the great deception that has become so transparent.

Undoubtedly she will try to ignore this post. If not she will fire back citing all sorts of defunct regulations and old procedures that prove nothing more than her inability to accept the truth. God had the opportunity to give the same DNA to her as she did to Kim. If this was HER mission then why didn’t he? But that’s presumptuous on my part to think that when Anna refers to her master that she meant God.

The difference between what she said and the truth is that there is a system in place that supersedes every government authority on the planet. She refers to laws utilized for slave management implemented by a military dictator who conquered the planet controlling both sides of every war for thousands of years.

Natural law has always been the master law that governs this planet. Monarch law is above the statutory Draconian laws Anna so expertly recites. And her expertise has been used to deceive many whether intentionally or ignorantly.

There is no paperwork that exists that is more powerful than the scientific fact that the system can only be accessed by one person’s DNA. The bold claims and accusations constantly made by the various characters who claim that they are the signatory on one account or another have one thing in common, they always get stopped when it comes time to access the funding they claim to have control of. Kim only gets stopped because those in charge are too afraid of their slave masters to obey the laws over their orders, and she refuses to act like her predecessor and take action to control people’s minds.

I’m not concerned with persuading Anna Von Reitz if anything, and I won’t mention her name again after this post. I’m writing this because it needs to be said for those on the fence that genuinely want the truth. I’m not intimidated by Anna’s intelligence or the spinning web of legal nonsense she uses to assert her claims. Her knowledge of the laws she references have no more power over Kim’s authority than the rules of baseball can dictate the function of the laws of gravity.

Indifference is the enemy. Confusion is it’s fuel. The truth is the remedy. Performance is the proof. You can continue to watch the show or you can realize that you’re a part of it. The only thing that matters is what you do in the present moment because “now” is the only place, space, or time that you have ever had a choice. Choose wisely.


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  1. Thank you Tank,

    I believe with every cell in my body that you spoke the truth in this post. I think the ability to discern is available to all who seek it. For me its just the feeling of love that comes from the words of the creator through you as you tell of your experiences from your life and especially those that are from witnessing Kim’s actions. When Kim posts something, She is fair, concise and it’s proven, the only DNA on world, able to access funds.
    Also, as stated, speak project is for receiving that truth and the use of advertising, etc. takes from the credibility of the site and it’s truth. I don’t feel the love on anna’s site.

    thanks to Kim & “the TEAM”
    much love and appreciation


    1. Actually went through the whole video with a fine eye. What a travesty.
      Not since the finishing of the 1611 AKJV Bible, has the following definitions been so apparent with the above video:

      Calumniate, v.t., L. calumniari to calumniate [See Calumny; c.f. challenge v.t.] To accuse falsely and maliciously of a crime or offense, or of something disreputable; to slander; to libel; to asperse.
      “Hatred unto truth did always falsely report and calumniate all godly men’s doings.” ~ Strype

      Calumny, n. L. calumnia fr. calvi to devise tricks, deceive.
      False accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; malicious misrepresentation; slander, detraction.
      “Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.” ~ Shakespeare

      Challenge, v.t. [ME. chalengen to accuse, claim; OF. chalengier, chalongier, to claim, accuse, dispute, fr. L. calumniari to attack with false accusations. See calumny cf. calumniate]
      1 To accuse; charge; arraign; impeach; also, to lay to one’s charge. Obs.
      2 To censure; blame; reprove; call to account. Obs.
      6 To take exception to; to call in question; to question; to dispute; as to challenge the accuracy of a statement.
      7 To claim as due; to demand as a right; to lay claim to.
      8 To call or invite defiantly to a contest of any kind; to call to answer; to defy; to dare; to invite into opposition, rivalry or hostility; as to challenge criticism.

      Looks as though Kim and P. Trump are in good company and definitely being singled out for distortion.

      In Gratitude for all.
      Peace. ra

    2. My apology Rock. The page I was viewing
      showed Kim and a file icon at the bottom. Now I am seeing Tank at the bottom you were correct.


  2. parasites use the layers of potential realities in mind/perceptual-fuckery to manipulate and control the mind-controlled.
    BUT, what is weaved is only viable from within their illusory/crafting matrix world.

    we work from the natural world, within a reality that holds the preponderance of truth, as close to source intention as possible, the bottom line.
    and that — is way, way, way away from the matrix one.

    from a far truer reality:

    HUMANS ARE THE ORIGINAL STEWARDS OF MIDGARD designed to be in collaborative relationship with her and her natural resources.

    the parasitic controllers are nothing more than FILTHY LYING DEMONIC THIEVES THAT STOLE FROM EARTH HER RESOURCES TO GREAT AND GRIEVOUS ABUSE OF NATURAL LIFE, as an inbred way of existing.

    KNOWING THIS TO BE TRUE, the claim of original depositor as being related to ownership — comes from a reality base far away from true.

    FURTHERMORE, it’s well about time we recognize Midgard as the sentient being she is — IN OWNERSHIP OF HER OWN ASSETS — as the decider.

    and CLEARLY, she, source-direct-connected-driven —
    has clearly and simply, decided. there is no truer true than that.

    simple and clear, no mental gymnastics required.

    time to balance accounts FOR REAL is long past due.

    i cherish life; i am, we are, human

    this planet’s, our time, is now

  3. Why does Kim always talk through a third party like a scared little girl…Cant she speak for herself or is she a mute….you say she has perfect DNA but you offer NO PROOF, just like all LIERS do…!! I’m a pre med major and I can tell you I will understand a chromosomal DNA comparison to Eves with very little effort….!! So put up or shut up….as far as I’m concerned, everyone on this planet is a LIER…PERIOD, END OF STORY..!! There, you finally have the TRUTH…!!
    In my opinion , people can never TRUST any form of government, so why are we still dealing with them…And why are we STUPIDLY still tied to an ancient document called THE Constitution of the United States of America that is over 200 years old….!!
    Why Kim…!! I will never be happy with any amount of money as long as Kim , Anna, and all the rest of you insist on any form of govt…..and that includes “COURTS” with people pretenting to have higher moral values than the rest of us….and actually given the right to judge another man or woman…!! As long as anyome, including Kim insist on any form of govt. I will have to assume she is just part of the CABAL….PERIOD..!!

    Same goes for Anna von Reitz Reitz, and all other patriot gurus that insist on fictional govt. entities controlling us….when I walk into a police station I want to be recoginized as their absolute superior…”GENERAL”, giving them marching orders to arrest anyone I feel is corrupt, including their own employees (other law enforcement), or its life im prissionment for them….!!! No due process….straight to GITMO on my word alone as one of the “PEOPLE”..!! Now there’s a govt Kim….!!

    1. James once again. That was Kim speaking.
      As I stated long ago about Anna has now come up for the last time.

      Thank you ra for your added always valuable points made.

      Peace ra2

    2. James also my apology. You are correct Tank posted not Kim. That was not what I was seeing when I saw the post.


    3. Mr. Pansini, Ms. Goguen does NOT ALWAYS talk through a third-party as she is a professional classy woman that has dealt with world leaders/dignitaries over the past few decades. It appears that the above response/opinion was by TANK, who, my opinion only, is tremendously intellectual and loving of humanity.

      Ms. Goguen has expressed herself to individuals addressing her or she has made general statements via this blog. This is evident upon reviewing all the blogs content since December 2017. We are all out to seek truth’s and reality in an unfortunate time of deception, selfishness and judgement. Love is POWERFUL!!

  4. Thank you very much for this brilliant article! It’s written from a higher perspective conveying knowledge and wisdom by the writer.
    I enjoyed reading every single word and statement accumulating like pieces of a puzzle into a clear and unmistakable picture of two spirits representing light and darkness, the new and the old paradigm if you want.
    There is nothing worth holding us back from moving forwards therefore let’s do it now and do it purposeful and without regret!

    Peace & Love

  5. Take a step back in time and consider that contractual agreements were made by kings and rulers and wealthy individuals. These contracts were binding, binding, binding. Do I need to say it again?

    Those binding agreements were put upon the slaves below and everyone did their masters bidding, for their bowls of rice or porridge. Those who were good slaves stepped up the ladder and were rewarded with lands and holdings, but even those lands and assets came back to their masters as time passed.

    Now, today we find almost the whole world is in debt up to its eyeballs and their is gnashing of teeth, because of it. Naturally
    everyone wants to be free, but to be free, someone has to set us free, from the debt slave system.

    One of the most binding agreements made was the implementation of the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION” under the authority of the, Crown, in conjunction with the Rothchild family banking system, for the Catholic Church.

    Kim has addressed this issue and has said, that we the people are now free, from that system of contractual agreement control. Who knew? This step was more important than getting funded because it put the people in a place to be able to personally hold and build equity.

    Anna has not acknowledged this most important fact as far as I know. If she had, she would have been thanking Kim for releasing Anna, from this bondage.

    1) Kim has freed the people from birth certificate bondage.
    2) Kim has carried the US government for the past year plus.
    3) Kim is offering to provide funds for relief projects.
    4) Kim is willing to help individuals and groups who have projects that will provide clean water, clean air and clean abundant food.
    5) Kim will support the release of suppressed technologies that will help the lowest levels of humanity.
    6) Kim will after all is on the right track return all assets held by the Manna World Trust. back to the people.

    To me the key, is the righteous release, and use of the money the assets afford.

    Considering the past controllers have instilled a greed mentality into their debt slaves, the above intent on the part of Kim is beyond reproach.

    Anna has acknowledged that Kim has control over the trust and she should be thankful and supportive of Kim’s plan, until proven otherwise. Anything less is like a spoiled child who wants his or her birthright before the parents have passed and given control over to the children.

    That is my opinion on the matter!

    1. Thomas,
      My agreement to what you in Truth have illustrated via the words/sword, utterance and sound frequency….
      The only part that needs expansion is Who is Hidden from our view regarding this information here:
      “BIRTH CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION under the authority of the Crown, in conjunction of with the Rothschild family banking system, for the Catholic church.”
      According to Kim (no doubt from me) the Dragon family (Chinese?) via this United States Treasury corporation back in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s in the USA–not sure of exact date, though someone here will share their memory of it to validate.
      In Gratitude for All,
      Peace. ra

  6. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!
    Anna is not now, nor ever has been a member of the cabal.

  7. Manna Trust has nothing to do with AmeriTrust Groupe Inc Corporate Funds and Operation Stillpoint under President Reagan Mandate to Secret Agent Leo Wanta under the Totten Doctrine 92U.S.105,107
    and Sole Principal of AmeriTrust Groupe Inc per U.S.DISTRICT COURT ORDER IN Virginia heard by Two Federal Judges in separate hearings .

  8. I have been involved in the learning curve for several years. I believe I know that 1+1=2 and that B follows A, so I think I qualify to make a few statements about what I have learned . There is definitely an evil side of humanity that has been victimizing persons whose ages range from conception through their last breath. Only a handful of people were aware of what was going on and have given it everything they have to turn things around and dethrone those who have brought so much suffering and even death to the innocent for their own cause. They wanted to rule the world and wanted to reduce the population of the earth as well as dumb down those that remained so they could be controlled, and bluntly become slaves. I became aware of some of this when I was hoping for my “landfall” of money to “help heal the world”, but the pay day never arrived and using common sense felt that all I was hearing was a lie, a fairy tale, or some kind of ploy.

    I wasn’t sure what was going on until I discovered that other people felt the same way and I began to hear comments that validated my suspicions. I still wanted to use whatever was left of my life to help others. When I heard that there was a movement to stop the plan of evil men and women, I became all ears. Weighing the old and the new, I believed my best choice was to listen longer and continue to weigh what I heard as well as what I saw.

    The evil done to this world has set it and so much of the lives and potential of people back 10’s of 1,000’s of years and they needed stopped. As Kim and her team became relentless in trying to give the funds she became responsible for back tot he people, back to do good for humanity, and open the doors for humans to become human again, I also watched the opposition present blockade after blockade in Kim’s way. I also saw the False Flags and harm those blockades caused.

    Kim is giving funds through Manna World Holding Trust to Americans and has been able to do it through President Trump for the past year, so I am told. Because I believe the treasury of the United States is deplete, I believe the Trust was needed to keep many Americans fed and well. But the evil opposition has not been happy with that. Their money has also run out and they are trying everything they can to paint a picture of deception.

    I have also read several of the posts by Anna to Kim and then have read those in response by Kim. Kim has not demonstrated any behavior that would lead anyone to believe she is out for self or to withhold good from humanity as have those I refer to as evil humanity, and Anna names as the “original despositors” Let her name them and we can compare their deeds with deeds that would be in the best interest of humanity. They in fact have threatened harm, maimed and murdered for their own cause.

    If Kim is keeping the funds from the original depositors, it is for the people’s good, to bring life and health back into reach for millions starving, poverty stricken and hopeless people. If Anna is suggestion that returning the monies to the original depositors would be better for the people, I have to highly and vehemently disagree because I have learned that the original depositors have planned the destruction, and acted to destroy humanity.

    Anna, the original depositors are out of money. Kim is not going to allow the funds to even drift back into the hands of those who hurt the innocent. If they promised you money, I would step back and check out their line of credit. I would hate to see you putting so much energy into the novel you are writing without a surety of payment. Besides, it is fruitless to try to describe an apple by using words that would lead the reader to believe the apple looked like a frog.

  9. My heart of hearts believes that Kim is very intelligent and thoroughly dedicated to her task. If we can support her we should so that the nasty distractions won’t get in the way. To take time for a redirection or even battle, no matter what size, it wastes precious energy and time. what does it prove, the opposition remains the opposition and Kim still has the work to do. Besides there is already too much opposition for her to circumvent. Trust is hard when you haven’t seen fruit, but the flow has been consistent and honorable. Kim isn’t ven asking for a return in her investment except that the money is used by honorable people dedicated to honesty and the best for others. Go with the better flow!

  10. What are the chances of getting a copy of the doc referenced in Kims response to Maverick that shows all of the power/control structure. It seems that this info should be shared with researchers in the alt-media that in the cause and waking up the masses. If possible please contact me and i will do my best to help disseminate it to all those seeking the truth.


  11. You (Tank) have shown yourself to be prejudiced and arbitrary.
    I posted before many others, and you chose NOT to include my comments with these others, apparently because I did not agree with your assertions about Anna… I did not use foul language nor did I badmouth any individual… I simply said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do! Anna is not now nor ever has been a part of the Cabal.”
    You talk about ‘truth’, but certainly not Truth. Perceptions of the little mind include ‘truth’, but do not ring of actual Truth. Perhaps,
    if you try, the Truth will grow on you, and you will include posts that DO NOT AGREE with you in the future…? (Even Anna/Paul publish nay-sayers provided they identify themselves and don’t use foul language.)
    BTW, I do not expect that this will see the light of your publishing talent on this blog…It doesn’t feed your ego. (Sorry, Tank, you have lost credibility with me.)

  12. Anyone claiming nonsensical perfect 99.8 DNA to Eve….certainly has my contempt.

    Thanks for laughs😆

    1. Leland go back to Anna you have no/power here or anywhere else except in your regretable illusion. Be gone. It didn’t work for you then/ when you attempted to belittle my presence and the now forthcoming truth about Anna and it isn’t working now as evident by your comment.

  13. to change subjects,
    I received an email supposedly from Kre8change and
    GoCamelot inviting me into a group chat and conference on things concerning projects etc with the passcode of XOWXBU
    with the WIX app
    but it would not work
    passcode not recognized
    anyone know whats going on?

  14. Before I knew that Kim had 99.8 %DNA to Eve, the LORD revealed that she (Kim) was likened to Eve, and that Steffen Rowe/Tank was likened to Seth the third son of Adam and Eve.

    After Cain slew Able (whom GOD favored) in (Genesis 4:8), there arose another of whom GOD favored in (Gen 4:28) Adam and Eve’s son Seth. who replaced Able whom Cain slew.

    Seth, a son of Adam and Eve (and the third one named in Scripture), was born after Cain murdered Abel (Genesis 4:8). Eve believed that God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel and named him Seth, which means “set in place of” (Genesis 4:25).

    As I said, the LORD revealed to me that Kim is likened to Eve, and Steffen/Tank appointed by Kim is likened as Seth by Eve. Seth was appointed to replace Able, and all that Able was to have accomplished. Tank was appointed “I believe by GOD” in kind, to replace the evil that needed replacing, as in, the Cabal.

    Whether you agree or not, I felt led to share what I was shown and have learned since. For the LORD reveals to whom He chooses, and they are often the Prophets and others who are in tune with His Spirit.

  15. I agree that Truth is the most valuable asset. It is the pathway of freedom. It does not lead to the slavery of confusion. However, it is never & has never been relative except in the warped minds of the perceiver. Truth simply is. It is changeless. It can only be fully discerned by the spirit. It has many aspects and avenues and encompasses all things.

    I believe we are spiritual beings with multi-dimensional capabilities existing in a human form. I am not human. I am a spiritual being from another place in the cosmos where my creator sits on His throne governing the universes. I am one of His multitude of children with the ability to tap into spiritual powers that He allows me to operate in. We do not all have the same spiritual capabilities. However, all his children have the capability to discern Truth. As far as I can tell we are the leftover misfits that have not fallen into the Luciferian trap. We will experience salvation and given our place in the Cosmos for the furtherance of our Fathers kingdom.

    I disagree with the idea of limitless timelines. My Father knows only Now. He is I am, not I was or I will be. What we perceive as time is a human creation with a beginning & an end with the illusion of infinite possibilities in between. Additionally, Time has the illusion of a past & a future. Only the present exists. My Father is timeless. He has no beginning and no end. He is the architect of our destiny. He gives us free will to choose our path to reach that destiny and reach it we will. Our choices will either be the hard way through disobedience or the soft way through following His laws.

    As far as Kim having 99.8% mitochondria DNA of Eve I can not dispute. I can say with an extremely high degree of certainty that Eve was not the 1st woman. So I must ask what Eve or her DNA has to do with anything? There have been claims this Trust goes back 16,000 years. Eve came into being about 6,000 years ago according to the experts in that field. That is a 10,000-year discrepancy. Is she perhaps the 1st spirit-filled woman, a son of God in female form? How are we to know?

    As far as Anna is concerned, she has a valid claim that has been refuted by Kim without proof except for her DNA and other unsubstantiated claims as far as I can tell. Is there any other proof? I continuously hear about claims from others and they all have little or nothing backing their claims, including Kim. Anna is out in the open boldly making claims that she can back up. Kim is making claims with little if anything to show and just trying to discredit Anna and broadcasting a “feel good” message that is appealing to the masses. Is Kim a liberal Democrat? She sure seems to be acting like one.

    It is my understanding that Anna does not want the world’s wealth. She only wants what belongs to the US returned to its rightful owners in the US. The rest of the world can do as they please with their share. I, as an American, am OK with that.

    As far as the spoils of war & contract not being theft. It appears to be true on the surface. When we look deeper what can we find? If I steal something or defraud someone, then you overpower me and take it, are you entitled to these spoils? Do they not still belong to the rightful owner? Some say yes & some say no because the owner loses by default, i.e. irresponsible ownership. What if it has the owners mark on it that can be positively verified? If so, are you not then a thief if it is not returned to the rightful owner? This seems to be the conundrum we find ourselves in today. Can Anna’s claims be verified? Can Kim’s claims be verified? Whom has rightful ownership. Anna’s main concern is the US. Kim’s concern is the whole world. I can understand Anna’s. I can understand Kim’s. However, Kim does not appear to be doing as she claims to be doing, giving the wealth of the world back to the People. She is giving it back to the corrupt political regimes. If anyone seriously believes that Trump is one of the good guys they are a fool. He is an egomaniac with a personal agenda, pretending to be an altruistic hero of the People to make America great again. I’ll admit he has done some good things. I believe the goods things he has done are the enemy of the best things that can be accomplished if he wanted to. Like return power back to the People like he stated in his inaugural address. This he has not scratched the surface on or come close to trying.

    About this silent consent, there is no such thing! In order for there to be consent full disclosure has to be given. There was never any disclosure to the People, so how on earth could they have possibly made a decision? It is an impossibility, therefore there was never a contract.

    Where is this DNA evidence you speak of? Why is it not provided for the world to see? Where is the evidence of anything you claim here? Anna broadcasts here evidence & claims. She has volumes of it, all verifiable. You want us to take you and Kim at your word. Why are you so terrified of revealing the evidence for the world to see. Without it, there is not any validity to your claims. When you say Anna violated some agreement with Kim, perhaps Anna was just calling her on her BS. Perhaps Kim, like many liberal Democrats, ran at the 1st sign of someone pointing out their errors, or scam in their game.

    If Kim is what she claims, the People of the world have a right to see for themselves. Kim, come out of the shadows you are hiding in and reveal to the world who you are & prove to us what you claim to be. Truth shines in the light to be revealed to all. Lies hide in the shadows falsely reflecting the light of truth. Kim, are you smoke & mirrors or the real deal? If you are real then reveal yourself and be set free by the light of the truth. Jesus, God of this Universe, is the Light of this World, He spoke the truth, He did not hide in the shadows, He is our Savior, our Messiah. If what you claim is true then He will protect you from harm.

  16. Kirk,
    When an enchantment is on the land, it means the people. The Pharisees & Sanhedrin (assembly or council) could or would not recognize Jesus and so rejected His teaching and message, then they combined against & crucified Him.
    Did Jesus provide proof and if not, is that why He was crucified?
    Did He have proof that all would accept?
    Was the Power that He evidenced through miracles not proof?
    What Truth is proved by paper or showing oneself?
    Jesus must not have had the correct paperwork, because He did show Himself to the masses and was still crucified.
    Please read the Essential Doc’s in the Must See section above.
    Please read my comment above, posted Mar. 14, 2019 8:26pm
    You may find some thing there to think about.
    Peace. ra

    1. Kirk, again. Re-read the above article. The emphasis is mine
      with the capital letters or additional ” marks or (inserted word for clarity), not in the original paragraph.
      Here’s a flashlight:

      “The Truth Is the most Valuable asset on the planet. But even the Truth is relative to “Our” perspective on any given topic. This creates confusion for most of us as we navigate or journey through the labyrinth of mind control, personal agenda, exaggerated self worth, altered religions, slave politics, false reporting and the understated clarity of (our) purpose that drives each one of us differently.”

      In Gratitude for All.
      Peace. ra

  17. The only basis I have for determining Truth is my own integrity. I’ve been following both these posts for awhile now, and Anna’s is the one that has a trail of documentation to validate it. Even if one doesn’t go through the process of extracting oneself from the fraudulent “citizenship” it is at least useful to understand how “they” pulled off such a massive deception while convincing much of the populace they are “free”. Here, on the ground, I’m not seeing much change. The skies are still full of chemtrails. Extraction industries have been given a green light. Our forests are still going to China. That’s some of our oxygen, by the way. There’s still glyphosate in the food and chlorine in the water. Our life support systems are so centralized (food, electric, fuel, ) that any interruption in those systems will get us cold and hungry real quick. Heroin and it’s pharma relatives are running rampant, and our kids are walking into traffic ’cause they won’t look up from their cell phones. Add some 5G, a few smart meters, throw in the extinction of species, and a little radical weather and it’s not looking good, folks.

    Now, I’m not a faithless woman. I believe in our Creator like I believe in Air. This Life, this Earth is a living Miracle, a Blessing and an immeasurable Gift. I’ve been around awhile and I’ve made some observations. They look something like this:

    Man as we know ourselves, has been around awhile too. The Earth is scattered with stone megaliths that point to an , or many, older civilizations that underwent some kind of massive destruction. They knew how to do some stuff we still can’t figure out, with all our science.

    Archeology is constantly revising how long They think we’ve been around as more information comes in. Last update for the Americas is about 150,000 years, so all this hoopdela about who got here first and who owns what is just a storyline. We ARE here now and we all have Ancestors, and our Being is it’s own validation, by the Grace of God, moment by moment. My breath in this body is my right to Be, and so is Soros’ , and Rothchilds’ and all the rest of “Them”.

    We’ve had Integrity, and lost It, and got it back again, and lived good lives, and bad ones and learned from all of it before anyone ever wrote a Bible. That we got so separated from our inherent integrity that we needed a guidebook is very sad.

    This body, this vehicle of the living Spirit that I am and you are has amazing potential that is not being used. We’re not taught the ways to unlock this, in fact it is culturally discouraged. To quote and old friend: “Awareness is illegal in the United States.”

    I am responsible for my own well-Being. Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body. My choices are my own. The Devil didn’t make me do it and I don’t assume Jesus is going to do it for me. The audacity of some historical Pope to declare dominion over all our souls for the sake of our “salvation” is the ultimate blasphemy! It’s for your own good, you know! Bah!

    If all the powers that be could have collectively agreed on a method to correct the atrocities that have been done to humanity and this sacred Earth… yesterday, and had begun to implement them… yesterday, we’re still in for a shit storm from the results of what has been set in motion!!

    I’ve seen miracles and prayers answered. Creator bless both Kim and Anna. We’re all in this together and the sooner we remember that, the better chance for our grandchildren to have a home and family, too.

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