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  1. Tank.
    Calm down and do this again….only this time write down what you are wanting to say. Then read it and be sure it is clear as if you were listening to you for the first time.

    Then use it to do your video.
    You are all over the place and too upset.
    Deep breathhhhh.
    Namaste Tank.

    1. I think it was great! Cut! Tanks heart and soul came through loud and clear. f…. choosing words. That’s for the Schiff, Pelosi, Kamala, Schumer creeps.

    2. I don’t know, I like the passion. If someone didn’t get the message from this video then slowing it down is not going to help.

      1. I got the message, as I am very awake. Did the era of “constructive criticism” die along the way as well? Just plain common sense, never do anything in a state of frustration.

  2. Truth and honesty. Thank you, Tank.
    I often feel I am missing something as an outsider looking in. Now realize it’s not me, it’s them.

  3. ok, so if there ever was even a shred of a question, there is none now.

    EVERYTHING they say to the benefit of the humans is LIES all LIES. they will sell the humans over and over and over until we all die and then they’ll reset and do it all over again and again, every single opportunity they get, forever if they can.

    EVEN when funds are released, this will go on and on as long as they are in charge of EVERYTHING… why? BECAUSE THEY ARE PARASITES AND THIS IS WHAT PARASITES DO, it’s their very nature. they are not redeemable because they do not seek redemption AT ALL. this is final FINAL proof that selling us out is the bottom line they will not deviate from.

    BUT they are NOT in charge of everything, are they? kim — how far will you go to really help us get out from under these fuckers?

  4. Just kick the can down the road.. while the people suffer. I don’t see how the government can use mana money to stay afloat and the same origin of funds can’t be accessed for project funding. If Mana Qfs is so much more advance can’t it just override the arcaic banking/swift we have now?

  5. You are correct Tank! The leaders of countries have been deceived, to deny their very soul.

    The Ides of March 15th are coming. One more Roman Illuminate move, to kick the can down the road and delay, to maintain total control. That is all they are interested in, for as they loose total control, they are done.

    But they have already lost it and are like the Emperor who has no clothes.

    Mind control. Soul control. Spirit Control. Who can be free? ME, YOU, THEE. Break the bands and bonds of wickedness. THEE Corporate Identity fraud, by only accepting the Common Law of Mans, freedom and rights.

    “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

    The Hindus called Jesus, Ieshwara which means the one who knows the knower.

    Ieshwara ME, YOU, THEE. we are not.
    Ieshwara “me, you, thee, ” We are!
    What is the difference?
    ME YOU THEE are dead fictions!
    me, you, thee, are living souls, with a free spirit and a mind that reasons and knows truth.

    Kim has stated in one of her interviews that our birth certificate bondage has been broken and our souls that were bound before the age of seven, by that fraudulent certificate, are now freed by the Manna World Holding Trust.

    Who will believe our report and how important is this. It is like taking a breath of fresh air after breathing only stale air in a dungeon. Accept your freedom and walk out the door of the cage. The door is open.

    “Behold, I place an open door before you that no man can shut.”

    Mathematics and language agree and confirm the truth, I am what I am , me, man, a son of God, by other words, that have the same mathematical value.

    I am being, me, man, Thomas. = I am the son of Yah I am. = I am savior of love. = The kingdom of heaven = brother of the dawn = Finiculi Finicula.

    Do you remember Thomas the little engine going up the mountain. Finiculi Finicula is the song the Italians sang to encourage the little train to get over the mountain. on its first run.

    Feel the will, the need and the desire in this song to overcome, and in our case, overcome evil with good.

    English! ~
    Italian! ~

    Lets all believe and sing this song, knowing Ieshwara, Iesous, Jesus and his word of truth, the Christ, lives in me, you and thee.

    “Fear not little flock! It is the fathers good pleasure to give you , me, thee kingdom.’

    By coincidence the last line above has a mathematical value of 777.

    I love thee, Tank, let me count the ways.
    Tank = Body = Sealed = Who = TRH

    Dear Tank = Jesus = Messiah = Gospel = Cross = Isves = Joshua = Eretz = English = Gematria.

    Add any two. Jesus Gospel = The Passover = English Gematria .

    To write what I have discovered and written above took 20 years of plodding through the wilderness of SIN, holding onto faith in Jesus Christ and his word and then took 20 years of study of English Gematria to come to know the spirit of truth, the new comforter. ~ Holy Spirit ~ Holy Ghost ~ Holy Man.

    Holy Spirit ~ Holy Ghost ~ Holy Man. = The truth in the Bible is Jesus Word. = Truth Helps Elevate One Name Emmanuel (The One) = And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me. = and I will write upon him my new name. = Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see.= And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. = The Prophets, the Law and the Grace of Abba agree. = Obeying Jesus Christ is the way. = And priests to serve his God and Father = And to love one another as he commanded us = The ability to discern what is lasting = The Hand Written Word of God is True = For nothing hidden will fail to be revealed.”

  6. Well, I can’t say it here, but many of us know what its going to take to end this paradigm.
    Short of that, why cant we “ask for help” from off world authority ?
    Seems to me, Kim holds the highest position on the planet,
    I’m sure it’s way more complicated than that, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
    I am the last generation of Americans that was taught civics in school, remembers patriotic duty, knows the pledge of allegiance, and still means it when I say “Give me liberty, or give me death” !
    If you need some one to kick things off, I’m ok w/ the one way ticket.
    Peace if we can, defend ours if we can’t !

  7. Tank,
    Thank you for the opportunity for “We, the people” to view your choice of videos along with your words/sword to encapsulate in this video for enhanced conscious awareness regarding “things” that Are: What IS.

    Interesting that at the G20/Hamburg, POTUS (@ 2:21 minute mark) is the only one separate in the front line and to the physical far right of all of the other ‘members’–then Macron gets placed to the right of Trump to sandwich him with adherence to the left. Not so, IMHO.

    This illustrates an opportunity to research and being a watcher of all who-Not Fit To Lead-are in these photos, listing in our consciousness to view an expectation of the fallen ones, who are perpetrating this false narrative of them being the leaders, movers-n-shakers, and saviors of mankind with their ideas of:
    “benevolent” lies of universal income=”something for nothing” (Isn’t that the same as the Dem’s promises?);
    quantum digital “make me rich idea” money systems;
    Funds, fund meaning in early 17th century, (in the sense of ‘source or supply of material things’) from Latin fundus ‘bottom, base, landed estate’ (We are the landed estate: if one looks at the minerals that compose our physical body that our spirits ‘landed into’ these body/skin suits.)
    plus all other vaporous promises, etc., ad nauseum.

    The only reason we are so strapped IS because of “their” global network banking/court systems of control, stealing from all of us.

    Kim Is. Kim is Comptroller. Get over it.

    Get over any personal ideas of unlimited wealth (that “they” have had for millennia) so, We can be like them?

    Surely NONE of us want to be like “them”…
    who wants the end of mankind and a reset of more of the same until the next group of conscious beings wake up enough to start questioning? To change our own concept of conscious awareness and Kre8change individually inspired by our mass insights and knowledge of how the occult works against us.

    Kim and POTUS are using the cabals systems of control Against “them”.
    Remember JFK’s Executive Order 10995 Assigning Telecommunications Management Functions. In a National Emergency, POTUS can opt to exercise control over these communications systems including the banking system, thanks to these historical EO’s already in place: since the 1962 vision.

    Trust and support Kim, POTUS, the Alliance for Full Disclosure plus all the anonymous teams behind them and the ‘The Plan’. WWG1 WGA.

    With Loving Gratitude for this transmission of intel to All other selves that are Present in whatever “stage” of awakening to what IS.

    Peace. ra

  8. Tank,

    As I do not have the ability to watch videos on the internet, only read text, I can only guess at your messages on video by reverse-engineering the comments, which is extremely frustrating. I know you have important things to say, but I for one am not receiving them. I am sure that I am not alone.
    Tank, please ensure that we all receive your messages by providing text too, or just text


    1. I second that motion….!!
      Your discriminating against readers…..!!!
      Now let’s talk about this quantum computer system that they have and Kim has…!!

      The only quantum computer I’ve heard of is D-Wave…!!
      Is that the “deep states” version of quantum computing….?? If it is, then what is Kim’s quantum system called……you have never once said what her system is called…..We are all stupid…!! Cough it up or stop talking about it…..!! Does everything in this world have to be a secret…..only scandalous people would hide the TRUTH from all of us….knowing the name of a quantum system does not qualify as a “National Security” issue….does it..???

  9. In the above comment I meant to say we aren’t all stupid….!! Give us the details on this quantum system

    What it is called, how it works more efficiently that there’s and why, what type of “cubits” are we talking about, and a picture of it would also be appriatiated…..!! If it really exsist…!!

    There have already been so many dates thrown around when this system will take over, it’s becoming more like the prediction of the rapture…!! Not one date has been correct…..!! My shinola sensor is going off….!!

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