Received 9:44 PM EST 12/31/2017

Nondisclosure Agreement:

a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement.


•If you take the screen rate you will not have to sign an NDA. If that changes in anyway it will be a one page NDA. As stated above it’s designed to prevent you from talking about or sharing written information specific and unique to this event.

There are three NDAs based on your rates:

•There’s a basic one page

•A two page-Most common

•And a ten page-this one does allow them to legally monitor your financial activity, it requires execution on a solid humanitarian plan, and assets can be frozen if that is not done.


•Don’t discuss the exchange process

•Don’t tell people how you made your money

•Don’t discuss the rate you got for the exchange that you’re not supposed to talk about anyways

•Don’t fund terrorism or anything other criminal activity

This is as close to accurate as possible. This was cleared with the individual who wrote the NDAs.


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