Received 6:50 PM EST. 12/16/2017


New Matriarchal Society

To: Wells Fargo

I was just told that it was you again dragging your feet, and then out of position last night when the 800#s were to be released. I’m disappointed.

I thought you had cleaned up your act. But it’s not me you should be concerned about, it’s the Matriarchs.

I am certain that its the Divine Feminine Energy that is bringing in this new age. I’m confident that we’re moving into a kinder Matriarchal society, where the beauty and intelligence of female leaders will be highlighted and celebrated. I’m not talking about the current female CEO’s that have been forced to adopt the attributes of war time male leaders, thus hiding all of the things that make being a woman so powerful. I’m talkin about that skillful velvet glove leadership that gets men to perform at our best, meet our deadlines, and quietly allows us to think it was all our idea. That kind of mental Ninja Super female that takes one swipe with the katana sword and you think she missed because it was so fast and quiet. But then her opponent shakes their head and it falls to the floor.

I know our male leaders will learn to tap into these qualities within ourselves to be more effective in our communication, more considerate in our strategies, and more efficient in our execution.

But right now there are a thousand kids living in cars in a little town in California and they need help. There are children being sold in Guatemala because their parents can’t take care of them. The Banking system has enabled the Cabal elite to hide and launder money while trafficking, molesting, and murdering children all over the world. And the Patriarchal society we’ve lived in might forgive that, chalking it up to being "just business." And business for men isn’t personal and doing what ever it takes to get ahead is admired and rewarded.

But for women, when it comes to kids ALL of their business is personal. So I would stop dragging your feet because you just got new orders to perform again tonight. And if this new Matriarchal Hierarchy finds out that you put money and power over the lives and safety of the world’s children, there will be hell to pay. And to be quite honest there won’t be anyway we can stop them.

We’re on the cusp of freedom or the brink of the people’s revolution. And the most accessible place for rebellion to start is right in the banks as people begin to crawl to the top floors looking to hold the bankers accountable. This is your chance to save yourselves. For once, for the love of your Mom, just get it done.





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