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Murder – Suicide Timeline, June 2 – 9

This week some heroes and some black hats have succumbed. Who is a white hat and who is a black hat is not always apparent, however.

  • What if a politician is 90 years old when he dies from recently-diagnosed cancer — is this death “natural” or a message?
  • What if the body of a performer connected to a known international trafficking syndicate has been suddenly found in his own home after being missing for a year?
  • What if a respected newscaster from a corrupt Florida county allegedly had genetic dementia and suddenly decided to end it all?
  • What if deceased police officials were connected to known human trafficking ports? Did they report something that endangered them? Were they somehow involved behind the scenes?
  • What connection do the deceased NY area police have to the Weiner laptop, and why have three police officials died within weeks of Anthony Weiner being released on May 14, including one cop who supposedly handed the laptop to the FBI?

Going under the assumption that there are no coincidences when it comes to corruption, let’s pull together some connections. Your input is welcome.

Sun – June 2

German Politician, Dr. Walter Lübcke

Walter Lübcke,  Regierungsbezirk Kassel, district President and part of Angela Merkel’s party, found dead in ‘mysterious’ circumstances. Lübcke was pro-mass immigration and part of the orchestrated destruction of Western Europe.

Former Senator, Don Pederson

Former Nebraska State Senator of District 42, Don Pederson, (90), dies from the pancreatic cancer he was diagnosed with 18 days previously. Incidentally, Nebraska was recently hit with the worst flooding in 50 years, effectively destroying a critical portion of America’s breadbasket. Pederson was on the Nebraska Retirement Systems Building Maintenance, and Legislative Performance Audit committees, as a nonvoting member of the Executive Board and Reference committees, and chairs the Appropriations committee. Since Nebraska voters passed Initiative Measure 415 in 2001, limiting state senators to two terms. After 2001, he was unable run for re-election barring a court challenge of the measure.

Mon – Jun 3

Newscaster, Todd Tongen

Award-winning Miami newscaster, Todd Tongen, alleged suicide. Tongen lived in Pembroke Pines, FL, which is located in Broward County, FL. Broward is a known corruption hub belonging to Clinton agent/former DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Shulz’ congressional district. Broward is home of the Parkland school shootings, where Sheriff Israel and his deputies were ordered to stand down, and where kids who speak out are now being Baker-acted. Florida (esp. near Cape Canaveral) is known to be one of the largest sex-trafficking ports in the country.

Tue – June 4

Former Senator, Linda Collins-Smith

Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith’s body is discovered. Actively exposing Arkansas corruption involving sex trafficking, CPS and DHS abuses, massive theft, Gov. Hutchinson and CF organizations connections. According to insider Michaele Walker, Collins-Smith was due to give Grand Jury testimony Fri, Jun 7.

Wed – Jun 5

Former Senator, Jonathan Nichols

Former OK State Senator, Jonathan Nichols, dead from gunshot. Located 500 miles from Collins-Smith, Sen. Nichols was a child’s rights advocate and known sex-trafficking opponent.

NYPD Chief, Steven Silks

Deputy for Queens North NYPD, Chief Steven Silks, was pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound occurring in Queens, NY. Hailed as “one of the nicest human-beings you will ever know” and scheduled to retire at the end of July, after 38 years on the job. Was at one point the second in command of the Police Academy, Patrol Borough Queens South, Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, Patrol Services Bureau, in addition to commanding two Bronx precincts. Brooklyn-Queens is a major trafficking port. One forum identified Silks as “the Police Chief that handed over the Weiner laptop to the FBI.”

Billionaire Bankster, Herb Sandler

Clinton donor Herb Sandler, billionaire bankster & Podesta associate of “handkerchief fame” (see link), originator of the high-risk home loan “option ARM” connecting him to massive scam, MERS foreclosure fraud, and real estate land grab. Founder of the left-leaning social engineering organization, ProPublica, which feeds info to MSM sources such as the NY Times and Washington Post.

Former NJ Mayor, Brian Brady

Ex-Sparta, NJ Mayor, Brian Brady (57) of Ringwood, New Jersey reported missing to the public. Last seen near Champlain Bridge in Addison, VT in late May.  At one point the third highest ranking officer (captain) of the New Jersey Human Services Police when he was busted for performing illegal background checks. Suicide note sent to family. No body found as of this writing.

Thu – June 6

NYPD Detective, Joseph Calabrese

Brooklyn, NYC Detective Joseph Calabrese, body located after car found abandoned near Plumb Beach in Brooklyn. Alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound. Married with four children. Union Rep. Brooklyn-Queens is a major trafficking port. On board of Detective Endowment Association.

Mouseketeer, Dennis Day

Original Mouseketeer Dennis Day Found Dead in his Oregon Home after being missing since July 2018. The 76-year-old was among the show’s original cast members in the mid-1950s. Day was 12 years old when he was signed by Disney to become a Mousekeeter in 1955 and his contract lasted until 1957. Uncle Walt was known to be a pedophile and Disney plays a major part in social engineering and the hyper-sexual reprogramming of youth.

Fri – Jun 7

Philadelphia Deputy, Dante Austin

Philadelphia Sheriff’s Deputy Dante Austin, 27, found dead in his city office from alleged suicide. Austin was an exemplary deputy and a well-liked gay-rights advocate on upward promotion. Philadelphia is a major port on the trafficking route, along with Newark, NJ and Brooklyn/Queens, NYC. Many sex trafficking arrests in Philly as of late.

Cadet, Christopher J. Morgan

West Point Cadet Christopher J. Morgan, 22, from West Orange, NJ killed in a training rollover at Camp Natural Bridge, located in Highland Mills, NY near the Hudson River, and less than 60 miles from NYC. Champion wrestler and exemplary law student. Desired to work at DHS.

Texas Police Chief, Chris Reed

Kemah, Texas Police Chief Chris Reed, knocked overboard in boating accident. Body is found on Jun 9.  Reed was known to be an excellent boater. According Kemah Connection news dated June 27, 2017, Reed was installed as interim Police Chief who stayed on when the board failed to find its “preferred “candidate.

U.S Commerce Officer, Lola Gulomova

U.S. Commerce Department Foreign Service Officer, Lola Gulomova and husband, Jason Rieff killed in murder-suicide.  Gulomova was from Tajikistan and hailed as a “true friend” to Uzbekistan by Uzbek Ambassador to the United States. Uzbekistan is the seventh largest uranium supplier in the world. Gulomova previously worked for NASA and the World Bank, was a Deputy Russia Representative at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, as well as China and India.

Former NYPD Detective, Mike Sheehan

Former NYPD detective and Fox News reporter Mike Sheehan (71) known for investigating the “Preppy Killer” and who helped convict the Central Park Five, succumbs to cancer one week after Netflix releases series about the case. The teens were exonerated in 2002 after spending six to 12 years in jail. Despite the discharge, Sheehan maintained they were guilty. Sheehan worked for NYPD for 25 years before becoming a TV newsman for Fox 5-TV

Sat – Jun 8

Tony Rodham

Haiti conman, Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, dies of unknown causes.

Banker, Glenn Cofield

Prominent Memphis banker/businessman, Glenn Cofield (57) shot and killed during attempted robbery. Cofield was the co-founder of Paragon Bank, director of Carnival Memphis, on the committee for the FedEx St. Jude Classic and more. Memphis Police homicide Lt. Anthony Mullins said Colfield was killed about 10:30 p.m. while going to a parked vehicle at Poplar and E. Parkway. “As Mr. Cofield attempted to enter his vehicle, there was a verbal exchange between him and the suspect, followed by a gunshot,” Mullins said. (Note similarity to the two Indiana judges in May) No suspects arrested.

Sun – Jun 9

Randy Byrd

Randy Byrd from Sen Collins-Smith’s home town of Pocahontas, AK is killed in a motorcycle accident.  Byrd assaulted Collins-Smith’s ex-husband, Judge Phil Smith in March 2018 for reasons unknown. Byrd was connected to a deadly fentanyl/oxy ring.  Judge Smith was previously brought up by the AR Judicial Committee for ineptitude.


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“I have not nor will I ever consider taking my own life. To do so, would only entail coming back again to get it right.”



BTW, this writer will never, ever, EVER, commit suicide. My spiritual beliefs are too strong. Perhaps all who write or investigate must put out similar disclaimers and create dead-man switches.


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Gulomova Uzbekistan connection:

Javlon Vakhabov, the Uzbek Ambassador to the United States, said he was “absolutely shocked” by the news.

“We lost a true friend of Uzbekistan. My deepest sympathies to her close ones,” he said. “Have met her last week at the [embassy]. She was supposed to leave for Tashkent [on Saturday] to lead [the] first ever trade mission to Uzbekistan.”

Uranium Production in Uzbekistan




Silks/Weiner Laptop

One forum, a user identified Silks as “the Police Chief that handed over the Weiner laptop to the FBI and had seen the contents.”

ProPublica: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/propublica/

Glenn Cofield shooting


Qmap of Trafficking arrests https://www.qmap.pub/kids

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