My Interview Appointment Dream

As I awoke this morning from a long deep sleep, I was aware that I was standing in a brightly lit room. Several people were standing around a table, waiting for me to approach. I KNEW that this was the long awaited completion of my journey to freedom and for the freedom of humanity!

I stood there in the doorway, feeling excited, powerful and …. suddenly worried! The words rushed out of my lips and heart as I explained the way I was dressed (it certainly was NOT in the code of a professional, business person or that of one grounded in the coming reality)!

There I stood, dressed somewhere between Xena Warrior Princess, the heroine from Hunger Games and WonderWoman, (including bow and full quiver of arrows, sword, trident, the golden lariat of truth AND that amazing circle thingy that breaks through anything).

I explained that I had been in battle all night (again) fighting for Humanity! That there were teams of us who had stood strong for Earth since our birth. I introduced Danielle, sister/friend/teammate/warrior, (who had brought me was also wearing her battle gear!) Together, we advanced to the table and gave our Sovereign sign of Love for the planet.

Somehow, some way… THEY KNEW WHO WE WERE.. and gave a nod of allies! There was nothing to explain, nothing to answer… only

“How can we be of service?”

With that? I woke up! Giggling, Heart-Centered and feeling absolutely CALM about the upcoming ‘interview for my new job’! (and THAT is how I AM explaining my new life.. I have been hired to do wonderful work for a humanitarian AND that if others are interested in doing the same? They will have an interview with someone who can help them on the road to fulfilling their dreams for ALL LIFE).


Faythe JMM 1/1/2018

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